Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

I prefer Together When...
Together When...

Seriously it's such a beautiful song though. One of a few Ayu songs that can actually make me cry. I should have given it a 10 after all ...

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In the Corner


10 @vague @ohnostalgia @vikeyeol @Animalia
7 @One Stop Candy Shop @ThisIsRogue @Weslicious

There's a lot of hidden beauty present through the production of this one, such as the faint strings in the background of the chorus. Plus the jittery strings throughout. Also the breakdown: stress me out with Sonic drowning vibes a bit. And as usual the lyrics are as equally emotive. Just a great little song that's overlooked a bit within the context of the album due to the magnitude of the more-prominent songs.

TABOO likes this particularly familiar FROOT, "This is probably my favourite of the Sweetbox compositions that Ayu utilised for (miss)understood." eliminathan is thinking of another FROOT, however, "Let's get it crunk up on, have fun up on- Up in this dancery." otenkiame was also a fan of the production quirks, "An interesting if somewhat subdued, dark track. Each instrument seems to get a chance to shine, and, though seemingly strange, work really well together. Particularly fond of the strings."

The strings continue their impact on evilsin, "The quirky violins are so nice and I love how Ayu sounds here. There is this aura to her, that makes her very regal. And the theme of doubting yourself over your own feelings is pretty neat. I mean not that one should do that, but that one might find this relatable. Oh wow, I'm so good with wording my thoughts. All in all, love the track." And vague simply cannot get enough, "one of her best, for sure. i could listen to this on repeat for hours (and, in fact, have ddd)."


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part of Me


10 @TABOO @junglefish @vague @RUNAWAY @eliminathan @One Stop Candy Shop
5 @vikeyeol

This feels like a particularly monumental elimination? Maybe it's just because I find the PV so breatakingly beautiful in its presentation of aesthetics. Like seriously, it's solidified in her top 5 PVs for me. STUNNING. I'm such a sucker for reincarnation concepts though, and it's also present within the lyrics. Like, you're connected to your soulmate no matter what life you're in and that's just such a beautiful concept, at least until Victoria steals your wife in one of those past lives; Athena just can't catch a break with that painsack around.

The impact was lost on otenkiame, "Okay, so yeah, this is an emotional and pretty ballad, but it just feels like a rehash to me. Something I find nice, but wouldn't be crushed if I never knew existed." evilsin picks my favourite scene from the PV, "A bit of a hidden gem, considering it's placement. The chorus and the PV are the highlights. I still remember how I audibly gasped, when she pulled out the kanzashi from her hair and fropped to her knees! Powerful imagery!" vague also loved the imagery, "gorgeous. i love the video, too; it's just as beautiful as the song."

There's a dated quality to the PV for eliminathan, "This video is astonishing. I wish the CG animals looked better though." Weslicious doesn't seem to mind too much, "A nice ballad extra. The PV was the best part of it." And One Stop Candy Shop clocks me but tells me it's okay, "It's well worth purchasing A Best 2 (Black) for this song." And contrary to the rest of us, TABOO moves past the pretty visuals and focuses on the song itself, "I’ve always held strong feelings towards this one. Her words are so passionate and evoking. Her vocal delivery is my favourite aspect of part of Me, because it sounds so genuine and real."

One extra left! How long can Mirrorcle World last amongst this ruthless competition?​

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untitled ~for her~


11 @vikeyeol 10 @One Stop Candy Shop @junglefish @vague @send photo 9.5 @yuuurei @ohnostalgia
6 @Weslicious @soratami 6.5 @otenkiame

This is so fucking disgraceful. untitled ~for her~ is one of her very best ballads and deserved to be repping GUILTY in the (at least) top 20. I have HAD IT with this GUILTYgate groupthink!! It's down to one song. ONE SONG!!! #pray4talkin'. I won't even front; along with Endless sorrow and HEAVEN, this was the song I sobbed to uncontrollably after my cat died. Hell, I'm tearing up as I write this up with this playing on repeat. The production is just as delicate and gutwrenching as the lyrics, perfectly conveying what she's trying to express. If you don't feel anything when listening to this or lump it with her generic run-of-the-mill ballads you're heartless. Point blank.

We'll get the beasts out of the way, starting with otenkiame, "Lyrically, stunning and moving. Musically, kinda flat. I feel bad saying that, because I lost someone the same time as her, and completely relate. But...I just find it so generic." evilsin's 7.5 ain't gonna cut it this time, you're on the couch tonight sis, "A very lovely ode to a lost friend." And the last underscorer who had the balls to leave commentary is TABOO, "I feel I underrated this song, but this isn’t one I come back to often. untitled ~for Her~ is incredibly emotive, and carries a beautiful sentiment to a friend gone too soon." Oh wait, Cutlery's 7 almost slipped by me with his complimentary commentary, "The heartbreaking background of this emotional closer is shared by Ayumi, as her mundane descriptions and honesty work together to try to reach the listeners’ hearts."

Moving on, eliminathan has that niche itch that untitled scratches, "Songs that start and end the same have a special place in my heart." And all this tea ~from vague~, "i know ayu doesn't really have the best voice from a technical standpoint, but she is just so gd good at emoting and making me feel exactly what she's singing about better than just about anyone else. this is such a beautiful, emotional, and evocative album closer; i love it so much."

And last is 11 vikeyeol. I'm so sorry bby, I genuinely smiled when I saw this 11, "I originally intended on giving my 11 to something less, y'kno, soul crushingly depressing, but I can't deny how powerful and meaningful this song is to me. Easily one of the songs I've cried the most to in general, and her most heartbreaking and emotional ballad, which is quite a feat when she has so many classics other artists could only dream of."

Now listen to this ode of sendy & his dead petz until you love it