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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. London pre-sale sold out really quickly. Does anybody know how much the tickets are?
  2. Tried to get pre-sale tickets this morning, sold out pretty much immediately. Last chance tomorrow!
  3. Don't know about UK but in Italy it's 51€ and in Germany 55€.
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  4. London is like 46,20£ and Manchester 44,80£ or something

    Zurich is the most expensive but also the smallest venue.
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  5. I have to stan this "pop punk band from early 00s" graphic design style.
    And the font straight from The Best Damn Thing?! I stan even more.
  6. The tickets went straight from presale to sold out at 9am. Damn
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  7. Lovely. Spain ignored once again.
  8. Hopefully she adds extra dates, or more tickets get released.
  9. I'm going to the Brussels date. Tickets are on sale today. I've seen her in 2003 and 2007 at a free gig and in 2008.

    Need my ultimate teenage nostalgic Avril Lavigne the idol in my life.

    *booked my tickets btw* Mom is tagging along with me. She knows and is very grateful for Avril saving my life when I was a very depressed teenager from the age of 12 when Complicated came out. And the album Let Go changed my life forever.
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  10. The italian date sold out as soon as the tickets went on sale so they changed the location from Fabrique (~3000 people) to Lorenzini District (~7000). New tickets are on sale at 5 pm.

    EDIT: Vienna, Paris, Berlin, London and Manchester are sold out too.
    We stan a touring legend.
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  11. Wow I underestimated her. There is a small store for tickets here in Kreuzberg in Berlin who always has the last tickets so I was able to just book four of them. Got nervous. We decided to go anywhere but I thought I’ll wait until I have a few more Euro left.

    Hope they don’t upgrade the venue now.
  12. London and Manchester tickets were sold out in presales it seems, there's a few unhappy fans on Twitter, hoping for an extra date.
  13. aux


    The pre-sale sold out which is 15%~25% of tickets normally. And then the general sale sold out too, Ticketmaster normally puts tickets up a couple of minutes earlier than 10 AM, so some people got lucky. It wasn’t anything to do with pre-sale selling out.
  14. I'm sure you're right, but it did seem strange that Ticketmaster went straight from "Presale Sold Out" to just "Sold Out" dead on 9am this morning.
  15. This is in no way a slight on Avril but I didn't expect the UK dates to sell out instantly at all. I was sort of expecting a bit of a GroupOn situation come January.
  16. Europe was thristy.
    Her last show in Italy was in 2011 so it seemed a bit strange that they had booked a venue as little as the Fabrique, but then I thought that the album sold almost nothing.
    I'm so happy the tour is going well.
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  17. The nostalgia is strong. People who loved her back then now work and have money for concerts. Christina, Backstreet Boys, Avril, the all love on that goodwill now for a moment. And it is great.

    I mean I also though Avril would have a tougher time but thinking about it there was an era she was inescapable. And rightfully so. She was also kind of cool with the kind of cool straight rock guys.
  18. If I lived in London I would go and see her, but how short her set is (and lack of variation) it's not worth the travel.
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  19. New date in Milan on the 15th.

  20. Haha
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