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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. I had no clue this was coming, so count me pleasantly surprised.
    I really enjoy the remasters!

    Breakaway is a trip!
  2. Kelly is hard to top and Breakaway will always firmly be her song, but hearing Avril's I'm impressed by how much it does sound like an Avril Lavigne song. Sometimes you hear a songwriters version of a song already made popular by someone else and you just can't get the original out of your head or it feels like they're doing an imitation of the popular version, but here it really does sound like it was made for her.

    But obviously Kelly's is better.
  3. I had no idea they were remastering they whole debut?! I’m just listening to Breakaway now, it sounds lovely. Obviously, Kelly’s is the blueprint but Avril’s version suits her as well.
  4. I haven't listened to Avril's yet but I always found Kelly's very muddy and like the vocals were poorly produced.
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  5. I need more of the remixed/remastered energy for these anniversary editions that are growing in popularity. We already have the originals, so the fresh mixes give me a better incentive to revisit the album and allows me to hear elements in a new way.
  6. 100% agree, as mentioned in my last post, the mixing in the 2000s (particularly Rock) just sounded so compressed, so I’m here for these remixed anniversary treatments.
  7. RMK


    I forgot how much I loved "Get Over It". Make Up is serving a bit of "I'm not like other girls" energy, but I admire the melodies and production.
  8. To this day I’m still questioning why Get Over It was left off the main album, it’s such a great song, but I also couldn’t think where it’d fit on the album, so maybe that was it, it just didn’t fit?
    Why studio version is a send, I’m so used to the acoustic version, it’s so bizarre hearing it the full studio version, I’m a bit like, the song is made to be acoustic?
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  9. These little changes that manage to make perfect songs somehow sound even better?


    What an album though. Ah, that's history.
  10. Her vocals on Why sound almost like Fearless-era Taylor Swift in parts.
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  11. I’m With You was also certified platinum in the US this week.
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  12. This is so good it makes me cry.
  13. Complicated is such a perfect pop song isn’t it? I wonder what a 2nd album with songs produced and co-written by The Matrix would’ve sounded like if they didn’t fall out with Avril before Under My Skin was made.
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  14. Make Up is atrocious and probably the worst song she's ever released, and her version of Breakaway is so inferior to Kelly's, it's a little embarrassing.

    Other than that, Let Go is pretty much the perfect pop album and the re-master is quickly becoming a gold standard of how these reissues ought to be handled. It's like hearing it for the first time again. Job well done all around!
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  15. The mastering on the whole Breakaway album is horribly compressed. It’s crying out for a proper remaster. But yes, Breakaway in particular sounds like it was recorded and mixed in an airplane bathroom despite being a 10/10 song.
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  16. I like how with the remastered version With You sounds the exact same (to my ears anyway!). A perfect pop song all round.
  17. This new remastered versions are good but I'm having a strange time listening to them. Like Anything But Ordinary is one of my favorite songs of her and I've listened to it uncountable times and this new remastered version sounds very different! For example the little annoying "lalalala's" from the background singers on the bridge are barely noticeable in this new mix and Things I'll Never Say also sounds very different. It's kind of shocking to hear this little changes for the first time on an album you're so used to and has been part of the soundtrack of your life all this years. But I'm happy with the changes. It actually sounds better, less compressed as some of you already point out. But it really surprised me on first listen haha
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  18. Some of the remastered versions are growing on me.

    Losing Grip sounds less compressed but there’s something about the original sounding like 96kbps even in lossless format that was part of its charm for me.

    Complicated has the vocodered “la la la la la” at the start higher in the mix and less vocoder on it. But burying the “eh yeah” ad-lib in the final chorus to the point where it’s pretty much inaudible is unforgivable. The backing vocals in the middle 8 are so loud and drown out Avril repeating “no no”. Otherwise I think it’s a good mix between the Tom Lord-Alge and Matrix mix.

    Sk8er Boi’s drums are giving karaoke version re-make and I can’t enjoy it. I miss some of the distortion on the electric guitars even if the mix sounds cleaner. But it’s also missing the police siren effect through the verses. “Sorry girl” highlights her accent way more than it did on the original even though it’s the same vocal take but it’s less hidden by the production here.

    I’m With You is pretty much identical with just a bigger sound stage. Although it’s missing some of the twangy guitar in places or it’s buried in the mix - especially noticeable on the outro.

