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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. I guess it's time for a new thread.

  2. Well this is exciting, but knowing Avril, we won't actually get this until 2025.
  3. Weird, I was listening to her discography earlier today. "Rock And Roll" - now that was a classic. I'm encouraged by her recent posts that she's going to actually make an album with some teeth this time.
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  4. I’d like it to not be terrible like the last one. I recently tried it again and it just stinks.

    Not really confident she has it in her anymore but happy to be surprised.
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  5. I'll be here for it, but not as excited as I was last time.

    She can't write anything worse than 'Goddess' surely?
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  7. If this is the cover, it looks gorgeous.
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  8. She looks great. I can't believe this is coming really soon.
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  9. She really hasn't aged a day since she dyed her hair blonde in 2005.

    Excited for this because I'm hoping she just needed to get Head Above Water out of her system and now she can make something more instant.
  10. Maybe it's Melissa's younger sister nowadays?
  11. I really want her to just grunge it up a bit.

    I recently watched the Here's to Never Growing Up music video and my heart went all gooey when she dressed in the classic Sk8er Boi outfit on a skateboard riding down the hallway. I think post her 3rd album the sound just kept getting more and more commercialised. I agree that she perhaps needed to get Head Above Water out of her system so hopefully this new music will just be more rocky, angsty, passionate with some bite. I don't want her to try and do pop like that track with Nicki.

    I do think the self-titled album is underrated though. That was a great record and it's a shame it didn't reignite her career.
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  12. I tried Head Above Water again yesterday and it's just so....nothing. Even the Best Damn Thing which I loathed had a clear sound and image. Goodbye Lullaby and self-titled had some great songs. I'm still hopeful Head Above Water was just a misstep.
  13. YES!!!!
  14. I'm fully here for the sound these collaborators are going to give her but I also would like to avoid hearing MGK & Mod Sun's vocals as much as possible.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The last album really was painful huh.
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  16. Exciting that there is a new song being released but it’s actually Mod Sun’s new single featuring Avril according to the pre save link.
    Wonder when she plans to start the actual era for album 7?
  17. Painfully dull at best.
  18. Who is Modsun?

    Perched though!
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