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AWA (Swedish R&B/Pop Star)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by nooniebao, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. She’s been putting out new material after scrubbing all platforms of the stuff she released in her teens. Her new stuff is a lot more R&B.

    Her debut single Obvious from 2015:

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  2. I just came to post her - our minds.

    Love the 3 new songs, was the old music any good?
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  3. She put out one single (Obvious) and a few faceless dance features then went ghost for 3 years. I always thought Obvious was terrific and wondered if she’d launch a comeback. She was basically an Instagram model in the interim.
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  4. Just listened to Obvious - I like it though I definitely prefer the new sound.

    I also found this from 2013, which is cute but obviously quite different and she's so young.
    It's giving me Disney Channel actress turned singer vibes.
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  6. Ooh, this is nice! 'Comfortable' is the one for me! Can't wait for a proper video.
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  7. I searched the forum for a thread on her and this didn’t show up. Thankfully I found it before starting a new one though.

    YouTube recommended Like I Do to me just now and I really liked it on first listen. Her other two recent singles are great too. She has an EP coming early this year apparently
  8. Like I Do is my favorite song in a second, and my friends are getting really into it. Can't wait for more!
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  9. I really love Obvious. Her newer stuff is god, but she hasn't hit the heights again for me yet
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  11. New single featuring BJ The Chicago Kid:

  12. DAMN, so much good music out this week!
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  14. I'm not entirely sure what the promotion strategy is here. She has great material and certainly seems to have a budget, but there's literally no buzz at all in Sweden.
  15. Every attempt to launch new artists in the streaming era <3
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