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Awa - Obvious

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hashtagbeautiful, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Awa won Sweden's (unsuccessful stint of) the X-Factor back in 2012 and released her debut single in 2013. Now, she's back with the pop-bop 'obvious', written by Marlene and produced by the same guys that have done Loreen's latest stuff. 'Obvious' is dripping in British house beats and a clever use of distorted and layered vocals. See what you think.

    Awa recently performed a beautiful acoustic version too, if that's your thing you can check it out below.

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  2. It is a nice little song.
  3. It is a really pleasant background bop.
  4. Nice chill pop track, though not blown away.
  5. I think this is gonna be a creeper.
  6. My ongoing obsession with this song is testament to this. Top 10 of the year so far for me.
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  7. I'm already hooked.

    Her voice is really strong, and I love the subtle vocal effect on "it's so awa-awa-obvious".
  8. I'm bordering on obsessed. Yeah, the vocal inflections through the song really bring it to life. The vocal production in general is top notch.
  9. She won our contest, too!

    (I like-don't-love it.)
  10. I gave her my top score and I don't regret it.
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  11. I gave her a point, and I don't regret it either!

    Still sounds about right!

    (And by all this I mean I do like it... don't get me wrong!)

  12. After a 2 year hiatus (!!!!) she's back on an EDM feature
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