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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I know it’s out of her control but I am getting nervous she will just end up cancelling the whole Europe leg.
  2. I think this is... quite likely.
  3. Avril's drummer confirmed that the European tour is canceled.
    Waiting for Avril herself to announce it officially.
  4. I wonder if the delay in announcing is because they’re trying to reschedule rather than fully cancel.
  5. The Italian date is canceled, they are already refunding tickets. Same for Zurigo. Don't know about the others though.
    I hope they decide to postpone the tour untill the end of year/early next year, because the Asian leg is also canceled, but knowing Avril it's most likely that the tour is over and we'll have to wait a few years for the next era.
    It's really sad, the tour was doing amazing numbers around here.
  6. Noooooo I had a bad feeling they’d cancel the European date with this Covid-19 outbreak. I’m now worried about Pussycat Dolls as well.
  7. Sucks :( but makes sense.
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  8. Well it's over. At least I can finally stream the concert on YouTube.
  9. So much for my happy ending indeed!!!!!
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  10. So judging by the ticketmaster email it’s being postponed and not fully cancelled? Wonder when they’ll reschedule for?
  11. aux


    Yep, they're rescheduling. No refunds for the time being.

    I personally prefer knowing that my tickets will be honoured, and that those who cannot make the date can get refunds.
  12. Uhm ticketmaster Italy says it's canceled and tickets will be refunded... A mess.
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The fact that some intern had to open up Photoshop to cross out all the dates on that tour poster for the Instagram announcement when it could've just been any old photo... nn the sheer level of drama.
  14. And it’s one where she’s touching her face. IN THIS CURRENT CLIMATE?!? Read the room!
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  15. An outtake from the HAW sessions called "Bright" just leaked.

  16. I actually really like this. The chorus could do with a bit more oomph but it should have been on the album.
  17. Guy


    Bright is a little basic, but I’m fucking bopping. Would have been a fantastic album track.
  18. Any indication on her rescheduling or this being outright cancelled?
  19. aux


    The UK dates are currently being rescheduled. No word on the rest of the EU tour.
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