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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. "My World" is my favourite after listening a few times too.

    I went straight to the bonus tracks initially, and didn't hear too much difference besides "Why" being a different recording to what we had before, so going back and listening to the album as a whole was a nice surprise! There are parts that pale by comparison, but overall I think these new mixes are an improvement.

    I echo the fact that there doesn't seem to be much buzz around the release is a shame.
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  2. Why was literally an acoustic version unless I’m missing a different mix that was released? Structurally it’s the same.
  3. I actually love the new mixes? They sound really good. Taylor should take notes.
  4. That Insta post is genuinely lovely. This album is my teenage years and I know it back to front, so to hear these remasters is glorious and a little bit emotional.
    There is no other album released that I come back to as much as this one and it just never gets old.
    It remains my favourite album ever released and 'I'm With You' remains my favourite ever song.

    She will always be the greatest singer songwriter to me and I am so chuffed she had blessed us with this remaster so I can enjoy it for the billionth time in even better quality.
  5. 20 years of hearing her sing “life is a beautiful laxative” in Anything But Ordinary
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  6. 'Nobody's Fool' and 'Tomorrow' still give me all the feels.
  7. Naked will always be one of my top Avril songs. I also still genuinely love Losing Grip, I’m With You, and Anything But Ordinary.
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  8. “Too Much to Ask” has always been one of the most underrated. It’s the scathing, “til you chose weed over me, YOU’RE SO LAAAYME”, that seals it for me.
  9. I wish she would post something about the new mixes. I’m curious how they came about.
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  10. Finally got a listen and whew, the nostalgia. Such a trip hearing recharged mixes of these songs. It's still such a strong album, and such a blueprint for many teen acts to come. Some of these songs (mainly Anything But Ordinary) are reminding me of the recent jangle pop resurgence with people like Post Malone, I almost forgot how it wasn't that long ago that it was big. The new additions are great too...I remember hearing Get Over It on YouTube at some point, and it's nice to hear a newly mastered version.

    Breakaway is a nice listen, but I wish they just remixed/remastered her original demo instead of re-recording it. The extra punk rock lift they gave it doesn't really fit the song, and her voice sounds odd....it sounds like she's a little congested in her sinuses or something?
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  11. I'm curious how they came about and if she had any say/involvement in it, since it looks like Arista owns the masters and she's on a different label now.
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  12. Hopefully there’ll be more information in the vinyl notes, speaking of which, it’s now on Amazon.com so I’m glad to finally be able to preorder it, I’m sure it’ll pop up on the UK site at some point, but I’m not taking risks.
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  13. I would assume she did have involvement if she recorded a new version of “Breakaway” for it
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  14. Really enjoying this! It's interesting hearing the differences between the mixes. I hope Breakaway gets a 20th anniversary release like this.
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  15. I wasn't even thinking about that dd, very true.
  16. I Don’t Give is quietly one of her best songs. Such an earworm and I love the adlibs in the final choruses.
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  17. Most of these sound good though a little odd after so long with the original. I’m not sure there’s any true improvement to these ears? The elements turned down or pushed back are just missed, in my opinion. She sounds crystal clear, admittedly, so that’s something I guess.
  18. Not these additional Let Go tracks being better than anything on her last 2 albums…
  19. RMK


    Bite Me should be considered a modern classic.
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