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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways - I have gone back, edited and corrected my statement.

  2. She's part of this "cinematic Christmas album" project!
    I don't know what it yes but I take what I can.
  3. Someone such as Jack Antonoff could be a good collaborator for Avril. To perhaps steer her in a different direction and get the best out of her song-writing again. Either way, I think her next project should be less cooks and more like 1 other songwriter and 1 producer.
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  4. When I imagined Avril doing Christmas material I imagined a pop rock affair with songs like Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree... That Instagram has made me realise it would be more like Carrie Underwood’s and now I’m terrified this is inevitable.
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  5. I'm listening to Under Rug Swept by Alanis Morissette and keep thinking how much I've always wanted Avril to go in this direction. It sounds like Let Go's older sister. She really took a different path.
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  6. That trailer is terrible. His description as someone who makes cinematic music is weird and I don’t now anyone but Avril but we will see.
  7. tea


    I stumbled upon this today and I can't stop thinking about it. That last note. Wig!
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  8. I haven't listened to this album since release oop. I always forget about it.
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  9. Not me. It's a decent follow up to Goodbye Lullaby.

    By the way she's filming something on set.
  10. Avril Lavigne (2013) found rotting in a ditch!
  12. Stream Harley Quinn, now on HBO Max.
  13. Head Above Water wishes she had the range of Self Titled. The bops! The ballads! The WTF moments!
  14. The self-titled is up there with her debut and Under My Skin for me.
  15. Mmmh I only remember Give You What You Like, the standalone single released in 2013. I don't know what ya'll talking about...
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  16. All this greatness:

    We can ignore Hello Kitty...

    Oh and they should've released this instead:
  17. Self-Titled is definitely one of her best bodies of work. #JusticeForRockNRoll
  18. Yeah totally.
    I mean I actually enjoy it but it's definitely her blandest album. It lacks soul.
  19. Well ... she just started following Dr. Luke on Instagram.
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