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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I think she may be one of those artists whose discography can ALMOST be ranked chronologically...

    1. Let Go
    2. Under My Skin
    3. The Best Damn Thing
    4. Avril Lavigne
    5. Goodbye Lullaby
    6. Head Above Water

    I think the self-titled has higher highs and covers more ground than Goodbye Lullaby. The latter is pretty, and I bop the fuck out to "What the Hell" but the songs are weaker.
  2. For me, Under My Skin is her best album, the angst, the early to mid 2000s alt-rock production, the melodies... each song stands up by itself. That initial punch of tracks 1-3 is just, special. As great as Let Go is (and it's also a classic), I really feel as though she stepped up her game with this and matured so quickly in such a small amount of time. I don't think she ever captured the heartbreak and deepness of How Does It Feel and Slipped Away again after this album, if I'm wrong I stand corrected.
    Looking back, it's actually quite bizarre to think she went from moody Mosher Avril to pink haired Emo Avril after this, but then again, so did I so... (except no pink hair).
  3. The Best Damn Thing is my favourite, purely because it’s so incredibly fun and punchy, and carries a lot of great memories of being a teenager.
  4. 1. Under My Skin
    2. The Best Damn Thing
    3. Let Go
    4. Avril Lavigne
    5. Goodbye Lullaby
    666. Head Above Water
  5. 1. Damn Thing
    2. Under My Skin
    3. Let Go
    4. Self titled
    5. Lullaby
    6. Head Above Water (I don't think it's a bad album at all tho)
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  6. Overall her discography is really decent. Some lows are disturbing and I only know a single called Head Above Water and nothing else going by this name. But overall - lots and lots of great songs.

    Can‘t wait to see her live finally next month after almost two decades of waiting.
  7. 1. Under My Skin
    2. The Best Damn Thing
    3. Avril Lavigne
    4. Head Above Water
    5. Let Go/ Goodbye Lullaby
  8. Let Go is my favourite but I might be fonder of The Best Damn Thing. It felt like she was daring to throw away the hard earned morsels of critical respect she had fought for with the first 2 albums which I thought was fairly gutsy. Summer 2007 was one of the best times of my life and this album was one of the soundtracks.

    Also I just remembered the time her street team/PR/record label put up dozens of Avril posters all around my high school weeks before Let Go was released. This was a suburban high school so I have no idea what they were going for, but I've never seen the poster or even the photo online. I got that as well as my album signed when she did a mall appearance a few weeks later

  9. They were going for the bit in bold.
  10. Honestly her discography is so good that I can't choose the best album, all I know is that her debut is a masterpiece.

    In other news, the European leg starts in 3 weeks! Zurich is the first city on the 13th, then 2 dates in Milan. I'm going on the 16th and I can't wait. If you see a 1.80m tall boy crying his eyes out to My Happy Ending that's me.
  11. Finally got my E-tickets yesterday! I also noticed something strange but serendipitous.

    The concert is in March and it's almost on the exact same date when I saw her live for the first time in 2003.

    Double the nostalgia!
  12. If anyone is selling 2 tickets to her Berlin show (at face value) please let me know.
  13. Let Go was my very first CD and remains my favorite.
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  14. Under My Skin is easily her best work. But Let Go is really the classic, through and through.
  15. I think this is why I regard The Best Damn Thing so highly. I'd just finished my A-Levels and my mum flew me to San Francisco and for the 10 days I was there all I heard was tracks from The Best Damn Thing all over the place. Great memories!
  16. Just came across this years old song thanks to a few tweets by Anthony Green. How the fuck did this collaboration happen?

    Avril and my emo fave together on a electronic-y pop rock jam? This is so bizarre.
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  17. Apparently she was really into the song Starving and contacted them and then they put her on this song. She then took heavy inspiration from Starving and made Bigger Wow on her own album, it would seem.
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  18. They dropped it on streaming but did nothing with it. If I'm right it's not even on Avril's Spotify page.
    Anyway, it's a really good song and a nice change of style for her. The only thing I'm not sure about is the fact that they basically split the song in two. I think it would have been better with their vocals mixed together on the verses.
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  19. Not this being about ten times better than the entirety of her last album.
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  20. She’s cancelled all the Asia, France, Italy, and Switzerland tour dates because of the coronavirus.
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