Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


Don't you dare...
You all can deal with it.gif, I don't have time to be nice about other people's faves when I'm worried about my own here!
i'm actually really scared to see how you rated my 11 ddddd
I think there's only one song left that I scored below 7 so I'm sure I didn't rate your 11 that badly bb.
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It's technically tomorrow here and I got shit to do in the afternoon, so it's best for time's sake to do one now~




10 @otenkiame @EachSmallStep @soratami @Animalia
6 @Weslicious @ThisIsRogue

Yeah yeah, she can't count, but she's rich af and can hire an accountant to do that for her. The production on this one is pretty insane, from the strings to the guitar towards the end. It sounds like a soundtrack to that level just before a final boss or something, y'know? It's full of the production quirks that make NEXT LEVEL so uniquely great. It's not exactly the first song you reach for, but it's great within the context of the album.

vikeyeol knows where it's at, "One of her best productions," and eliminathan explains further, "The violins make the song." It even has Cutlery in their... emotions? "Probably the song in the album that feels like a Rule rehash the most, but it's nonetheless an emotional bop that, besides Ayumi’s anger vocals, is enhanced by the dramatic strings and the even more dramatic counting." Guess who likes surprises? It's evilsin, "The stop and go thing for the strings work so nicely here. Love the sass Ayu puts in the vocals as well, while the surprising ending when when it all gets quiet is superb." Nothing surprises vague about this song, "chorus is a little monotonous for me, but it's a cute enough bop." digitalkaiser is just surprised at the influences, "What at this having just a little baby r&b vibe too it? The beginning kind of reminds me of something that Namie would do dddd queens inspiring queens, ect.."

TABOO misses kindergarten, "The countdown is probably my favourite aspect to this song." ThisIsRogue is feeling nostalgic as well, "Queen of counting to 7." And hey, I can count to three since EachSmallStep likes the counting too, "That countdown is everything." And miss otenkiame? That bih can count all the way to 10 and she did exactly that henny, "All I can say is wow. A stellar track with a superb mixing of synth-string and guitars. Believe it or not, but Ayu's counting is probably my favorite part of her vocal performance."

the next two songs each got an 11, protect ya faves

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11 @RUNAWAY 10 @One Stop Candy Shop @vikeyeol @Animalia
5 @TABOO 6 @eliminathan @soratami

D'aww, the poor lil' summer single that could. This song seems to get a lot of flack in her fandom, with a lot of people claiming it as her worst summer single; probably as it veers into cutesy more than fans would like. As we found out in this rate, that simply is not the case. glitter is just so intoxicatingly happy, and I'm happy to see that it at least fought its way into the top 50 with an 8.0+ average. The PV was a bit of an event, with Ayu filming a short film Distance Love in Hong Kong, which sees her as the megastar that she is secretly falling in love with one of her bodyguards. Rachel Marron could never.

Poor RUNAWAY, y'all went in a bit on his 11. TABOO: "My least favourite Summer single from this period of her career. It feels a little too saccharine to me." eliminathan was reaching for the mute button, "I was more interested in the video than the song but the MV still doesn't explain why she is on a night jog wearing a wedding dress in the fated MV." She was eloping sis, but the acting was lost on ThisIsRogue as well, "The acting in 'Distance Love' is so bad, and they don't even really have any dialogue! Deserved a different video, even if it was something like 'Bold & Delicious' 2.0 set in Hong Kong." evilsin simply 'mehs', "The wowowow's are catchy, I'll give it that, yes. Still comparing to her other summer songs, this one just doesn't have much to offer. The middle 8 is intriguing though." And it's a bit reductive to digitalkaiser's ears, "I think I rate this lower because it literally doesn’t sound like anything else on the album, except it does have some guitars. It’s a fine song, it just almost feels like It shouldn’t be on this album and would have worked much better on something like ‘Secret’."

