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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. The room/set the album cover is shot in is burnt orange but the heavy shadows make it look red.

    It fits alongside 'Shake It Off', in that I can appreciate the pop structure for what it is but it's just too "kiddie-pop".
  2. “Burnt orange”- she’s so pretentious. Just say fuckin’ red.
  3. That's the Art & Design student in me.
  4. Can we all agree that Contagious is one of her best songs? It’s pure, unadulterated joy from start to finish. Summer in a song.

    Side note, the more I listen to Love Sux, I know it’s early days but honestly? It’s kind of giving her best body of work.
  5. Contagious has been a favourite of mine since we got the 30 second clip of it on iTunes (which is a considerable chunk of the song since it’s so short). I got The Best Damn Thing on vinyl this week and I’ve been hammering Contagious again.

    In the making of the album it seemed like a song she just recorded at the end for fun with Deryck without too much thought but maybe that made it so good. It’s like Sum 41 does Blink 182 because it always gave me What’s My Age Again vibes.
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  6. Contagious is one of my favorite songs of hers! It always gets me in a good mood.
  7. I know her self-titled isn't the most loved thing, but that trio of songs at the end of it are brilliant and some of her very best.

  8. I assume we mean the standard edition and not the one that ends with her murdering her then-husband's only good song.
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  9. I love her cover of How You Remind Me. I think it’s fantastic, though I’m not familiar with the original
  10. Lucky you.
  11. I mean Nickelback being atrocious aside, the original is an absolute beast of a song. But Avril’s version is stunning, she really gives it an entirely new lease of life.
  12. I forgot she even covered it.
  13. How You Remind Me is beyond.

    I've been wrong, I've been down
    To the bottom of every bottle
    These five words in my head
    Scream are we having fun yet

    Great songwriting, and she kills it. Self-titled ends so great. Hello Heartache is such a slept-on tune!
  14. Been playing this a lot the last few days, it’s so good!!!

    Also, she got engaged!
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  15. So happy for her!
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  16. Some people have never had a sip of that sunshine, and it shows.

    what a beautiful dayyyy!
    all I need is a tayyyste!
    nothin' but a good tyyme
    … sippin' on sunshyne!
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  17. Any news on a deluxe release or will there be another single? Things seem really quiet since the album was released.
    Still think that making a video for “Love it when you hate me” was pointless. The video should of been for a 3rd single.
  18. Queen stays having terrible taste in men fff but happy for her!
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  19. So we’re about a third of the way through 2022, and Avril Lavigne has delivered my favourite album (by quite some way) of the year so far. Who could have seen this coming?! Certainly not me. I’ve actually only ever had one of her previous albums before, although I’ve occasionally listened to other singles etc.

    For me, this album really came up out of the blue, out of nowhere. Its such a pleasant surprise. I love the energy levels, I love the enormous amounts of hooks, I love the consistency (not just in terms of quality but in terms of sound, my favourite albums are always the ones that have a unified sound so when you put them on, you know what you’re getting), I love the humour of some lyrics and the oh-so-serious-emo-angst of some of the other lyrics, I love the vibe and that it reminds me of hanging out with friends at c. GCSE age and listening to bands like Blink 182 and Green Day…. It is such a triumph of a record.
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