Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


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3 @vikeyeol

Nn, even I'll admit beloved is a bit on the terminally boring side; at least it's lyrically endearing. Sometimes we just need a little validation, don't we? And who better than from those we love. The PV is loaded with glamour shots and kids. That's about it.

eliminathan evaluates the PV, "Those kids are all fuming for some reason." Because they didn't get to walk in nature with Tammy for progress. "One of her most boring and forgetful songs," vikeyeol yawns. TABOO will be looking for a younger-looking beloved to grow old with, "Revisiting this track showcased that it hasn’t aged as well as I had hoped, being one of my favourites back in the day. Still, beloved is a very fine ballad." And otenkiame spills tea all over Ayu's shredded dress, "Sappy is one word for this song. It's a love song with some soaring strings, but it really doesn't do much for me. It's nice, but she's got way better similar tracks than this." evilsin won't budge for this one, "I think I might have liked this back in the day for some reason? It doesn't move me now for some reason."

It seems only fitting that highest scorer RUNAWAY ends things for us, "this song really feels like it could’ve become an Ayu classic. It’s so good. The orchestra version on the cd-only is gorgeous as well."

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Last one for today, sorry for rushing these out a tad; my quote game is almost done and then I'm all yours~




10 @evilsin @Animalia
4.5 @vague

If I had to name the most basic of basic bops present in this part EnergizE would more than likely come to mind first. And who can listen to the full thing when Sparkle is the song right after it? I do appreciate jarring whiplash of going from cutesy to sinister at least. With the production quirks, I can bop to it when I'm in the mood, but this definitely should've been the first one gone (and was for a while) from NEXT LEVEL #justice4Curtaincall

Cutlery goes diving into the lyrics, "Such an energetic, if basic, electrobop with eye-opening lyrics like the one where she's like “wtf this is an adult? Yikes lol”, drag it!" On the other end of the spectrum, eliminathan goes for the production, "Pretty lackluster song. All of my points go to the instrumental sounding like the music of Triple Triad from the best Final Fantasy." And hey, digitalkaiser showed up! "I love that this is pretty different for ayumi, much like the album proper, it’s a kind of a little time capsule blast of electro amazingness." TABOO brings his own... BOOze (boooo) to the party. No TAB for him tonight (BOOOO), "This one is bouncy! I love the chant, and I’m glad that it is repeated as often as it is. The verses are rather bare, but the chorus goes off!" And ThisIsRogue will join him on the dancefloor, "The percussion throughout the song makes me want to do the jive. It's a toe-tappin' bop."

otenkiame adds his groovy word, "Mixing 80's sounds, 8-bit elements, and rock? Sign me up. It's just really fun to listen to without being loud or annoying. Satisfying to say the least." The party comes to a screeching halt as vague makes his entrance, "really not feeling this at all." That's okay sis, evilsin does enough feeling for the both of you, "I just know people will be hating on this piece of happiness so freaking much. I love this to bits, it's like a modernized take on AUDIENCE."

Y'all I fuckin' jumped at this video when I saw Bellossom

Any predictions for tomorrow? Will the unscathed albums GUILTY and MY STORY finally take a hit? Will FIVE survive much longer? Will the extras? Find out next time on Dragonball Z!
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Cutlery delivers a lovely review, "I have no idea what are the background vocalists chanting but they give this epic narration and ancient mythological tale kind of atmosphere to the song, which of course is backed up by a good dose of traditional instrumentation and Hamasaki’s strong vocals,
Dddddddd I screamed, sis I love ur hosting skills but this is my commentary for BRILLANTE, not this meaning of Love knockoff

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winding road



10 @RUNAWAY @vague @ohnostalgia @Animalia
3.5 @EachSmallStep

winding road, perhaps surprisingly, perhaps surprisingly not, is the first to fall from MY STORY... sort of. Probably the most polarizing song we've had yet, it's crazy to think a song can already fall with as many as four tens. It was almost five, but I lowered mine last minute. Yeah, it sounds like something that'd close a Lifetime movie, but I'll be damned if I don't love it anyway. The lyrics? Tanisha wow.gif. It's the perfect way to close an album (Humming idk her). This is her path; it's been rough getting here, but she's here god dammit. Avex put her through the ringer and she's come out all the better as a stronger, more independent artist.

