Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Sis is there an Ayumi song that isn't on the karaoke app we use?
Wanna sing the Mirror intro later?


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Beautiful Fighters


10 @ohnostalgia
1 @vikeyeol

Nn, stalgy's having a rough time with her 10s isn't she? Well this is possibly her peppiest song, essentially filling the role of Born To Be's less iconic sister. It feels like it should be more iconic than it actually is. I don't really use it...ever, but I can get down with the pineapple madness. The PV is probably the best part about this song, which has Ayu at her peak achingly cuteness, with her and her gal pals struggling to perform even the most basic of minimum wage jobs. Same though. #choreographayu also makes a small cameo, so mark that in your bingo cards.

vague does not enjoy the pineapple madness, "that garbled bit that opens the song and then repeats throughout is kind of annoying, but the verse are cool and the chorus is pretty catchy. i dig it." It doesn't seem like RUNAWAY will be enjoying pineapple's digestive benefits either, "the high pitched “beautiful fighters” or whatever she’s saying throughout gets kind of annoying, but the song is good." Pure For Men queen digitalkaiser doesn't need the benefits but he'll take them anyway, "The video for this is pretty cute, it’s definitely one of her most straightforward ‘pop’ videos. I really like the chanting vocals that’s part of the backing track."

I'm trying to come up with a drag race joke for the race cars in the PV for TABOO but I'm tired, "This track is cute, and while I have nothing but love for its empowering sentiment, it drags." Speaking of drag, has anyone told Yuhua about my rate yet? Okay there. "Cute and empowering. The chanting and whistle sounds get extra points, as do the electronic vocals. I like that it seems laid-back yet also energetic? I dunno," hypes otenkiame who also noted the empowerment theme. The hype had no effect on evilsin, however, "This is a bit of a non-event, isn't it? It's cute and all and kinda reminds me of ANGEL'S SONG, but I always want more from it. And I still don't know what she's singing in those vocoded bits." One of the world's greatest mysteries teebs.

A touch of controversy shows in vikeyeol's commentary, "This verges on unlistenable, like, even everything on Party Queen is better than this." Give Return Road another listen or we're gonna be fighting in part 3. And finally eliminathan points out perhaps a glimpse into the real world, "First of all, choreography queen. Also, why is the story about incompetent Japanese people ruining the lives of aggressive old white people that end up being secret stans."

I'm going to take a break now but I'll finish the rest of the bottom 10 later tonight~​
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Sunset is quite clearly the better of the two so at least it ranked one place higher. They really are boring songs though huh? They drag poor RnRC down quite a bit, as does meaning of Love - that's one of those songs where the more I listen to it, the more I dislike it.
Beautiful Fighters is annoying tbh, I gave it a 7 for the lyrics but I don't like listening to it.
Fuck you all for Beautiful Day though, that's a cute song and you guys are just mean.
This is ... haunting No, wait, I already used that earlier in the thread. I'll go with ghoulish.
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Damn, Happening Here, I tried! I did quite dislike this song when I first heard it and it was only the CDL 11-12 performance that changed my mind and I realised what a fun song it was.


It didn't work without the "sweet" 8 years later either.

You're right there!

"I once read in a blog that this sounds “like a fairy was just born… but not in a good way” and that's the mood,"

Haha, love this description. I'm still shocked that Sunrise lost the ~Love is All~ battle! It's such a fun little song and I bet it'd be so much fun to see live!

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ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA


9.5 @One Stop Candy Shop @yuuurei
4 @Animalia

FIVE takes its first hit as ANother song is voted as the worst of the bunch. It's a bit barren and by the numbers as far as R&B numbers go, but that piano is exceptionally sweet and certainly the highlight. With its exit, we've voted Dream ON as the best Urata Naoya feature of the rate, although he's got one more left in part 3. The PV... exists. Y'all better appreciate me sitting through these snoozefest vids for the artwork gifs. Also wait at me just realizing the capitalized AN probably also stands for Ayumi Naoya. Mind of a mastermind etc.

TABOO needs Ayu to shine more as the lead, "My least favourite collaboration between Ayu and Naoya. I detest songs where the main artist feels like the feature on their own song. Serviceable, but dull." ThisIsRogue feels the same but can appreciate the new direction, "A nice departure for Ayu in a couple of ways. R'n'B is not her normal style she hasn't had many feature artists on her songs so this is generally surprising. The song itself is great and their voices work really well together, though it does sound like more of a duet than a feature." It's simply left otenkiame shook, "R&B Ayu was unexpected, and so was her collaborating. It's a sweet song, and I like their voices together, but nothing of significance ever really seems to happen." It could've used about five more minutes in the oven for evilsin, "Gosh, am I a sucker for R'n'B mid-tempos and key changes or what? Kii at the synths (or are those strings?) in the background sounding out of tune. It's a bit faceless though overall and plods along a bit by the middle. Nakano Yuta could've spritzed it up a bit."

