Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Surprise, surprise!





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11 @evilsin 10 @vague @send photo
6 @junglefish 6.5 @aaronhansome @Animalia
You guys don't love me. You just don't. Especially the lowest scorers, I see you, sistren. Kii at this tying with glitter though, and both getting an 11.

I probably won't be able to write something more than I did in my commentary, because honestly, even though @send photo warned me 2 days ahead, I'm still distraught and in mourning, so here's what I send as my commentary:

Soul crushingly devastating. Wow, step on my heart, Ayu, now would you? The way her voice and melody in the chorus are drenched in soaking sadness always leaves me dumbfounded. Revisiting this for the rate made me question life and existence again and this song just destroyed me. Wow. Power of music, indeed. And you know what? It was freaking hard to choose an 11 in this part of the rate. Mostly due to the fact that almost all 10s here are potential contenders, but this one... this one got me by my balls and ripped them, grinded them with a pestle and fed them to me. This is how you do it, guys. I've lost, because Ayu won. My heart that is.

Now what you lot had to say about this career highlight? otenkiame is not my friend and I thought we were starting to get along so nicely! "A great synth line to go along with her soft vocals. Otherwise, though, the rest of the song is just slightly underwhelming - even the final chorus is missing something to give it the omph it needs." ThisIsRouge is taking the duties from Weslicious circa Koda Kumi rate Part I "Queen of running around Hong Kong in a wedding dress." My frenemy Cutlery narrowly escapes the lashings "Could pass as a bit of an uneventful ballad at first, but it has plenty of sparkling, pretty moments too as she describes a relationship made possible by destiny" and TABOO gushes "A stunning track all-round. You can truly hear the emotion and urgency in Ayu’s vocals. I feel that this song is underrated." THEN WHY JUST AN 8, BOO‽

digitalkaiser calls this masterpiece cute "Awe this is a cute little moment, I really appreciate her softer moments now that I am older. #laminatescomebackcoronercard" while eliminathan compliments Ayu on her wardrobe choices "She's just running around in a wedding dress without actually getting married or heading towards a wedding venue? Okay, work."

Arriving at our full score givers I find a new friend in vague "what a gorgeous song, honestly. really beautiful lyrics, great melody. i adore this!!" YAS, STAN A BIT! And with this we're finishing with our lovely host send photo "I'm honestly shocked at this leaving, I expected this to be the (at least) top 20 representative of GUILTY. I put this on when I'm feeling catastrophic, it's just so gutturally heartbreaking from the guitar to her delivery." You get me! You honestly get me!​

Now excuse me while I bawl my eyes out.

I'm sorry:(

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Welp may as well finish today's GUILTY slaughter




10 @RUNAWAY @otenkiame @Animalia @BEST FICTION @send photo
5 @ThisIsRogue 6 @Cutlery @evilsin

I guess this tumblr puss was too spooky for some of y'all to handle. This is probably her darkest song and it saddens me that it doesn't get the respect it deserves. I used to think this was the fan fave of the album, but apparently not. The clashing of the music box with the heavy rock is genius; easily her most haunting song. And the PV is aesthetics! Make me turn the lights on before watching it queen.

eliminathan is pinching pennies, "The white contacts are a good look but she went and broke them." Hate prevails as Cutlery finally gets the elimination they want, "The mid tempo definitely isn’t the most effective choice here, and the verses also feel like they are missing some punch as well as some more engaging production." Lowest scorer ThisIsRogue laments, "At this point, it's another rock ballad from Ayu. It's OK but she's got a few other rock ballads in her catalogue that are superior in every way." I feel less bad about evilsin's 11 dropping just now, "God knows why this gets so much praise," BECAUSE IT'S WHAT SHE DESERVES, "Yes, it's different and tries something new and the lyrics are poignant enough, but in the end it's just not enough of anything."

Back to correct opinions, digitalkaiser states, "Kind of starts out like a poor man's Alterna, but then morphs into something completely different. I really like this one! Very sweeping in the chorus. Love the extended outro for this." TABOO also appreciates the build-up, "I appreciate how Marionette feels almost cinematic from the very beginning, what with a music box introduction slowly becoming a full-blown rocky chorus." As usual, vague stans another iconic guitar solo, "love the guitar solo at the very end; it's amazing. the verses are also really, really great."

It's a rough day for RUNAWAY as this is another 10 for him, "holy shit I forgot how fucking awesome this song is. TEN!!" He's not alone, however, as otenkiame takes a hit along with him, "I'm at a loss as to what to say. This track is just outstanding. Haunting and twisted, epic and grand. Everything about it just screams Ayu track done right."

Ddd I meant GUILTY as a whole, a lot of people struggled to give it even one 10. Poor sis.

We could get rid of Together When... before we hit the 30's, keep untitled for a little while and take talkin' to its deserved top 10 position
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Oh wow, I'm surprised about glitter/fated being taken out already. For me personally glitter is the better track, I adore it. I didn't know people didn't care for it much lmao. fated is all right, like there's nothing wrong with it, but I prefer Together When... and it's the very next song in the tracklist, so I skip fated sometimes.
As for Marionette, after seeing such ... intense dislike for it I'm just glad it made it this far, but I wish it had done better! I love it, especially the lyrics. Still though, I did "only" give it a 9 because it does have a bit of trouble standing out aside from the spooky music box.
except oboe 'cause i used to play
That's adorbs? Also former woodwind section high-five, I played clarinet.

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I woke up at like 2am and I'm bored as shit, so


Together When...


10 @RUNAWAY @TABOO @eliminathan
6 @Animalia

Oh y'all thought the cull was over? Think again. GUILTY loses another gorgeous, underrated track as Together When... leaves, leaving it with a mere two songs clinging on for dear life #pray4talkin'&untitled. I love this ballad, but it really shines on the ayu-mi-x 6 remix; like wow, go off a bit. Anyway, this is another heartwrenching ballad by Ayu, so I can see why it gets lost in the shuffle with so many others to choose from. Now leave the rest of GUILTY alone. You better stop!! AHHHH!!!

eliminathan loses another of his 10s, "The build up and the climax are spectacular. A really emotional song. The video also pairs really well but I could only find a version with lyrics plastered over it." Yeah, I'm not sure why avex slacked on this PV. It was her first digital single, but like... they uploaded the rest that aren't even singles. @avex what's good? What's good is Ayu's delivery as otenkiame points out, "Ayu's great at these painful and sorrowful ballads. I won't say this is my favorite of hers, but the raw emotion she gives at the end is enough to make it memorable." That plain on the nose of Together's face wasn't enough to keep evilsin from loving it, "Very reminiscent of Ayu's earlier ballads, only a tad more plain. This was on my constant rotation for a while though as there is something very infectious in that chorus that made me loop this." Speaking of love, vague is in ha feels, "'I wanted to say 'I love you' / I couldn't say 'I love you' / But I feel it was both my biggest lie / And the truth' - oh, man, i feel that."

More 10s we got 'em, as RUNAWAY continues to take a battering, "ugh so many emotions =. This song is so beautifullllllll" and TABOO spills more tea for us, "Heartbreaking. One of her strongest songs ever. Both the lyrics and the delivery are prime examples of why Ayumi is known for her balladry."

Surprise, it's the tragic video with the ugly lyrics