Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

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My boyfriend: "Hey babe, it seems that Avril has a new song"
*playing the song*
Me: I feel like I know that song. That sounds so much like her old style. Babe that's not a new song that must be from one of her previous album or an unrealesed song for sure.
Me: checking and finding out that this is actually a new song:

She really did that. I love that song! I hope that'll set a new trend with 00' sound coming back.
Push uses a GarageBand beat, so that would've never been a good choice. It's cheap sounding. The three singles are so obvious on Goodbye Lullaby. Maybe she would've been better off releasing Wish You Were Here second, but all the releases made sense.
I know real Avril fans usually go with Let Go/Under My Skin as her best album, but The Best Damn Thing was the perfect pop star crossover into mid-to-late 2000s pop punk. It has all the ingredients of everything I loved about that era that it's easily my favorite album of hers. Girlfriend is a certified classic and well... look at the material

Bite Me has turned out to be deceptively infectious and might become one of my favourite songs of the year…?

and although Under My Skin is my favourite album of her because it does things to my moody emo heart, her first three albums are all amazing. And I think that The Best Damn Thing might be the album that best showcases Avril as an artist. It’s bratty, silly, brimming with pop hooks and vocals. And the styling? Gay rights!!
Smile is one of the best choruses she has ever recorded and slander is noted and won’t be forgotten.

Without a doubt. I was never a fan of the song as a whole because the verses are pretty weak and the overall production sounds fairly demo-y, but that chorus, slightly beefed up (and sang by someone else) would've been a rare pop moment. Even by Max Martin's standards, it's top-shelf stuff.
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