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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

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    stream bionic on spotify
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    95. Happening Here (5.295)
    94. teens "acoustic version" (6.522)
    93. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (6.613)
    92. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (6.636)
    91. Beautiful Day (6.772)
    90. meaning of Love (6.863)
    89. Beautiful Fighters (6.886)
    88. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (7.022)
    87. Lady Dynamite (7.113)
    86. Dream ON (7.136)

    85. Curtain call (7.159)
    84. Why... feat. JUNO (7.181)
    83. Sweet Season (7.204)
    82. Life (7.250)
    81. Thank U (7.272)
    80. You were... (7.363)
    79. beloved (7.386)
    78. EnergizE (7.409)
    76. winding road & Replace (7.454)
    75. Humming ⁷/₄ (7.477)
    74. decision (7.500)
    73. Last Links (7.522)
    72. HONEY (7.545)
    71. Born To Be... (7.568)
    70. count down (7.590)
    69. HOPE or PAIN (7.613)
    68. GUILTY (7.636)
    67. It was (7.659)
    66. criminal (7.681)
    65. 1 LOVE (7.704)
    64. SEVEN DAYS WAR (7.727)
    63. RED LINE ~for TA~ (7.750)
    62. (miss)understood (7.772)
    61. rollin' (7.795)
    60. identity (7.818)
    59. Liar (7.840)
    58. Secret (7.909)
    57. (don't) Leave me alone (7.954)
    56. until that Day... (7.977)
    55. About You (8.000)
    54. Days (8.022)
    53. Pride (8.045)
    52. HAPPY ENDING (8.068)
    51. MY ALL (8.090)
    50. blossom (8.113)
    49. LOVE 'n' HATE (8.136)
    47. glitter & fated (8.159)
    46. Marionette (8.181)
    45. Together When... (8.204)
    44. In the Corner (8.227)
    43. part of Me (8.250)
    42. untitled ~for her~ (8.295)
    41. Microphone (8.318)
    40. my name's WOMEN (8.340)
    39. CAROLS (8.363)
    38. walking proud (8.431)
    37. NEXT LEVEL (8.454)
    36. rainy day (8.477)
    35. MOON (8.500)

    34. GAME (8.522)
    33. Sexy little things (8.545)
    32. progress (8.568)
    31. Virgin Road (8.590)
    30. kiss o' kill (8.613)
    29. INSPIRE (8.636)
    28. Startin' (8.659)
    27. BALLAD (8.681)
    26. November (8.704)
    25. Like a doll (8.727)
    24. Ladies Night (8.750)
    23. crossroad (8.772)
    22. talkin' 2 myself (8.795)
    21. momentum (8.863)
    20. Rule (8.886)
    19. Bold & Delicious (8.909)
    18. is this LOVE? (8.931)
    17. alterna (8.954)
    16. Don't look back (8.977)
    15. fairyland (9.000)
    14. BLUE BIRD (9.068)
    13. sending mail (9.090)
    12. STEP you (9.159)
    11. do it again (9.181)

    10. JEWEL (9.204)
    9. Last angel (9.227)
    8. GREEN (9.250)
    7. HEAVEN (9.272)
    6. BRILLANTE (9.295)
    5. Will (9.318)
    4. Moments (9.659)
    3. Mirrorcle World (9.840)
    1. Sparkle & Love song (9.863)
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    Aaand the first album summary to get you started. I promise I'll be more in-depth/descriptive with the songs one on one



    Moments | INSPIRE / GAME | CARLOS

    Our first album is a special gem in her discography, as it's one of Ayu's most personal records. MY STORY represents Ayu's struggles with her career, most prominently avex's treatment of her. She elaborates on the problems she touched upon with A BEST's release, such as avex treating her like a product. MY STORY is one of her most cohesive albums, and certainly one of my favourites. There's a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability. It's the first album she really dove head-first into the rock genre, continuing on with elements of Memorial address. Overall I'd say the main theme of this album is independence.

    I won't bother with charts and shit cause duh, she always went #1 (shut up I know GUILTY didn't). Going completely against the rock sound, she released a classical cover album a few months later. I was going to share some of my standouts for these write-ups but I feel I should remain partial as a host until reveals start, so I'll shine some spotlight on some of my favourite alternative versions instead:

    sendy's Selected Remixes
    walking proud | HOPE or PAIN

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I am SO HERE for this. My averages are going to SLAY this round. SO. MANY. TENS.
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  6. Who dat?

    Binch, I'm excited! And Kumi's Part II coming soon as well! That JPop reign over PopJustice just won't let up.
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    That's one for the last.fm girls from back when it was relevant xx
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  8. An ode to her latin lover no less.
  9. Thank the heavens the due date is April 1st! I don't think I could've finished the Namie rate, this rate, and the impending Kumi rate as well otherwise.
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  10. Same. I needa, I needa, I needa, I needa get into this JPop gig.
  11. I'm much more familiar with this part of her discography than the newer stuff and the older stuff, so consider me in.

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  12. I'm glad you're accepting scores for the first rate too because I just went through it and saw that Independent, Boys & Girls, Fly High, Hanabi ~episode II~ (?!!?!??!) and Daybreak all missed the top THIRTY? Who hurt y'all?

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    Am I doing this to try and correct the wrong that SEASONS, one of her most iconic and quintessential songs, bombed out at #38? Maybe so.gif
  14. Oh, I'm not changing my iconic scores then.
  15. If M is kicked off the first place because of this, I swear...
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  16. Am I going to give Bold & Delicious my 11?

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  17. I started getting into Ayumi during the Guilty era, so I'm definitely in! This'll be a trip down memory lane for me as I haven't heard these albums in full for a while.
    God, that (miss)understood gif gets me every time.
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    Well it's been a week, so if you're using the provided schedule you should have at least rated MY STORY. Onto the next album, we've got ayu lips herself!




    This fucking cover. Even without the lips... this fucking cover. I feel like this is the album where she really started to experiment with more left-of-field sounds. Like... half this album is fucking bonkers (hey Bold & Delicious) and yet it remains cohesive. This album is so precious to me (don't @ me I already know I say that about the majority of her discography), perhaps because it's the last album where her artistry truly shines. Aside from a few albums I'll discuss later, her albums get a bit spottier after this.

    There's definitely an underlying girl power theme throughout this album, with Ladies Night and Pride in particular. I know I said I'd be partial until eliminations but fuck it: if you anti-ballad shits tank HEAVEN I will scalp you and pay the $50 customs fee to priority ship your scalp to Ayu's doorstep. This is also her last album to sell over a million copies. Buckle up girls, the signs of commercial decline are settling in, but thankfully her #1 streak is here to stay.

    sendy's Selected Remixes
    Ladies Night | HEAVEN
    (I might stop these, they're hard to find on Youtube dd. Ladies Night ~Another Night~ tho >>)
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  19. Yas.

    @send photo forgot to mention this but <9 scores for Love song and Mirrorcle World won't be accepted

  20. (m)u is the best album in this rate for sure.
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