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Slowly climbing in the US. Hit the top 300 after a couple of days, whereas Smile took almost 6 weeks.

I also think she doesn't get half as much recognition for her live voice as she should do. Some of her recent performances have been utterly brilliant vocally.
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jk-ennedy said:
I heard I Love You on the radio a few weeks ago, I think it could be a massive smash!

Oh, so did I and I had this exact same thought! It really is a great album that deserves so much more than it's got. Not Enough deserves to smash everything and everywhere too.


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You'd think RCA would get the hint that right now it's very much possible for a ballad to become a huge hit (Someone Like You), but of course they wouldn't.
RainOnFire said:
You'd think RCA would get the hint that right now it's very much possible for a ballad to become a huge hit (Someone Like You), but of course they wouldn't.

LOL. Don't want to sound bitter, but perhaps do you mean a great ballad by someone with a huge voice?
Haven't heard anything like that from Avril!
I really dislike the close up of her crying, really ruins it. I imagine the video to be her on a field outside in the sun and the fading images to show her with her man / boyfriend (that represent her memories). It's not that sad of a song for me.
Somehow the 'damn damn damn' feels like lazy songwriting and as if she had run out of ideas, I wish she would have sung something else instead but okay.
Re: Avril Lavigne - 5th Studio Album (Late 2011/Early 2012)

The thing is, Goodbye Lullaby is better than both Under My Skin and The Best Damn Thing. The 'hits' (What The Hell, Push, Smile, Wish You Were Here) would make a welcome addition to her future Greatest Hits and the album tracks offer much needed evolution of sound. For all her songwriting talent and unique-sounding voice, Avril still seems to be stuck in 2002, both sonically and visually. The fact that she's one of the most unlikeable popstars out there doesn't help either, but there's nothing we can do about it, eh? 'Christina Aguiewho? I thought this whore died!' is a classic though.
I didn't expect anything from her yet although I'm not really a fan but anyways, she has already finished the recording process for this

Just finished my record and now I'm going to take some time for myself before I embark on my next artistic journey. Can't wait for u all to hear the new music. So long Los Angeles!!

This album could include songs that she has worked on with Alex Da Kid, Marilyn Manson as well as Max Martin (Goodbye Lullaby left-overs, who knows what her label makes her do this time) and others.
It seems rushed... I really don't know what to make of this. Goodbye Lullaby was just like Bionic, in "All this time for that?". Not to say I don't like both records, but they were both too wishy-washy and not strong enough.

I hope this was more thought-out and reasonably produced/written.


What The Hell and the rest of the album were on opposite ends of quality. More Dr Luke/Shellback please Avril. Thanks.
Goodbye Lullaby is my favorite Avril album. Her introspective numbers are genuine and affecting, especially Not Enough and Goodbye. The commercial songs don't feel too out of place except for What the Hell, which basically ruined the entire campaign.

This is going to be dreadful, isn't it.
Re: Avril Lavigne - 5th Studio Album

Avril tweeted in April that the album has finished being recorded. She said that she's going to ''take some time'' for herself before releasing it.

Hopefully we'll be getting a single in the coming months and the album later this year.
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