Thankfully not all of you left this song in the recycle bin, as otenkiame appreciates the some happiness in their life, "Some cutsey Ayu to lighten up "GUILTY". Ayu does well treading cutsey without going overboard. Those uplifting choruses are infectious whether you want them to be or not." And vague swerves it only slightly, "ddd her summer singles had gotten so formulaic by this point, but i love them all, so i don't care. i'll give this a 9.5 instead of a 10, tho, 'cause fairyland and BLUE BIRD are just a teensy bit better to me (and also because the instrumental break in this is weak as fukc ddd), but honestly this is great." vikeyeol finds room in his heart for more than one summer single, "I think this has a tendency to get dismissed as a Blue Bird / Fairyland redux I think it's much better than both. One of her happiest and most euphoric songs!" Cutlery even takes it a step further, "Sounds like the beautiful offspring of Blue Bird, but catchier and very lively too!"

And finally as tradition, RUNAWAY gives his 11 one last farewell, "I really struggled here, deciding between Virgin Road, MOON, and Crossroad for the coveted 11, but glitter, GLITTER! I can’t believe I didn’t consider it until my re-listen of Guilty. This song brings on such a wave of emotions for me, joy, sadness, heartbreak, hope, new beginnings. It is EVERYTHING. I just wanna thank her for bringing this song into my life. My life is better, because of it."


Surprise, surprise!





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11 @evilsin 10 @vague @send photo
6 @junglefish 6.5 @aaronhansome @Animalia
You guys don't love me. You just don't. Especially the lowest scorers, I see you, sistren. Kii at this tying with glitter though, and both getting an 11.

I probably won't be able to write something more than I did in my commentary, because honestly, even though @send photo warned me 2 days ahead, I'm still distraught and in mourning, so here's what I send as my commentary:

Soul crushingly devastating. Wow, step on my heart, Ayu, now would you? The way her voice and melody in the chorus are drenched in soaking sadness always leaves me dumbfounded. Revisiting this for the rate made me question life and existence again and this song just destroyed me. Wow. Power of music, indeed. And you know what? It was freaking hard to choose an 11 in this part of the rate. Mostly due to the fact that almost all 10s here are potential contenders, but this one... this one got me by my balls and ripped them, grinded them with a pestle and fed them to me. This is how you do it, guys. I've lost, because Ayu won. My heart that is.

Now what you lot had to say about this career highlight? otenkiame is not my friend and I thought we were starting to get along so nicely! "A great synth line to go along with her soft vocals. Otherwise, though, the rest of the song is just slightly underwhelming - even the final chorus is missing something to give it the omph it needs." ThisIsRouge is taking the duties from Weslicious circa Koda Kumi rate Part I "Queen of running around Hong Kong in a wedding dress." My frenemy Cutlery narrowly escapes the lashings "Could pass as a bit of an uneventful ballad at first, but it has plenty of sparkling, pretty moments too as she describes a relationship made possible by destiny" and TABOO gushes "A stunning track all-round. You can truly hear the emotion and urgency in Ayu’s vocals. I feel that this song is underrated." THEN WHY JUST AN 8, BOO‽

digitalkaiser calls this masterpiece cute "Awe this is a cute little moment, I really appreciate her softer moments now that I am older. #laminatescomebackcoronercard" while eliminathan compliments Ayu on her wardrobe choices "She's just running around in a wedding dress without actually getting married or heading towards a wedding venue? Okay, work."

Arriving at our full score givers I find a new friend in vague "what a gorgeous song, honestly. really beautiful lyrics, great melody. i adore this!!" YAS, STAN A BIT! And with this we're finishing with our lovely host send photo "I'm honestly shocked at this leaving, I expected this to be the (at least) top 20 representative of GUILTY. I put this on when I'm feeling catastrophic, it's just so gutturally heartbreaking from the guitar to her delivery." You get me! You honestly get me!​

Now excuse me while I bawl my eyes out.

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