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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. To me it seems she's figured it, it just happens to be the wrong turn. She's worked on this album for years so clearly it's the album she wants to release.
  2. I thought there was a new country star being plugged on TV just now, but it's Avril. The clip of the song sounded a bit country and AC - it was Tell Me It's Over and it was fine.

    I was watching Lorraine and I'm sorry for being so mumsy.
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  3. The two singles still bop.
    I can't wait for the album! Are there any performances planned? I need to watch her live.
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  4. I always found her overrated but with a handful of well written songs. Complicated is a bop for days though, and still sounds fresh.
  5. The whole first album is amazing. Nothing less than 10.
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  6. And Under My Skin.
  7. Yes! Actually in my opinion the first 3 albums are all great, but I think it may be because she was the first popstar I was really invested in. Anyway every song on Let Go is perfect on its own. They're all 10s.
  8. Another awkward interview- in the Guardian this time- but despite the less than stellar write-up of Avril herself, the writer has a fair bit of praise for the album.

  9. I really enjoyed that piece. It's a testament to the writer's ability that she can a) write a compelling article when the subject is giving her almost nothing to work with; and b) do so without throwing said subject under the bus.
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  10. It's a shame Avril can't open up a little more, especially if the album is going to be her most personal. Putting her guard up is likely to put people off rather than them warming to her new music/sound.
  11. Still Complicated...
    Excited for the new album, roll on 15th Feb.
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  12. More from Laura on the album...
  13. My excitement for this album could NOT be lower. And I’ve always been a huge fan.
  14. Her talking about Tell Me It's Over when it's already been released...I mean really?
  15. I really enjoy Tell Me It’s Over, I like it a lot more than Head Above Water.

    However, while Avril will always be someone I check on due to loving her in the early 2000’s, I don’t think I will ever be excited about her releasing new music again. I’m fully expecting the album to include a few good songs but nothing to grab onto or keep me wanting to go back for more, pretty much the same case as with her last 2 releases (Goodbye Lullaby was much stronger than Avril Lavigne for me though).
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  16. She's not wrong though!
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  17. And it’s not like it’s lighting up the charts. Most people probably haven’t even heard it. I know I’ve only heard about 30 seconds and switched it off.
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  18. Oh my god the Avril stans in this journalists twitter mentions are absolute children. Here's to never growing up indeed sis. Imagine being a blind follower who can't recognise when their fave is being impossible in an interview. Can't be me.

    I mean she's my favourite artist but these answers (or lack of answers) to the interview got me wishing the music was just out so Avril can either start touring, writing music or relaxing rather than phoning it in with the press.

  19. If Laura Snapes (the woman who wrote those scathing reviews on Bebe Rexha and Ed Sheeran and is by all accounts a great music journalist) can't get anything out of Avril, I am...hesitant to see other interviews. I admit her "It was absolute agony" (an actual quote) tweets seems...less than professional at the minute, but the interview itself? Hmm.
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  20. This release may have been more exciting if the album came out shortly after the first single. It all seems like it's being dragged out and the hype just isn't there to warrant that. I'm not even sure who this album or the singles are aimed at? What's the audience? It's certainly not the fans of her Let Go-Under My Skin-Best Damn Thing eras.
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