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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Travis Barker was on I Can Do Better, Runaway and I Don’t Have To Try too!
  2. Those are the songs. iconic
    Ugh let me have an Avril listening day in anticipation
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  3. I like it, its definitely a bop. I feel a bit like the reactions in here are very influenced by her last album being a boring dud, cuz this song is standard Avril. Like, its fun and it bops but it sounds like 85% of her other singles. I'm not sure it warrants the enormous enthusiasm I'm seeing. But its nice to hear her doing something that feels genuinely fun and not that occasionally forced sounding fun that some of her more later day songs have had (Dumb Blonde, What the Hell).
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  4. It's way too short, I'm hoping the album version has an extra verse. But great track.
  5. You keep bringing this up like it's a bad thing.
  6. I haven't once said its a bad thing. But I'd be curious to juxtapose the reaction to this song vs the reactions to Never Growing Up because, again, I think her going Christian music lite on y'all has influenced the enthusiasm over her doing her normal shtick.
  7. The fact that this can be held in the same regard as her earlier music says it all, really.

    She understood the assignment!
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  8. Mmm my enthusiasm is based on this being fantastic. I definitely like it more to Here's to Never Growing Up, and yes I'm super grateful it's not Christian rock
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  9. I personally think this is much better than "Here's to Never Growing Up," and I like that song. Of course, I'm not going to deny there's probably a bit of relief influencing positive reactions here, but I think this is genuinely a pretty damn good Avril single. Head Above Water just throws into focus that Avril has a lane that she really excels in.
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  10. So are we getting the video tonight too?
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  11. I think part of it is that Avril's schtick has come back around to being cool again. It's nice to have her around with the resurgence that rock-y pop music has gotten. This does its job as an A+ Avril Lavigne banger.
  12. It is short but it still feels like a proper song. There is nothing missing.

    I hope the album is more of this.
  13. This and I Will Be being left off the album initially was something to do with Max Martin. I can’t remember exactly what it was at the time but it was some issue with publishing. It got sorted eventually. And Alone made it as the Girlfriend b-side but maybe the album was already pressed and it was too late. Both tracks are on the re-issue.
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  14. RMK


    Alone mirrors Girlfriend, and I Will Be mirrors When You're Gone. I definitely believe it was a producer issue, but they work really well as bonus tracks.
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  15. I Can Do Better
    Everything Back But You
    He Wasn't
    I Always Get What I Want

    If someone is the master of short but full on, on point upbeat pop rock bangers it's her.
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  16. RMK


    I really went back to stanning her in like two seconds, but a woman. She's nailing everything this time around.
  17. Katy Perry was played I Will Be when it was intended to be part of the album and said it was going to be huge and played at weddings forever. So something definitely went wrong. I’m glad they saw the light of day in the end.

    Bite Me does give me Alone vibes too.
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  18. Ah this is new to me!
  19. Bite Me is already a classic.
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  20. Enjoying the new track. The instrumentation sounds like it could have been lifted off a Mest album (Mest or Photographs) Not that I'm complaining as I seriously overplayed them back in the day and miss that sound.
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