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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. “Breakaway” sounds great

  2. It’s nice to hear the studio version of “Why” which hasn’t ever been released before.

    I wonder why “Let Go” the song was not included.
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  3. On first listen I think "Why" is a different mix to the version that served as a b-side to "Complicated" - probably the demo that was featured on the "Let Go B-Sides" promo that leaked many years ago (but I don't recall how that went now).

    "Breakaway" sounds really good, and doesn't stick out as much as people were fearing considering it's a new recording. The production is probably what sets it apart most from the other songs, the drums are 'heavy' sounding in the same way they were on "Love Sux". It's nice to have the journey of this song come full-circle with Avril's version after the success Kelly had with it though!

    "Get Over It," "Falling Down, "I Don't Give," and "Make Up" all appear to be the same mixes as what were released/leaked before.
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  4. Breakaway sounds perfect
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  5. Her version of Breakaway sounds fantastic.
  6. Wow this was such a frustrating watch. He tried so hard to draw information from her. He was even trying to provoke her thoughts into a certain way and she was still giving him nothing or not answering the question. His questions were good and the answers could’ve been so interesting but she does this thing where she points out the obvious with her answers instead of going off the script.

    “This is my 7th tour, this is my 7th album, the new album was so much fun and easy, Bite Me is the first single, my first album was Let Go, LA discovered me when I was 16, so the album is called Love Sux”. She does this kind of point out the obvious scripted thing every album campaign. I started to notice it and find it irritating from The Best Damn Thing onwards. Is it bad media training or something? I just wish she’d go off the script and give us something interesting.
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  7. I think it's fair to say acts like Avril have been media trained to death since the early 00s, this is kind of really the only way they know how to answer questions.
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  8. It’s just baffling. Some artists definitely broke through it as they got older but she’s never went off script.

    The only thing I learned from that interview was that Why was the song LA signed her for. That’s pretty fascinating but she barely went into it. She could’ve said how it ended up as a b-side and they kept the original demo version because maybe it meant something to her/LA. I don’t think her memory is the problem, she seems to have a pretty vivid memory of that time.
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  9. Breakaway sounds great. I was expecting it to sound cheap/karaoke being a new recording but they put decent effort in.

    Falling Down is a completely different mix. The drums are different/harder. I like it but that was unexpected. I wonder was that another mix done back then or has it been done for this anniversary edition? There’s even extra vocals in the fade out.

    I Don’t Give is also a different mix. It’s not the demo or Complicated version.

    Get Over It is also a slightly different mix although not as obvious as the other 2.

    It’s nice to finally hear the studio version of Why. It’s stunning!

    Edit: The whole album is remixed. The Sk8er Boi intro sounds cheap. Things I’ll Never Say has some of the demo production elements in it.
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  10. Glad I was not hearing things because I also thought some of the album tracks sounded a bit different.
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  11. RMK


    Do we think the new versions are bad? It isn't just a typical remaster?
  12. No this isn’t just a remaster. Sk8er Boi’s drums are a different recording.

    Things I’ll Never Say has the flute from the demo in it.

    I don’t like it. I’m glad I overpaid for the original Let Go on vinyl last month because I don’t particularly want to listen to these new mixes on vinyl.
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  13. RMK


    Avril typically gets anxious doing press, so I wouldn't be surprised if going with the standard outline of answering any question just makes her feel more comfortable. She seems a lot more into it recently, but the vibe she gets during them really dictates if there's much depth. Her Zach Sang interview last era was good, as was some of her press moments for Love Sux and Bite Me.
  14. I’m feeling very passionate after being surprised that they’ve remixed the entire album but Let Go is just an album I play regularly and wouldn’t change anything about.

    Maybe I’ll get used to the new mixes but for the moment I’m definitely feeling all:

  15. I’m so happy. Why is one of her best songs, so I’m so grateful to finally get this. Falling Down has always been gorgeous too.

    I’m enjoying the little changes. Losing Grip sounds *much* clearer, especially the opening bars. It’s taken it up a notch, if that was even possible.
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  16. I’m actually liking the new versions. It feels a bit more fresh/louder.

    Does Avril have anything to do with this release? She has not posted anything about it?
  17. She’s involved - John Feldmann produced the new Breakaway so she seems to be working with RCA.

    But it’s meant to be a surprise drop. We’ll probably get a post in the morning.

    This is released under Arista Records LLC. Is that just a kind of homage to the original label? Like All Saints released Red Flag under “London Records” but not really.
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  18. Arista was re-established in 2018 under Sony, who likely has owned the masters this whole time anyway
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  19. Ah I didn’t know that. I wonder if working together on this might mean she’d sign with them again for future records.
  20. Love this album, but having a full album of b-sides/unreleased songs she chose to include just 2 new tracks?
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