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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Curtain Call is really nice. I’d rather see one of her by the numbers rock songs leave before it.
  2. Sis, you copy/pasted the same commentary for both @otenkiame and @TABOO. Party Messy Queen.
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    me finishing up the elims for the day knowing full well they're littered with errors
    jk it's fixed. Thanks sis, it's nice to know someone reads these ♥
  4. This rate is on point with the gifs & graphics!
    Only gave six songs below a 5 with two already out, so all is well. Dream ON and Beautiful Fighters grew on me during scoring, but since it took 7+ years to not recoil, I'm not pressed at their exits.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Okay. Okay okay okay. I understand that Lady Dynamite may not be everyone's taste, so I'll let that go.
    And I get that some of y'all have a grudge against ballads for some unfathomable reason. But excuse me, ANother song is LOVELY and CHARMING and I am ..... disgusted?? The fact that Dream ON (and Why...?! REALLY?) did better ... what is even Happening Here in this rate.

    Also if some of you keep coming for Rock Ayu we're going to have a problem.
  6. Me realizing that the elimination numbers have Ayumi's logo in different variations according to the album they belong to, i.e. (m)u has a kiss, RnRC has fireworks and FIVE has a star
  7. shame. also rip one of the few bits of commentary i added binch. hey guys i met naoya at otakon way back in fucking like....what...like 2007 when AAA did a concert there right after they'd dropped Yukari. Misako complimented my hair cementing her as the best one.
  8. Fucking 87 songs are 7+! Wow, queen of quality control.
    Yes, I am. Speaking of, here's the best solo Naoya song for all of you to check out. ISSA 10 and ISSA BOP!
  9. Even if I lost a few of my higher scores I'm still pleased with the results so far.
    Phew, the top 20 is going to be a battle.
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    Curtain call


    10 @Animalia
    1 @vikeyeol

    Okay fine I'll give you haters what you're calling for. Curtain call wasn't originally the lowest track from NEXT LEVEL but a barrage of low scores took it down to just above the bottom 10. Admittedly I wasn't a fan of it either up until a few years ago when it finally clicked. It's barren, it's got next to no lyrics, but it doesn't need them; it's breathtakingly effective in its stripped-down vulnerability. Has she got better ballads? Of course, but I think this could at least land somewhere in the middle if we rated them all together. I'm guessing it suffers from being the gratuitous closing ballad of her most bop-centric album.

    Well, let's see if anyone defended it. vikeyeol certainly won't, "I usually love most Ayu ballads but this is terminally boring." And vague will be more than satisfied with this leaving, "it's pretty inoffensive, just boring. even the lyrics are dull." evilsin questions, "I like the simple but effective lyrics. The song itself is a bit of a none-event though and I still wonder why it got a PV over any other album track on here." Sis it's a ballad, of course Ayu jumped for the PV.

    TABOO was complimentary, "An unlikely end to NEXT LEVEL as a whole, Curtain call is an earnest and beautiful song." As was otenkiame, "Ayu given a heart-felt message to her fans over nothing but a piano for the majority of the song. It really comes to life with that choir, though. Not my favorite, but I appreciate what she was trying to do." eliminathan appreciates the PV, "One of the better one-take videos I've seen. Her head looks so big though like it's been photoshopped to be slightly larger or something. WYD big head :)" If you get skinny enough you'll look like a lollipop: nice big head with a stick body and that's the goal isszhn't it? "Queen of doing a video in one take," One Stop Candy Shop adds also stanning the video. And to close we have RUNAWAY who was pleasantly surprised, "wow I completely forgot about this song. I was under the impression that this album had no ballads, but then she stuck the two best songs right at the end of the album. Queen!! This song is emotional AF and queen is serving vocals."

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  11. Her time was up and I think it definitely deserved to be the first song from NEXT LEVEL out. Saw the PV yesterday and it's pretty sweet for a one take!
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    Soo, I noticed a huge fucking spreadsheet error: when @vague redid their scores I forgot I originally entered their scores and double entered them. The results so far didn't shift at all aside from some average changes (poor vague's lack of impact), but I'll have to edit my graphics/elim posts and such so it'll take a bit. Please hold and here's the updated results:

    95. Happening Here (5.295)
    94. teens "acoustic version" (6.522)
    93. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (6.613)
    92. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (6.636)
    91. Beautiful Day (6.772)
    90. meaning of Love (6.863)
    89. Beautiful Fighters (6.886)
    88. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (7.022)
    87. Lady Dynamite (7.113)
    86. Dream ON (7.136)

    85. Curtain call (7.159)

    @BEST FICTION's tricksy ways, this means we're tied.
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  13. Mess, and I was just about to ask about ANother song having a different average in the leaderboard post and its elimination one
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    Okay that's sorted, moving on~


    Why... feat. JUNO


    8.5 @vague @ohnostalgia
    5 @soratami @vikeyeol

    FIVE becomes THREE as it takes another hit. Guess we aren't fans of her with other people. LANDS OF Eden was the better Juno collab teebs, but this is a cute rock number. I feel like I'm saying this for every song, but it's nothing she hasn't done better elsewhere, guess we're still in the low scores though so that's my excuse. The PV is a bit of a nonevent, although it's aesthetically pleasing and we see the butterflies return. There's also a boppier version with Urata Naoya (jesus she really loves him huh) hidden in BRILLANTE that made me go into Audacity and fucking split the track.

