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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. It'd be nice, it's been ages since the last one! but I don't think so considering that the album didn't sell much.
  2. Post has been deleted..
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  3. Oh God.
  4. Maybe she’s coming to haunt us with the Christmas album she recorded a few years ago...
  5. I'd be here for it.
    I fear guess it's gonna be some kind of contest, maybe something like the one she did for the We Are Warrior's music video.
  6. Nooooo. This would be an iconic train wreck. "Santa Baby a '54 convertible too... cuz I'm a motherfuckin princess!".
  7. I saw Avril in 2002 and it was a good show. City High opened the show and played a 2 song set, i think? Hahaha. So weird. Memories are fuzzy.
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  8. I've been an Avril fan since day one but the last performances she did while promoting the album and Dumb Blonde where she looked like she was being held at gunpoint to perform do not make me excited about this at all (though I will still watch anyway)
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  9. So strange the trajectory that Avril's career has taken. At the height of Under My Skin I would have predicted she'd have matured and released so much quality music by now. Whilst I still enjoy a lot of her stuff, she really does seem to have this identity... confusion? Who is she meant to be, what music is she meant to be making? Even the last album, that was supposedly more grown up and taking things in a new direction, couldn't help but give us stuff like Dumb Blonde. Almost like she was apologising for releasing more mature tracks and had to slip a 'bop' in there to please the masses.
  10. I think someone mentioned that Dumb Blonde was the record label's idea. I mean she didn't really support that song throughout the era, but put more effort into the other singles.
  11. If it was What Would You Do and Caramel you have been served.

    Can't wait to finally see her after the Covid postponement this spring. Although I doubt it will be March 2021 as they plan, can't imagine 4000 people close by then. I am also fine with her ignoring anything from this album bar maybe Head Above Water itself.
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  12. She’s been battling the record label since Goodbye Lullaby, just when she thinks she’s finished and made the album she wants to make, the label send her back in to make some bops for the album.

    on another note, I saw her during the Bonez tour in 2004 and it was truly such a great concert. Under My Skin is definitely my favourite era by her, the close next is Let Go.
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  13. Dumb Blonde is this album's What The Hell, but better.
  14. At this point the label should stop meddling or drop her altogether if they don't believe in her. It's not like any of these "bops" are doing much for her anyway.
  15. I agree, strange they won’t just let her do her thing. Dumb Blonde really sticks out like a sore thumb on the album.

    However, I don’t want to envision a world without Smile, so for that, I’m thankful to the label.
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  16. Nah.
  17. Avril feels like the type of artist who could really benefit a lot by self-releasing music on her own label.
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  18. It's the other way around. What The Hell is lightyears ahead of Dumb Blonde.
  19. I just want a whole album of 'I'm With You' s really...
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