Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


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10 @aaronhansome @vague @Animalia
5 @soratami 6 @digitalkaiser

That sound you hear is @aaronhansome wailing in the distance as (miss)understood loses heavy-hitter Pride. For me, it's as elaborately theatrical and extra as Bold & Delicious, just with a 180 on the mood. The production is stunning, like a haunted doo-wop or some shit. And that sustained note? Mariah found rotting in that rainy alley. The PV... seems like they wanted to make the most of their NYC trip for Bold & Delicious and decided to pop out an extra video while they were there.

Cutlery gets existential, "A cathartic ballad that questions the mere purpose of humanity, the persistence of hope and uncertainty for the future, and for this purpose is backed up with many layers of background vocalists. My main/only issue is that the tempo is a bit too slow and it works best only during the chorus." u ok sis? "Sis there was already a Bold & Delicious making of video in the Bold & Delicious MV. Why did this video start out as if it was going to be another one and then become a bop ballad. There is a blip noise in the song that sounds exactly like a Steam message and it's so out of place that I kept checking my Steam as if anyone would ever message me," eliminathan sighs. I'll add you bby xx.

TABOO adds, "That glorious bridge is my favourite part of this song." I mean, it looks like any other bridge in NYC but work; I guess this one does have Ayu underneath it. ThisIsRogue wasn't having it though, "Love the song, hate her look in the PV. Most of the shots are of her from the waist up, so that black dress she's wearing makes her look like a toilet roll doll." I feel like it's couture. otenkiame feels like it's less couture and more familiar FROOT, "This ballad's chorus is just outstanding. Only problem is that it basically plagarizes the melody in "Crucified" by Army Of Lovers. That aside, it's absolutely gorgeous with that orchestra." evilsin also noticed it, "This has always sounded like an Army of Lovers song, kii, the melody is certainly inspired by them even if unintentionally." And vague gets his moment of redemption, "my lil 13-year-old self was all about the bops and thought this was so boring, but i was wrong obv! this is such a great track and the lyrics are so fucking good."


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10 @vague @evilsin @ohnostalgia
4 @TABOO (who hurt u)

Ddd why am I crying tho. Her delivery here is so vulnerable, it's very special to me. And now that I'm reading the lyrics that cry has turned into a sob. Sis who hurt you?? I feel that already. The production is so delicately arranged around her vocals, resulting in this precious gem of a song. This is the kind of song that you lay in bed and listen to when you're feeling existential and shit. Just lovely, so lovely. I can't believe I didn't 10 this, SHAME. Also this show was iconically hilarious and cancelled too early, bring it back!!

YAS RUNAWAY, "I want to say something about this song but all I can come up with is that it’s beautiful. This album is just perfect. Ayu has a right to be proud of this album, because it’s just that good." NO TABOO, "Look, I rated HAPPY ENDING low because it gets lost due to its placement on the album. Completely serviceable, but it doesn’t shine as bright as the other tracks on the album." otenkiame didn't get ha happy ending either, "What an opening! Love the heavy drum hits against the violins and piano. I'll admit that I always wish for the chorus to be a bit more bombastic, but the softer route taken still works." evilsin notches another into his belt at least, "WOW. Still makes tears well up in my eyes as easily as Ayu rolls out those sounds from her beautiful mouth. The way she delivers here is so delicate and fragile that it boosts the meaning of the song so much more. She sings that happy endings are not for her, she's done with hoping for them. And that gorgeous performance during MY STORY Tour. WOW."

This song is as beautiful as digitalkaiser's face, "I love the beat and production of this, a smooth and jammy ballad. Her vocals in the verse are very beautiful, much like moments I really love how she utilizes her voice on this song." eliminathan critiques, "I love how vulnerable the lyrics are in this song but I feel like the sound doesn't match the emotion it should be giving. A solid track but it could be much better." EachSmallStep brings us back to positivity, "The instrumentals are lovely, a piece straight out of a romantic movie. A happy song for a spring day." And Cutlery? Come through queen, "A calm mid tempo composed with unique-sounding keyboards, atmospheric intro synths and a few nostalgic strings, which is of course lead by Ms. Hamasaki´s vulnerable, emotional voice," with ThisIsRogue adding "Elevated by her beautifully tender delivery during Arena Tour 2005 ~My Story~. I love this song." As you should! Just as vague clearly does, "such a perfect song."