Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

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Nothing major, but Japan gets an "I'm A Mess" EP today with "I'm A Mess," "Mercury In Retrograde" and "Pity Party." Likely because "Love Sux (Deluxe)" was not released there. Here's the artwork:

The way I still rinse this album like it's day one. It's as ageless as she is, she really did that. Fucking great record.

Absolutely agree. What an album! It grabs you right away ("Like a ticking time bomb, I'm about to explode...
Motherfuckers, let's go!"
) and just doesn't let go as it blasts through hook after hook after hook with more energy than I can remember any other album having. I love the forcefulness of it, the humour of it, the drama of it all, the sheer commitment to that sound. Amazing.

If you'd have told me at the beginning of 2022 that Avril Lavigne would release my favourite album of the year I wouldn't have believed you. I just became a bit obsessed with it actually- 9 of my 10 most played tracks of last year were from Love Sux. Which is quite something, when, for me, the album really did almost come out of nowhere- I've liked a few singles here and there, but this is the first album of hers that I've bought.
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