Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


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A lot of my 9.5s have gone ... tell me truly @send photo, if I had given them 10s would they have lasted much longer?
At a certain point almost all the songs differ in half a point, ddd. We actually hit the 8.0 averages tomorrow, before the halfway point. It's a tight race!
They would if we had a GUILTY cull right now
I'll let this slide because you're in for a rough day tomorrow


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10 @eliminathan 9 @One Stop Candy Shop @RUNAWAY @vague @yuuurei @junglefish @EachSmallStep @aaronhansome @ThisIsRogue @send photo
5 @digitalkaiser

Ddd, lowkey I've been dying to eliminate this one just because I love the artwork photo for it. Honestly though, it's as breathtaking as the song itself. When I was sorting artwork pictures I saw this and was like that is definitely for secret. Like, ugh. Just the instrumental alone is so sorrowful yet ethereal at the same time. What's the song about? It's a secret, and if she tells us... then it's not a secret anymore. Also I decided to expose all our punk asses that chickened out of giving this a 10. @eliminathan u da real one. Also also it was all PV-less songs today, brutal.

For once I'll let the 10 speak first, eliminathan u-go-girl, "A perfect way to end the album and it's a flawless song." And a perfect way to start the commentary! "A fairly dull way to end a predominantly good album. Wasn't it tacked on to the glitter/fated single? Because it is a typical just 'there' Ayu B-side," Wronglicious contrary Marys. My fïïÿ¥öôòrmmæûr co-host ThisIsRight praises, "Simply gorgeous. Her vocal is a little heartbreaking, as she sings about the freedom that people have as she passes by, afraid to stop. Her work ethic and drive being a prison of her own making."

EachSmallFlaw notices the finer details, "Not what I expected for a title track. It’s quite charming! The vocals weren’t recorded as clearly as the rest of the album, but it’s a minor thing." As does vague whose blatantly exposing ha FFX stanning, "it's such a small thing, but the way she sings "you na" during the first verse... i love the whole thing, but that lil bit makes the song for me." TABOO airs out his dirty secrets, "I want to fall in love with this song, but for some reason or another, I haven’t yet. Lovely, but it doesn’t quite go beyond that for me."

otenkiame longs for a good grasp, "I'm fond of her understated vocals and the understated instrumentation. It's pretty and melancholic, but doesn't grasp me the way as other ballads of hers, though." Try evilsin, he's good with secrets xx, "Why have I dismissed this so easily before? Looks like it sounded too standard to me, but now I can see so much potential here. Has that amazing feeling on the verge of classic and enka ballads, especially in the chorus. She sounds beautiful and I see it growing on me from now on. I also learned that it was recorded after momentum that tarnished Ayu's sanity, so... props to you, mawma, for keeping at it and still delivering."

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That Secret photo IS really pretty by the way, I don't know if I've ever seen that picture before.
God the fucking hunting I did for these artworks, I'm so glad she has so many PVs because some of these eras (@(miss)understood) have a criminally low amount of photoshoots to work with. I had to scan my R'n'RC booklet because I couldn't find enough decent pictures online.
There used to be a site with like every single Ayu-related image and piece of merchandise catalogued but I think they shut down and stopped stanning her over the Lady Dynamite PV being too """inappropriate""". Rude!
I see the cracks are becoming more prominent with each elimination, huh?
because some of these eras (@(miss)understood) have a criminally low amount of photoshoots to work with
(miss)understood had the Off My Day and On My Way photo books!
Maybe I’m too generous with my scores but that 7.9 average when 10 of us gave it 9 or more is the face crack of the century. How many low scores did the good sis get on that song.
The lowest was @digitalkaiser with 5, so all other scores were from 6 to 9, as you can see. Consdering we're not as numerous as in bigger rates, every single vote counts, let along every single decimal.