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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  2. I think I've listened to Head Above Water exactly once all the way through. It's just not a good album, and nowhere near Avril at her best.
  3. Head Above Water was released with BMG which doesn’t really function like a regular label. I highly doubt Dumb Blonde was a label decision.

    What The Hell is listenable so that automatically makes it better.
  4. What The Hell is miles better than Dumb Blonde.
  5. GrandioseMeatyHornedtoad-size_restricted.gif

    JK... I actually like Dumb Blonde for what it's worth.
  6. How is BMG different from a regular label?
  7. Dumb Song being better than Bop Like Hell?

  8. She's not signed to them, she owns her own label (and her own masters), etc. She then gives an exclusive license to BMG. They will act as a label in the traditional sense - from A&R to plugging to distribution - but it's pick and mix, as the ultimate decision making is down to "Avril Lavigne Music & Entertainment."

    Because of this arrangement, she was able to maintain her relationship with Sony Music Japan, as she simply chose not license the album to BMG in that territory, but to release it via Sony Music Labels Inc. keeping the team that have worked her records in Japan since the beginning.
  9. Head Above Water did grow on me but it's just not that exciting. I think there were loads of demos that leaked around the same time that sounded much more interesting?
  10. The only bad songs on this album are Goddess and Bigger Wow, the rest is great for me. Tell Me It's Over especially is something she had never done before, and she sounds really good on it. It Was In Me is the classic that never was.
    However, I'm pretty excited about the concert. I really want to buy a ticket, but it'll be 2 AM here...
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  11. So, this era is officially done and over, right? I hope we can move on from the [edited and corrected] 'Sad, slow song Avril' era and back into the the fun/angst Avril we enjoy.

    author note: Upon reading the comments, I realized how out of line my original comment was-- I apologize for being insensitive and down-right rude.
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  12. I wonder if she has been recording any new music at all?
  13. [​IMG]

    The Lyme disease has affected her for years, excuse her if she wanted to... you know... express herself through her songs. I know almost nobody liked the album around here, but talking about "the Lyme disease Avril" like it's some kind of marketing project is pretty offensive. Anyway I'm sure she'll have some uptempo pop-rock songs she's know for.

    She said a few months ago that she was already working on the new album because she didn't want to have too much time between the releases like it happened for self-titled-Head Above Water. But we're talking about Avril Lavigne, and considering that next year she hopefully has the European and Asian legs planned I wouldn't expect anything before 2022.
  14. Her self-titled album is still great and better than Head Above Water.......... Fact.
  15. Oh I'm sure she'll get rid of that disease after reading your comment!

    Come on.
  16. Maybe you should have just sat there and deleted your account x
  17. You do realise Lyme Disease is hard to diagnose and so many people with it don't realise it, where it does real damage to your body. I think it's good she is raising awareness on it, as I hadn't heard about it until she mentioned it.

    Head Above Water album is probably more to what is Avril wants to do music wise anyhow, I doubt she wants to go back to fun/angst Avril.
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  18. I listened to Head Above Water only a few times when it's released. I didn't like it at first. But I was listening a few days ago and somehow I think it's a pretty decent album. Some songs sounds better than before to me. And it's great that she still have the aiming to do music after all she been through. I don't think she wants to go back to the fun/angst era too. Dumb Blonde clearly it's on a weird place on that album. I think her personality it's totally different today.
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  19. I enjoy the album, it's not her strongest and there are some questionable songs but doesn't ruin the listening experience.

    Agreed on Dumb Blonde sticking out like a sore thumb on the album, even though I enjoy it for what it is.
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  20. “Lyme Disease Avril era”, said like it’s some kind of persona, is quite offensive. She’s expressed her struggles with this disease in tears, so to see criticism of this is just gross.

    I’ve been on a bit of an Avril binge the past few days, and Head Above Water is sounding a lot better to me than it did last year, the first half is solid, bar Dumb Blonde, the back end is patchy, but listenable. Souvenir is still my highlight on this album. It just sounds like classic Avril.
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