EachSmallStep doesn't care for it, "Skippable. She kind of sounds forced to be into it at first. Later she’s more relaxed and the change to the melody is more listenable" and eliminathan feels the same, "The singing is great but not much of anything happens in this song. Pretty one-note throughout." At least he recognizes the highlight that is Ayu's emotive delivery, and TABOO recognizes the other highlight, "The lyrics are, as often with Ayu, gorgeous. Despite this, winding road can feel unnecessarily long in parts." otenkiame picks another highlight all his own, "An inspirational and feel-good rock ballad. Nothing that wows me, but is pleasant to listen to. The guitar solo is actually my favorite part of this track." Ayu's got iconic guitar solos I count 'em. Speaking of all his own, I'm not sure which road Google Maps sent evilsin down, "A song about roads with wind, I assume. I tend to forget about this, but it does come to mind sometimes."

Down the right path is ThisIsRogue, "The song makes me feel like I'm on a journey with her, with our own struggles that we've experienced along the way. The music production is gorgeous and her vocal delivery is splendid. I love everything about it, and I relate to it on a personal level." The right path is heavily trekked as RUNAWAY joins him, "this song is amazing. The lyrics make me cry every single time. Especially the last part ‘The birds that have forgotten how to fly Will someday be able to fly again Just like I was able to start walking again’. She’s incredible." And just as full of praise is vague, "i've probably overscored this a lil bit, but this was my favorite album track when MY STORY first came out; i've probably listened to it thousands of times at this point. oh, man, it's so good.... just so sweet and uplifting. i love it so much."





9.5 @One Stop Candy Shop
4.5 @EachSmallStep

Yep, MY STORY's first hit was a double whammy. Replace has the same average as winding road, but four less tens; it also had less vitriol thrown at it. It's a touch cutesy which we've come to learn doesn't fly 'round these parts, but there's cutsier tracks on MY STORY that took the attention away from this one, allowing it to fly below the radar. I like it just fine, but I can see why it didn't get as far as some of the other MY STORY tracks.

This ain't nothing EachSmallStep ain't heard a million times before, "The instrumentals are simple J-pop without much to it, but the vocals are nice and at least it has more energy at the end." It works for digitalkaiser anyway, "I like the production change during the end bits!" eliminathan doesn't let that cloud his judgment, as this is a competition, "I like the song but there are plenty of better songs so I can't give this a higher score." And opinions, Cutlery's got 'em, "More inspiring and fulfilling than INSPIRE teebs". This is one of the few songs aaronhansome commented on, "It’s...fine. Like, I honestly always forget it exists." Insert dad joke here. Speaking of abandoned to fend for itself, "I feel that Replace is another song that is betrayed by its album placement. The three-part ending of MY STORY results in Replace feeling forgotten about. Serviceable, but outdone by other encore staples," sighs TABOO in lament.

otenkiame wants the performance, "A very sweet, feel-good track that does a great job of lifting my spirits. And thankfully it's a track that steers clear of being cheesy. The lyrics and arrangement just scream that this should be a live closer." evilsin just wants my ass, "Perky and bubbly." RUNAWAY could do without it, however, "this is probably the one song I could do without if I had to choose. It’s great, but just not really on the same level of emotion as the other songs here." And vague thinks this could have another coveted titled, "this kinda sounds like a lost summer single to me, so of course i love it."

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I gave both of these a pretty average score because they're just a little boring after the amazingness of (most) of the rest of the album. I needed something more after the nightmare that is HONEY. I'm ... distressed? that they're both out before that and Humming though. What is that about.
Me too, I thought HONEY and Humming were obviously going to be the first two out from MY STORY

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Also SCREAM clock me @send photo, at least two of the songs I wrote "It's fine...." purely because I feel like they're either maligned or overpraised and they are just adequate. I keep meaning to send you more commentary but who knows. I've been trying to crank them out for Gamejustice.
No worries sis, Gamejustice is more important since you'll be the only one commenting on the games you voted for. xx