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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Flesh news: she said she was going to perform the song live on IG + she's going to perform with other Canadian artists on their national TV.

    Edit: she performed We Are Warriors and Head Above Water on IG live. She also confirmed that the tour will start at the beginning of 2021 and the dates will be out next week. She's working on new music and she wants to make a cook book.
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  2. Guy


    I audibly cackled at the 2:40 mark. The Windows Movie Maker jumped out!
  3. Step aside, Avril. Kelly's already got this lane covered.
  4. The video is really cute. Glad to see a lot of members of the italian Bandaids in it.
  5. So a Twitter insider said a few days ago that Won't Let You Go (outtake from the TBDT era) will be released soon as a charity single (and It Was In Me will come late summer/autumn). The track has been registered under BMG, so it's likely true.
  6. Ok well if it’s from an old era I will quietly perch.
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  7. Has she announced what she’s going to do with her tour? She hasn’t suggested any alternative dates for the cancelled London date and that was back in March.
  8. She announced some Asian dates for the beginning of 2021 and said that the rest of the tour will be rescheduled as soon as possible.
  9. The German dates are also rescheduled for March 2021. At least the Berlin one is.
  10. Ah okay thanks for the heads up. My friend got us the tickets so I reckon all the comms about this are going to him. Guess we’ll see what happens!
  11. This leaked years ago:

    Still nice to be released officially I guess as it’s one of her better ballads.
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  12. Won't Let You Go is a great track, so would be happy to see it released properly even if it is quite old and many of us have had it for ages.
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  13. Guy


    Isn’t Won’t Let You Go a L*ke song
  14. It's not. She wrote it with Diane Warren.
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  15. I can't locate an actual general discussion thread for her, so I'm posting this here. Sitting here in boredom I went back through a chunk of her discography and have come to the conclusion that The Best Damn Thing is.... not good. I don't think it's an issue of aging poorly because a lot of the pop/rock albums of that era still sound good. It's just... noisy. Her voice is so unappealing across a whole album. Girlfriend is still great fun. When You're Gone is fine. Hot isn't bad, but it being her best single choice after the first 2 says a lot, cuz its not great either. Of all the pop girls who would do several collabs with Luke, I'd say hers were the least compelling. Which in hindsight works in her favor, but they're shockingly underwhelming to look back on.

    Songs that should have been smashes and weren't are few and far between in her later day career, but Rock N Roll and 17 are among them. They really are classic Avril and they are genuinely good (which is more than I can say for What the Hell). I don't think self titled is a great album but it captured what she and/or her label have seemed desperate to recapture better than anything else she's put out in recent years. I don't even remember her doing much to push Rock N Roll?

    Dumb Blonde isn't exactly top tier Avril but it has way more hit potential than anything else on this dreary album and I'm surprised with the early buzz it got (for her standards), the Nicki feature, and it being used in a couple movie trailers that they didn't jump on it.
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  16. RMK


    I've always found The Best Damn Thing as a pretty enjoyable installment in her discography. There's definitely unappealing moments and filler toward the end (especially, I Don't Have To Try), but there's highs there worth checking back on. I Can Do Better doesn't feel like an amazing vocal moment, but it works and does exactly what it should.

    Goodbye Lullaby and self-titled always felt like the 1-2 punch that stunted her. Head Above Water.. Entirely doesn't feel worthy to sit with her first five.

  17. Well well well.
  18. Live album? Looks like an album cover?
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