Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

I always *almost* forget that the Sweetbox songs are covers as they fit perfectly in with the album and sound quite Ayumi-ish especially Rainy Day. I always wonder why Geo gave her songs he was going to use on the Sweetbox album. Promotion?
Apparently, Ayu somehow heard the demos of the songs and fell in love with them, she then asked Geo if she could use them for her next album. Sweetbox released the English versions on Addicted and, well, they really sound better in Japanese ddd

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Startin' / Born To Be... | BLUE BIRD

What is this album about? It's a secret. And if she told us... then it wouldn't be a secret.


This album was originally meant to be half the length as a mini album, but she churned out enough songs to make it a full one. And honestly... it shows. Maxing it out to a full album was apparently very stressful for her. As a whole, this is probably her album that I revisit the least. But when it's right it's right with some magnificent high points. Still, I feel the low points are better than the lows of her later career so there's that silver lining.

Chart-wise, Startin/Born to Be... is the single that broke Seiko's first record of most #1's by a female singer. I also believe this was the start of her promotion extending into the rest of Asia, including a tour. Born to Be... ha Olympian impact.

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Startin' | BLUE BIRD
(in case you couldn't tell ayu-mi-x 6 is my favourite remix set)

Here's that interview, kii
The dress in the cover looks okay, and the unicorn tattoo has a nice level of quirk to it, but the weird pose, the horrid twinkles and tve overall direction they went with... a graphic design is my passion tea

NEXT LEVEL has the best cover in this round oop, speaking of which, I have finished my scores for it!
I'm more into new Ayumi, so maybe I will participate in Episode III.

However, I do own 'Next Level', 'Love Songs' and 'FIVE'. Not so fond of the other albums in this rate.

My eleven would probably go to 'Last Angel' or 'Progress'.
You should participate in this rate if you can! I'm sure there won't be too many that prefer her later albums but that's a good thing. These rates would be boring if everybody liked and praised the same songs.