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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. She still sounds great. I'm a Kylie stan, I can deal with nasal.
  2. I love the new song more than “Bite me”. I think she sounds great.
    I don’t mind songs under 3 minutes but it would of been nice to include another 2 songs if all of them were going to be short. Hopefully there is a deluxe edition.
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  3. This album is going to be incredible, and do exactly what it needs to. I’m shaking.
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  4. That would explain a lot, actually. Like I said, her vocals aren't even bad or anything but I stopped engaging with her music significantly after like 2008 so it threw me off.

    Very excited for the album.

  5. I love it on first listen. It’s so classically pop punk and her voice soars in that pre-chorus, and it explodes. Also reminds me of Blink-182?
  6. It sounds like such a throwback, but would fit right in several Spotify playlists right now. Bite Me is a lot stronger, though.
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  7. I can't stand blackbear but this is another 10/10. This album is hitting all the right notes for me so far. Come through Queen of Pop Punk!
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  8. “you’re so hot when you get cold” is such an Avril lyric. This BDSM bop!
  9. This era is already making me forget the last one so very successful I'd say
  10. Not as good as “Bite Me,” but it’s solid. She’s winning me so far, guys.
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  11. I kinda love this more than "Bite Me", the pre-chorus and chorus transport me back to 2008.
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  12. That chorus is perfect. I love this. Better than Bite Me.
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  13. It's the opposite for me. I actually like 2 minute songs for the most part, the replay value is usually insane ddd.
  14. The Japanese Edition of album includes "Bite Me(Acoustic)" as bonus track.
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  15. She‘s 2/2 so far.
    This is great even though it‘s too short.
  16. Another banger! I might like this even more than Bite Me honestly.
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  17. I really like this! Not as good as Bite Me but it's "early 00s Hollywood Records" in the best way possible.
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  18. This is great.
  19. Love the new song, but Bite Me has more bite (ahem). Even though both are only about 2 mins long, they don't feel short.

    I only get irritated with short songs when it gets going and just ends.
  20. That’d make sense if you stopped listening in 2008, I noticed her voice was a bit higher on her 2013 album, mostly on the more rocky tracks like Rock N Roll, and those vocals are all over Bite Me. I really like this quality in her singing.

    I’m a bit shook 2 of my favs are releasing their new albums the day before my birthday, it’s going to be a great weekend.
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