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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Before this had you heard Avril Lavigne before? fff
  2. Dd, I love Avril but the lyricism in this one was more in the "bananas/mess/pajamas" and "like me/wifey" bag than her more...thoughtful offerings. I've listened to it several times now and the melodic structure just doesn't work for me but maybe it will grow.mp3 on me over time.
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  3. Cannonball 02:18

    Bois Lie (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) 02:43

    Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear) 02:25

    Love Sux 02:48

    Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending 02:50

    Avalanche 03:39

    Déjà vu 03:23

    F.U. 02:47

    All I Wanted (feat. Mark Hoppus) 02:32

    Dare to Love Me 03:34

    Break Of A Heartache 01:51

  4. Those track lengths look about right for a pop punk album, I'm guessing either Avalanche or Dare to Love Me are the ballad.
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  5. The album being 30:56 long is a kii. Lettuce pray it's all killer no filler.
  6. Dare To Love Me is. Written by her alone.
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  7. 33:30 with Bite Me included.
  8. This sounds so FRESH
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  9. The chorus is definitely Love It When You Hate Me's strength. The "don't call me baby, I love it when you hate me" refrain was in my head immediately on first listen. I feel like that is probably going to be the case for the album as a whole.
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  10. If ever we needed a deluxe edition it’s now. I hate how short it is but at the same time some punk rock songs I love are short and when the song is good it feels fleshed out enough in 2:30 that it doesn’t matter.

    I hope she throws some acoustics onto the digital edition. Bite Me (Acoustic) deserves a place on there.
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  11. She's doing every thing right so far and it's very exciting to witness. It's really nice to see her getting back to knowing exactly what she needs to do.
  12. I actually don't mind the short track lengths for this project. I'm sure it's down to streaming and all that stuff but I think I remember pop/punk songs of the 00's being fair short in comparison to other straight up pop songs that were around at the time? Either way, I'm excited for the record!
  13. Am I the only person who literally doesn't even bother listening to a song that's under 3 minutes because it's just too short and it ends before I can even get into it
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  14. I don't like songs under 3 minutes either but this exception comes to mind...
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  15. I know, it's Avril Lavigne, but the vocals this time around really are significantly more nasal than I ever remember from her. They're not bad, but her tone sounds different.
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  16. Haven’t heard the new single but Bite Me is proof she can make the shorter lengths work great and as others have mentioned, pop punk songs typically have these durations.

    I also truly don’t hear a significant change in her voice? The acoustic version of Bite Me especially sounds like it could have come from any previous era.
  17. When a song is this good, it doesn't need to be 3 minutes or longer!!!
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  18. Let's not forget that Contagious was only 2.10 and that's a bop, and doesn't really feel like it's missing anything.

    It just shows how ahead of her time Avril was.
  19. She’s been like this since getting Lyme’s disease. I’m sure she’s just happy to still have her vocal range.
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