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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. It is hooks on hooks on hooks. Crazy good album, also my #1 of the year to date. Bois Lie is never gonna get old.
  2. This is still one of my top albums of the year for sure
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  3. Is there going to be another single? Bois Lie is right there.
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  4. Did her version of Dancing Crazy leak ?
    It's a shame it wasn't included on Goodbye Lullaby, i enjoy it more than What the Hell.
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  5. F.U., Déjà Vu, Avalanche and Bite Me are the ones I keep coming back to, really one of my favourite albums of hers, the start of Déjà Vu sounds like A Million Dreams (Reprise)
  6. Well conversely I'm pretty much just coming back to F.U. and the pre-releases.
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  7. Returning to the album was just the serotonin boost I needed on this hungover morning. Bangers on bangers.
  8. I wonder when we’re getting the vinyl. Maybe she’s waiting to announce the deluxe and put the complete album on vinyl?
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  9. Cannonball

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  10. This was the setlist of her first show from the Bite Tour:


    And some videos and pics:


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  11. Avalaunchers lost.
  12. A 16 song setlist for someone like Avril seems quite short, no?
  13. Do you think it’ll be the same set list when she’s in the U.S., or abbreviated because she’ll be alongside Machine Gun Kelly?
  14. The album is literally 33 mins... how is she not performing the entire thing?
  15. That's a perfect setlist. I don't know what Flames is but other than that... you'd leave that gig happy.
  16. That set list is pretty great, I’m surprised In Flames wasn’t a bonus track though if she’s performing it.
  17. Yeah it's a flawless set, just add 'He Wasn't' somewhere and I'd be chuffed with that.
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  18. That's a pretty good setlist, great to see Losing Grip. Would be cool if she added Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending and Hot, though.
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