    TABOO announces it her best collab as if that's some high bar to clear, "Ayu’s best studio collaboration. Her vocals and JUNO’s work well with one another, and the concept of a breaking relationship is conveyed well." otenkiame also praises it against the limp competition, "A much better collab than "ANother song". It really is quite Ayu in its sound of guitars and orchestration in the choruses, but I appreciate the R&B flair in the verses." Naoya's impact reached EachSmallStep, "Never cared for the JUNO version, but gave it a bump up since the NAOYA version is fun." But vague is an OG kinda gal, "i really, really like JUNO's voice; it blends well with ayu's (URATA NAOYA can't relate), and he has a really nice tone. the song's a nice slice of dramatic pop - which ayu always excels at - too."

    Continuing the praise is ThisIsRogue "Another collaboration and again, it's quite good. This is more Ayu's style, and it's a bit more obvious that JUNO is the feature artist." That praise comes to a screeching halt with evilsin, "Okay, lemme start by saying that Juno is in no shape or form better than Xiah. After blossom I would have thought she might have hit him up, alas, we got Juno. They sound... fine together. The song isn't even trying to be something more, so it's a bit of the same we heard over the years only with some unnecessarily added male vocals." And whew, let's all salute eliminathan's dedication, "It's 10AM and I haven't slept because I've been writing commentary for the last 9 hours. I'm going to be sleeping for a hot minute after this I'll probably wake up with butterflies all over me like Ms Hamasaki did."

  16. I totally forgot this exists.
    Not when My way exists.
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    Sweet Season


    10 @RUNAWAY @send photo
    3 @vikeyeol 4 @TABOO 4.5 @yuuurei 5 @evilsin @Cutlery

    Sweet Season is the first of Love songs to fall, and me being my messy self will be exposing everyone who scored the songs below 7, kii. I can't say I'm surprised this is the lowest one from Love songs, its the closest she gets to bumpkin and we know how country goes over here. Honestly, it used to be my least favourite of the album, but I eventually saw the light and learned to love it as much as the rest of the album. Her vocal delivery and melody is the highlight, for lack of a better word it's exceptionally... sweet.

    The PV adds an entirely new layer to the song too. I, for one, absolutely hate the idea of being married with kids. NEVER EVER.mp3. But once in a while, that "what if" creeps in and I've got the picturesque fantasy playing in my mind not unlike the PV. Living the American Dream, with a beautiful suburban house and family basking in the love and happiness of those around me, before abruptly snapping out of it and realising I'm still the hot mess I've always been with NO FUTURE.mp3.

    ...Anyway, vague loves a twist as much as I do, "very fitting title. everything about this has such a sweet, hopeful vibe to it... but ofc it wouldn't be ayu without putting a bittersweet twist on it with the end of the music video ddd." TABOO finds something to like about it, "I don’t believe that this deserved a place on her 50th single. I find this one boring. But hey, at least the lyrics are cute." As does evilsin, "This has always dragged for me and the time didn't change that. Although I do recognize the sentiment and the feeling the song went for and the PV was nice." vikeyeol didn't but at least he's sorry, "I feel awful saying this after your lovely writeup of the album but I just listened to this twice and I can't remember anything about this because it's just that boring." Flattery will absolutely get you out of scalpings, as Cutlery discovers by slipping an almost compliment in, "This sounds exactly like a You were… rehash and I’m definitely not here for it. Lyrically, the changing of seasons is cute I think."

    Ddd ThisIsRogue asks the important questions, "I wonder if the kids in the PV were learning Japanese? They're decent-ish at lip-syncing to the song. The song itself is such a jam." I dug out the making clip see if there was some linguistics session or something and there was! Also SCREAM SKLDHSDK. eliminathan also found some kiis in the video, "Children struggling to stay afloat while being made to sing along to the song will never not be funny. A literal lipsync for your life."

    "Some country vibes with happy vibes. I almost wrote this off, but was glad it didn't end up on the cutsey side. I do think it's longer than it needs to be though," adds otenkiame as he ponders buying the cowboy boots. And my Love stans twin RUNAWAY praises Mother Earthyu's descriptive talents, "I fucking love this song. It’s so sweet, and just makes me happy. The way she writes about the different seasons of the year evokes a feeling of those exact times of the year. She is amazing."

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    me sneaking into the Sweet Season PV as an extra

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  19. I'm not even going to comment on Curtain call going this early. Just imagine me shaking my head in disappointment.
    It's nice that some of you enjoy Sweet Season so much, I wish I could feel the same but it's so bland.
    Okay but @vague is the reason I joined this forum and blessed you all with my presence so ...
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