Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Submitted. That was fun! I hadn't listened to 'NEXT LEVEL', 'Rock 'n' Roll Circus', 'Love songs' or 'FIVE' very much, but it's amazing how obvious truly good songs are compared to average material.

At this point, I'm almost mad with 'NEXT LEVEL' and 'Rock 'n' Roll Circus' because they kind of put me off Ayu, when I could have been enjoying 'Love songs' this whole time.

My Story: 7.75
(miss)understood: 8.07
Secret: 7.23
GUILTY: 6.80
Rock 'n' Roll Circus: 6.96
Love songs: 8.58
FIVE: 8.30
Extras: 7.92

Also, I hope 'Happening Here' isn't done wrong because it's an Extra and has Ayu rapping. It's a good song and I won't hear otherwise.
Now that y'all submitted your scores for this, I'm sure, amazing rate, I would like to remind you to go over to my rate.
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My scores are in! That was one hell of an introduction to Ayumi's discography but I'm glad I did it, I really enjoyed most of it. Now I just have to hope I didn't make a fool of myself ddd


My Story - 7.82
(miss)understood - 8.11
Secret - 8.68
GUILTY - 7.95
Rock'n'Roll Circus - 7.92
Love songs - 8.62
FIVE - 7.80
Extras - 7.75

I love Kumi but, gawd, this post killed me!! (Also just happy to see the L'Arc mention tbh)

we've pushed into the AA of my spreadsheets, so I have to redo my formulas.

God, I love a spreadsheet!


is this AVERAGES?

My Story - 7.75
(miss)understood - 8.64
Secret - 7.86
Guilty - 8.10
Next Level - 7.80
Rock n Roll Circus - 7.71
Love Songs - 8.46
Five - 7.80
Extras - 8.08
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