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Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. As a YouTube Music girl, I win because I get any old shit on YouTube in the same app. Queen.

    I'm still bowled over by the cover, bt dubs. It's very good. If Peter Robinson still did anything this would surely be front page worthy.
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  2. She seems to be having more fun this era than she has in a long time. Great to see.
  3. Guy


    Interestingly, it doesn’t appear Avril likes her version of Hello as much as everyone else seems to.
    It still feels like a random choice for her to cover, but I think the clip from Adele’s viral live stream last year, where she talks about being a fan of Avril’s, made its way to her.
  4. I’m still not over what a turnaround this album was from Head Above Water. I did not expect my most-listened-to album halfway through the year to be from Avril Lavigne.

    I’ve even come around to liking Ah-va-launch.
  5. Snippets of 7 songs she recorded for the album leaked, and they all sound as amazing as the rest of the tracks. She better release the deluxe, like she promised.
  6. Oh wow the snippets sound amazing. That deluxe hopefully better be coming!
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  7. I wonder if she was saving these songs for a completely new album?
    Hopefully her team knows about this and gets a official release out before they leak in full.
  8. I was thinking/hoping the vinyl was delaying the deluxe. Hopefully the vinyl is for the deluxe since we didn’t get one with the standard release.
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  9. Just listened to the snippets and they sound great!

    They don’t sound very demo-ey, so maybe this is a leak from an impending Deluxe?
  10. Just listened to the clips and they're all great.

    Some of these titles were on leaked versions of the original tracklist so I'd think these are definitely for a deluxe rather than a new album.

    Wasn't there jokes on here over titles like Californyeah! and Hell-elujah? When the quality is this good I can overlook the titles.
  11. Her fave Adele song being Hello and her song she was wishes she wrote Bitch by Meredith Brooks.. Predictable queen.
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  12. Snippets of the 7 songs in case anyone has not heard them yet.
  13. Those….. all sound like 10s, I fear.
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  14. Me bopping because all of those snippets sound great


    The tempo at which the tag is repeated over the snippets

  15. RMK


    I'm not listening because who knows what her plan is, but hopefully those see the light of day. Seven tracks is great, but a lot to assume for a deluxe.
  16. I'd kill for a deluxe.
  17. Yeah I’m going to need these ASAP.
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  18. Those snippets are all 11/10, the deluxe cannot come fast enough. I hope a vinyl comes with it.
  19. Did anyone try the du 23?

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