"This is a cute little song. Their voices are just SO GOOD together," RUNAWAY appreciates. vague provides a 180 opinion, "meh. their voices don't work well together and the song itself is nothing special." Poor new fan eliminathan has yet to learn about Ayu and her literal titles, "ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA is such a silly title. It's like she's just had that many songs featuring Urata that she couldn't even come up with a name. They harmonize well but the instrumental is godawful." vikeyeol prefers the other collab, "It's no Dream On, and feels more like an Ayu feature than the other way around." Cutlery adds, "The R&B tinges in the beat and overall production help add a lot more personality to this number; and the duet, while nothing extraordinary, shows some very nice chemistry between Ayumi and Naoya’s voices" and One Stop Candy Shop closes out as our highest scorer, "All her duets with Urata are great."

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Lady Dynamite


8.5 @ohnostalgia
5 @Weslicious

Poor Rock'n'Roll Circus! If you recall, I spoiled that one album contained 40% of the bottom 10 and R'n'RC is she. Thankfully, it gets some relief... for at least a little while anyway. And hey, we already hit the 7.0 averages! Lady Dynamite, the song, is fairly standard filler. Most of you agree as the majority of your scores were 7 or 7.5. She's certainly created better rock bops. The PV is really where this song shines, with Ayu hitting up the club with her hottest leather pups. It's also where that iconic lollipop gif came from. It's not the last we see of leatheryu, however, as WARNING brought ha back in part 3.

eliminathan wants the let the good sis know she's barking up the wrong tree, "Sis went to a gay nightclub to grind on the men. Talk about ambitious." I wish Ayu would grind on me in a club, fucking Timmy gets all the luck. evilsin loses steam halfway through, "This starts out so nicely, kinda reminding me of NaNaNa, but falls flat almost immediatly. I always want to like this more, but it just doesn't let me. Anyway, LGBTQI+ queen!!!" vague clocks ha man-hating ways, "lyrics are fun. misandrist queen." Misandry is my kink teebs. Misandry wasn't enough to get otenkiame up though, "It's pretty fun, but it's lacking in the right amount of energy for me. There's something I feel's missing in the arrangement for me. Something to really drive it into memorable territory." And TABOO is left as limp as the rest of us, "Sassy. I do enjoy the the chorus quite a lot, and the verses are fun. I just feel that this song lacks the oomph that some of her other uptempo tracks carry."

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I'd say ANother song leaving before Dream ON is a joke but to be completely fair the only Dream ON link I found was a live performance so that might've affected my judgement dd
Nonetheless, ANother song is DEFINITELY not worse than some of these ugly filler ballads left (namely Curtain call, Days, beloved, Sweet Season, You were...) shame on y'all!

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Dream ON


10 @One Stop Candy Shop @vikeyeol
4.5 @send photo

Whoopsie, @lowest score photo strikes again. Dream ON is her only feature of the rate and it's with the good sis Urata Naoya again. It was released the same week as Love songs, so of course I left it at the wayside. Ayu serves us some great vocal acrobatics and there's a few nice flourishes in the production, but I really do not enjoy the chorus at all. It just feels exceptionally cliché? I'm sorry y'all, I promise the rest of my scores are 7+ from hereon out.

vague needs less of this man in their life, "hm, i really, really don't like Naoya's voice, but this is a cute bop." At least TABOO stans, "The first Ayu and Naoya collaboration remains my favourite of the three. The call-and-response trade off between the two remains my favourite part of the song." And I'm not alone on the chorus as otenkiame agrees, "Feels like there was a missed opportunity with the choruses. It's got so much attitude, both in the synths and R&B beats, yet the English choruses just make me cringe." Still enjoying their voices together is RUNAWAY, "this is a really cool collaboration, and both of their voices really complement each other well." And highest scorer

One Stop Candy Shop
clocks me wearing athletic wear, "Queen of dressing up as a boxer but not actually boxing in the video. Amazing song though. Produced by Ayumi Hamasaki." Weslicious also mentions Produceryu, "Get songwriting coin and run. No need to stick around and give Naoya ANother duet." eliminathan gives Urata Naoya ANother chance, "Much better than ANother song, this shit goes hard as heck" although Cutlery disagrees, "ANother song is by far the better Urata x Ayumi collab, probably because that one's actually her song".

ThisIsRogue is here to speak up for the underappreciated bops, "This sounds really good. Ayu should dabble more in hip-hop / R'n'B because her voice works well. Her only problem would be performing any sort of choreography, which is probably why she doesn't record too many songs in that style." And nn evilsin you're a damn mess but you're my mess, "I know Ayu wasn't as hot at the time of the release, but I still wonder for how long Naoya had to suck Max Matsuura's dick for this collab to happen. The song is aight, it's not Baby Bang! though now is it? The sanging in English in the chorus mangles it a bit for me. Still enjoyable for what it is."

And there's your bottom 10! I'll be taking it down to 4 elims a day, split between morning and night to ensure consistency. Feel free to scream for heads until tomorrow ♥​
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