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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. Goodness, she is glowing! Great interview, interesting to hear her make the comparison between Here's To Never Growing Up and this album, I wonder what else is on the set list?

    Always love to hear people heap praise on I'm With You, it's definitely her best song and she's right when she says it just captures people's attention.
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  2. The fact that I'm With You didn't get the Grammy for Song of the Year is a travesty.

    Love Sux continues to just make me smile 3 weeks after release. So proud of her.
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  3. Guy


    A tour with just Avril, WILLOW, and PVRIS would slap. I’ll be giving this lineup a miss, though.
  4. I mean, if you're into Love Sux in any way I'm pretty sure that line-up will be a massive party.
  5. As a one-off song in her discography I really love Tell Me It's Over. She sounds fantastic and it's kinda weird but right to hear Avril over horns.

    I've also decided I Love You is like her biggest ever missed single opportunity. Such a fucking rock solid song.
  6. I’m relistening to self-titled, and it really is such a bizarre melting pot of both excellence and absolute crap.

    Justice for the 17 demo!

  7. I really hope she’s also doing a solo NA tour and we won’t need to go to this one to see her live this year.
  8. One of her finest moments in the last few years. A shame nobody gives it chance because it's on Head Above Water.
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  9. RMK


    It sounds like Meghan Trainor.
  10. I love Tell Me It's Over, easily the standout on the album. I actually don't hate Head Above Water (the album) like most do, but I would include Tell Me It's Over in my fav Avril tracks.
  11. I told myself I was dying to go see Avril but I never questioned at what cost, so shame on me I suppose…
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  12. Tell Me It’s Over is absolutely abysmal and completely beneath her. The only salvageable song from that album is Head Above Water, but even then, it’s as if she’s cosplaying as another artist.

    Love Sux, however, not a single dud. A masterclass in pop rock.
  13. I actually really like Tell Me It's Over. She sounds absolutely terrific. She sells the shit out of it - I am also somewhat of a Head Above Water apologist. It has some really nice moments and some of her very best vocal performances.
  14. There’s an EP of strong material to take from Head Above Water. Her vocal performance and conviction on Tell Me It’s Over are beyond what I’d expect from Avril going for that sound on paper. She sells it.

    Head Above Water, Tell Me It’s Over, It Was In Me, I Fell In Love With The Devil and Birdie are all quite strong. There’s the EP.

    The rest is listenable only because I enjoy her voice and I get such a kii from Goddess with the bananas in pyjamas rhyming scheme.

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve returned the vinyl twice because it’s a distorted mess.
  15. Souvenir is a keeper also. But yeah, she's an EP.
  16. I didn't listen to Head Above Water for ages after it came out. It’s not some lost classic, but it's nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be.

    Dumb Blonde, however, is the worst song she's ever released. In fact it's one of the worst songs anyone has ever released.
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  17. Head Above Water
    It Was In Me
    Crush (there's something so lovable about this song to me)
    Tell Me It's Over

    An EP.
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  18. I'm stanning Love Sux but you girlies are deluding yourselves with claiming that anything from Head Above Water is salvageable.
  19. I do genuinely think Head Above Water is not only a great Avril ballad, but one of her best vocal performances.

    I came across a recent interview the other day where she spoke about the video and said “I wasn’t actually in Iceland, I had a stunt double who flew there and I was on green screen. Nobody knew that until now!” Like, girl nn
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