Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


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Here's me when I saw that last elimination.


Seriously... Everything has such high averages. It feels like almost anything could go next.
yu's got iconic guitar solos I count 'em.

Hell yeah she does!

I didn't know You Were was so well liked! I always find it a bit..noisy? The vocals and music - there's something about it that doesn't quite work for me. Maybe I need to listen to it with new ears. The PV is gorgeous though.

Beloved is too dull a ballad for Five which is pretty solid. I had actually forgotten about the orchestra version though, I need to go listen to that!

I actually quite enjoy Thank You as far as cute songs go - the guitar/electronic instrumental bit!

Although I do forget Winding Road and Replace they are good songs. I had such a nostalgia hit scoring them.
Humming 7/4 should have left already teebs. I don't really care for winding road and only gave a 7.5 to Replace but they're objectively better songs.
Praying for criminal and Microphone to leave in the next five eliminations! Yes I said it!
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Humming ⁷/₄


10 @aaronhansome
4 @soratami

Ddd I've never cared for this one. It's painfully jarring after the beautiful closing of the album that winding road did; bonus track blatantly tacked onto the end teas; it's less jarring than flower garden anyway. Perhaps I'd like it more if it were released independent of the album, like a b-side or something. But hey, it's peppy. The PV has Ayu rocking out in a playground jungle gym which leaves me wondering how the cameras got in there.

otenkiame wouldn't mind the HitClip edition, "What a peppy and fun chorus! That "Everybody, go! Everybody, jump!" line is impossible to not sing a long with. I actually could do without the verses all together - the choruses alone are enough for me." vague wouldn't mind the muted edition, "this is a gd mess. the verses are great, but the chorus is so, so bad." Cutlery thinks it's racket as well, "The most evident filler track in the album, but it’s still nice to listen to from time to time for jumping purposes and the slightly crazy guitar solo in the middle" but the rest of you seem to like it, as One Stop Candy Shop sings along, "Everybody GO! Everybody JUMP!" And digitalkaiser busts out the guyliner for this one, "Love a bit of bonkers hard rock n roll nonsense to end the album. Dark qween." The PV's set-up left eliminathan with some questions, "The verses are much better than the chorus and I'm really feeling the instrumental it sounds like a shitty wrestler's intro music which I'm bopping to. I would have to be at that concert though with those multi-layered red cages that she's in. How are you meant to see the performance."

"Always get really into the verses as it’s not something you really hear from her. The refrain can become irritating if I’m not in the mood, but the little bridge toward the end helps break it up," EachSmallStep adds scoring this in a good mood. RUNAWAY stans, "Rock-yu comes back to close out this incredible album, and with an independent/girlish feel to the song that I love." And evilsin has watched a concert or two, "This is such a fun unusual track! I adore how the guitar is heavier than the rest of the song, which gives this a juxtaposition of sounds that clash and work together at the same time. It's also a lot of fun live." And TABOO gets to close for this closer, "There is just something about Humming 7/4 that is undeniable; the brash energy, the feel-good vibe, the chant. What a closer!"


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10 @eliminathan

Oh hey, GMAney, when did you get here? Ayu busts out her lower register for GUILTY's first exit. GUILTY is one of her more rock-heavy album so it's understandable that this safer number got lost in the shuffle. I'm pretty damn pro at identifying Ayu's songs, but this one stumps me time to time and I struggle to remember what it sounds like. Nothing particularly stands out about it, but it's nice for what it is. The PV makes it painfully obvious that Distance Love ate up the budget for the videos this era.

digitalkaiser has an opinion, "This album just bored me, It’s a shame because we all know she’s done so much better before and after this." Cutlery feels it's redundant, "Its impact hits me to a lesser extent than previous track, but it still does a lot on me and it’s great to listen to and feel inspired by Hamasaki’s words" and evilsin agrees, "I can't fucking believe this was on the same single as talkin' 2 myself. Way to show how to make a redundant slice of pop-rock. It gets a bit of the boost because of the wailing at the end."

loves a deep voice, "Sounds dramatic and dark, so I'm immediately drawn to it. The inclusion of strings with guitars is a highlight. And yay for her lower register!" Feeling the Free & Easy oolongs is vague, "i love the juxtaposition between those quiet, beautiful verses and the explosive, rocky chorus. so good." TABOO loves 'em dark, "Definitely a good album track. I enjoy the experimentation with darker and rockier sounds that she brought about on GUILTY." And poor sis eliminathan loses a 10, "The harmonies with the backing vocals sound amazing. I'm sure all of the songs have good backing vocals but when you can see other singers in the video it brings your attention to the the fact that the backing is good." Miss Peco finally gets ha moment to shine!

MESS not Decision being the first elimination that hurts for me (I gave the good sis a 9)
Fillerette or the title track should've been the first cut from GUILTY
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winding road



10 @RUNAWAY @vague @ohnostalgia @Animalia
3.5 @EachSmallStep

winding road, perhaps surprisingly, perhaps surprisingly not, is the first to fall from MY STORY... sort of. Probably the most polarizing song we've had yet, it's crazy to thing a song can already fall with as many as four tens. It was almost five, but I lowered mine last minute. Yeah, sounds like something that'd close a Lifetime movie, but I'll be damned if I don't love it anyway. The lyrics? Tanisha wow.gif. It's the perfect way to close an album (Humming idk her). This is her path; it's been rough getting here, but she's here god dammit. Avex put her through the ringer and she's come out all the better as a stronger, more independent artist.​
I lowered my score from a 10 last minute as well (it was a contender for my 11). Shouldn't have changed it because this song is beautiful and deserved a much higher placing.
I agree completely. I can’t believe THIS was the first song out from MY STORY. The classical version is absolutely magical as well and I’m just so shocked.
Any version of 'Winding Road' is absolutely gorgeous tbh. I think I love 'MY STORY Classical' and all its orchestral beauty more than the regular version. It gives me strong Final Fantasy vibes at times which is always a good thing. And BONUS, the closing song is 'A Song is born', not 'Humming 7/4'.