Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)



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10 @evilsin @ohnostalgia @soratami
3 @ThisIsRogue

This one just bops right along, doesn't it? Sparkle's a tough act to follow but rollin' does a perfectly sufficient job at it. Ayu's rollin' into the future with this one, and basically we have to wake up, Pearl. Wake. Up!! Our current situation is unsustainable! I'm so tired and I don't know what else to say about this bop so I'll just be rollin' into your commentary.

It's too busy for eliminathan's ears, "There was so many sounds going on it kind of detracts from the singing." Cutlery adds, "Environmentalist bop that once again uses bold electronic production, this time evident through the verses where Ayumi sounds like a robot and the following pre-chorus where she uses autotune to give a similar effect" and digitalkaiser death drops onto the dance floor, "WAIT I forgot about how much a bop this song is, get me in my rave moment a bitsy. [glowstickgay.gif]." TABOO is doing split after split, "The vocals throughout the verses were always a lot of fun to sing along to. NEXT LEVEL served some amazing album tracks, and rollin’ is only one example of that." ThisIsRogue is doing another kind of split, as in from the club, "Not a fan. Sounds like an extended interlude with all of the effects on her voice. Not sure how she managed to make it a 5-minute song, but she did."

otenkiame also feels Ayu got overwhelmed, "What a song. All those synths and her robotic voice for the verses, then a switch to her natural voice. Only downside is that Ayu gets lost in the music. Still a fantastic song, though." vague still manages a head wag, "not a fave, but it' s still a good'un." And one last good huff of the poppers with evilsin, "Such a blast! Love how this start all quiet and mysterious and than gradually develops in that megabop of electronica. And this is fo freaking fun to sing along to. Also adore how it goes limp with those 8bit Pac-Man bleeps in the end."

*bops in Mozart*

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9 @RUNAWAY @BEST FICTION @eliminathan
5 @ThisIsRogue

Not a good day for NEXT LEVEL, eep. identity is probably her rockiest song from the album and is now making its exit. It's the first song in a good while without a single 10, so I'm assuming it gets lost in the shuffle for y'all as well. It has glimmers of production quirks, such as the stellar guitar bits, but overall it's a bit... basic and out of place for such an experimental-sounding album for Ayu. Still, perfectly boppable.

TABOO appreciates this album track, "identity is an album track that I continue to come back to, and I pray that Ayu remembers it herself one of these days. A perfect mix of assertiveness and defiance." That FROOT sounds familiar to otenkiame's ears, "Not sure why, but I feel like I've heard those guitar riffs somewhere else before. Really inoffensive and straight-forward. Nothing spectacular among her many rock tracks, but fun nonetheless." vague hears it too but bops anyway, "feels kinda derivative of any number of her other rocky album tracks. nothing special, but i'm still bopping." And the build is worth it for evilsin, "The chorus building up like a ladder up is such a moment. I also appreciate the middle 8 bringing in some needed electric shock to the mixture diversifying the track even further." The build up also made its impact on eliminathan, "I love how much more impact the final chorus has compared to the rest of the song." Oh well that's that. C'mon quick elim!

Is this BoA's Waluigi?