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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. stream bionic on spotify
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  2. I am SO HERE for this. My averages are going to SLAY this round. SO. MANY. TENS.
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  3. Who dat?

    Binch, I'm excited! And Kumi's Part II coming soon as well! That JPop reign over PopJustice just won't let up.
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  4. An ode to her latin lover no less.
  5. Thank the heavens the due date is April 1st! I don't think I could've finished the Namie rate, this rate, and the impending Kumi rate as well otherwise.
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  6. Same. I needa, I needa, I needa, I needa get into this JPop gig.
  7. I'm much more familiar with this part of her discography than the newer stuff and the older stuff, so consider me in.

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  8. I'm glad you're accepting scores for the first rate too because I just went through it and saw that Independent, Boys & Girls, Fly High, Hanabi ~episode II~ (?!!?!??!) and Daybreak all missed the top THIRTY? Who hurt y'all?

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  9. Oh, I'm not changing my iconic scores then.
  10. If M is kicked off the first place because of this, I swear...
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  11. Am I going to give Bold & Delicious my 11?

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  12. I started getting into Ayumi during the Guilty era, so I'm definitely in! This'll be a trip down memory lane for me as I haven't heard these albums in full for a while.
    God, that (miss)understood gif gets me every time.
  13. Yas.

    @send photo forgot to mention this but <9 scores for Love song and Mirrorcle World won't be accepted

  14. (m)u is the best album in this rate for sure.
  15. Oh god, I kinda agree, but kinda not at the same time, because I love all of them. Looks like the rate will help me see which one is the best for me here, huh?
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  16. Can't wait to get rating! Loving all the JPop goodness in this part of the forum right now!
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  17. I don't enjoy "MY STORY" as much as everyone else seems to, but, OMG, "(miss)understood" is SOOOOOOOO good. I can't believe I haven't given it a proper listen before.
  18. I thought I could try doing this, I started with NEXT LEVEL and it's... an experience kinda, not sure an entirely good/bad one
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  19. It has its pretty interesting moments, the second half has some mmm choices.gif from what I've listened to tho

    All 4 interludes KNOCK

    A mess @ the dragging of albums that aren't up for review yet, from the host nonetheless
  20. I love (miss)understood but it always bothered me that she covered so many Sweetbox's songs for it. At least she released her album first and her versions are better.
    MY STORY is obviously amazing, but I think Secret and GUILTY both have really high points. I also have a soft spot for Love Songs.
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