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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. aux


    Ready to fight for tickets for the 2nd London date.
  2. I hope she's upgrading the show a bit for when she's goes over there, the sets she was doing at the theaters here in the US will seem very short and simple for some of those venues.
  3. Managed to get tickets to the second London show!
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  4. aux


    Same here!
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  5. Got tickets for the second London date, yas.
  6. Got a ticket for the second London date too. It automatically gave me a ticket in the circle which I didn't really want but my tired old legs can have a bit of a rest I guess.
  7. Third London date added on the 6th April.
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  8. They moved the Zurich date to a bigger venue too!
  9. aux


    Just popping in here to say that Let Go remains one of the strongest debut albums of all time
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  10. Still no Irish date ugh! I’m sure she’d have no problem selling the 3Arena, she’s stilll really well known, I hear her music on the radio all of the time! Even just the nostalgia of her older hits would be enough.

  11. One year of Tell Me It's Over! This jazz-y bop is one of my favourite songs from her last couple of albums. Her voice is simply perfect on it.
    Plus, the promo single comes with a 3 minutes advertise for her Abbey Down Christmas jumper!
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  12. The album wasn't half bad but she needs to try harder next time. I forgot about this record a few weeks later.
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  13. I know it's not a popular opinion around here but this album is really, really good. I still play it regularly.
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  14. It was good but not a lot really made any lasting impression.

  15. Sis is singing covers and playing with Paint instead of shooting the It Was In Me music video.
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  16. is this new?
    Did she make up with Chantal?
  17. No, it's almost 10 years old ddd. There are a lot of fan made videos on YouTube. I don't know why she uploaded it out of the blue, she didn't even post a story on her IG. Maybe she was hacked?
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  18. Weren’t there rumours a few years ago she was getting ready to release a Christmas album?
  19. What do we generally consider her best album? I'm relistening to Goodbye Lullaby and it really holds up. (Setting aside the screechfest that is Alice, but even that I enjoy in the right mood.)

    There's so much there to appreciate. The squeak in her voice in 4 Real, the desperation that breaks into joy in Stop Standing There, the glossy and equally punchy production of Wish You Were Here. I stan.

    It's also ridiculous to think the label was mad about this album and shoved What the Hell on as the hit. The album is mostly full of hooks and really smooth pop production.
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