    Mobile sounds slightly slower in places. The extra ad-lib around 2:38 is from the demo. I like it but I’m just surprised they’d add things to the mix. Overall it’s not a huge difference to the original.

    Unwanted is another song that sounded like 96kbps on the original but in this case it was never part of its charm. The way I actually used to think there was something wrong with my CD on this song. And I never could understand the line “if you had your way you’d just shut me up” but now that’s much cleaner you can actually hear her annunciation properly.

    Tomorrow sounds pretty much the same but the backing vocals on the chorus are too loud and drown out Avril’s lead vocal.

    Anything But Ordinary has the drums rearranged. It makes the tempo feel slightly different even though it’s not. But I like it as an alternative mix.

    Things I’ll Never Say has the flute from the demo on it. The drums are more prominent in the mix. The electric guitar is more prominent in the chorus. The “yeah” at 2:50 is buried in the mix. Overall it’s cleaner and sounds better. I would’ve actually preferred the demo as a bonus track because it’s a nice alternative to the album version.

    My World is my favourite of the new mixes. It sounds way tighter and cleaner. The original sounds like a demo in comparison now. Even the middle 8 is much easier to hear “take some time, mellow out” than the original which was so muddy it sounded like she was saying “take some time, Maoam” until I looked up the lyrics. Not overly different to the original at all but a welcome improvement.

    Nobody’s Fool is again just a cleaner mix and more prominent drums. Some of the backing vocals are louder in the chorus but quieter in the verses. The spoken “yeah, yeah” in the choruses are louder in the mix. Around 3:19 the lead vocal is switched with the backing vocal so the backing is now the lead. There’s also a different vocal take on the final “tryyyyy-ey-ey-ey-ey-ya” - that “ya” bit is new. A welcome improvement overall.

    Too Much To Ask is just cleaner and slightly altered drums. The lead vocal is louder and layered tighter - the original layering is much more obvious. The original always sounded like a demo with the compression. An overall improvement.

    Naked is just cleaned up. Slight drum differences in places but not obvious. This and I’m With You have the least obvious changes. Maybe it would’ve been too much after I’m With You and might’ve effected her image at the time but this just sounds like a huge hit that got away.

    Why is just the full studio mix so no point in commenting. I prefer it to the acoustic version.

    Get Over It is cleaned up but has an extra “get over it” spoken on the outro.

    Breakaway being produced by John Feldmann is probably what Avril would’ve been happier with originally but this is one of the tracks from the early album sessions where she wasn’t feeling the direction so definitely wouldn’t have made the album once she started working with The Matrix and Clif Magness.

    Falling Down has different drums and they’re louder in the mix. Some little production elements in the verses are missing. The vocal effects are toned down on the middle 8. The fade out is extended so there’s an new vocal included; “falling down and down and down and down”. It sounds cleaner overall so I’d consider this an improvement. This should’ve made the original album.

    I Don’t Give is cleaned up and sounds less like a demo. It sounds more like the actual demo except properly mixed. The drums and guitars are much louder in the mix. I wish some of backing vocals were louder in the final chorus because I love how much is going on behind the lead vocal. I always preferred the actual demo production and lyrics to the one we got on Complicated. So I wish they’d used the demo lyrics in this remaster.

    Make Up is just finished. The demo to me was always one of the least polished. They figured out how to make the middle 8 better with the lead vocal on top of the “lay on my couch, hang with my boys” part in the background. It was never my favourite of the demos but I’m on board with this finished version. It probably didn’t make the album because it’s a bit close to Naked lyrically at times.

    As you can tell I’m obsessive over this album so I had to let the new version play a few times to figure out how I felt about it. My only major issue is with Sk8er Boi because I think it’s a disservice to the original. But overall I like it as an alternative take on a favourite album and I’ll want the vinyl. I hope we get it on CD too. I’d like to know who did the new mixes as well.
  19. It’s actually weird they’re not talking up the remaster. There’s hardly any promo for this at all, which is kind of sad, since clearly there was a good amount of effort put into the new mixes and master. Maybe an interview about it will come next week.

    Anyway, “Breakaway” lyric video dropped! Love the reference to the Let Go composition notebook

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  20. Yeah it is weird how they’ve just thrown Let Go (Avril’s Version) out with little promo considering how much effort clearly went into it.
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