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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. upload_2018-4-21_12-48-8.png


    I don't have anything more to say than what I said in my one piece of commentary so I'm just going to go cry some gay tears about this, bye

    @send photo you said you'd fix that fucking typo, why do you have to kick me when I'm down???
  2. Not GREEN :'( I don't have enough data on my phone to go look up an actual emotional meltdown gif so
    @yuuurei excellent 11 pick!
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  3. i'm pretty mad at myself for not giving Last angel and GREEN full 10s... i think i gave them both 9s, but i'm not pos; it's been a tuh-rying week for me, and i'm still kinda in a nyquil fog right now, so i can't really remember my scores for anything that i'm not listed for ddd. almost everything from NEXT LEVEL on was a first listen for me while doing this rate, so i def got stingier with 10s for the last couple of albums, but, man, those songs are both really, really great. if i'd known GREEN was your 11, @yuuurei , i def would've given full marks regardless of how i felt!

    that said, i don't know why, but i've always associated you with JEWEL, so i was expecting that to be your 11, and i did mark my score up quite a bit for that one dddd. i thought for sure i wouldn't be the only one to think it was a little dry and that it paled in comparison to the more ~grandiose~ ballads in this part of the rate, so a 7.5 would land me firmly in the middle of the pack and i wouldn't get tagged, but karma got its kiss for me, i guess!! dddd forgive me xoxo
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  4. Why can't @send photo be like this with me?
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  5. The Last Angel write up is incredible!

    Love Green, also the Green CMJK Spring Storm Mix is amazing!
  6. I blame your taste for giving Last Angel a 7!!! Jk it’s fine.
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  7. Wow I'm kinda flattered? And it was def a close contender for my 11 so you weren't too far off. Also, you're forgiven, 9 is a perfectly decent score. (@evilsin you're on thin fuckin ice though.)
    Since I'm here, lemme just post these gifs of my mothers.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. And I asked him to be my back-up for the Part II of Kumi's rate...
  9. Scream
    Y'all had me worried this actually had a chance to take the crown
    Still a great place for its multiple fans teeb
  10. GREEN is THAT sapphic bop and y'all need to stop speaking over queer voices.

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  11. Friendly reminder than ANother song was done so dirty
    BRILLANTE is as excellent as BALLAD, I probably only bumped down my score 0.5 because of the similarity I supposedly heard or something ddd
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  12. That desperate mess keeps trying to make me sing Part 1 Namie songs that I barely know (so everything but the big ballads). I was just trying to add some TASTE to the karaoke session.
  13. I actually didn't expect BRILLANTE to go Top10, so this is a surprise. I gave it a 9, but I can't deny the magnificence.
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  14. Yas at none of my three top 10 faves being out yet. Come through perfect top 3.
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  15. I always remember Heaven being described as a "My Heart Will Go On" type of song in the pre-release info *barf*

    Brillante is really amazing. My mind was blown when I first heard the song and then watched the PV. I couldn't believe she could still surprise me this far into her career but she did! I should've really given it a 10 instead of a 9.
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  16. I think my ideal top 2 would be Moments vs Sparkle, but any of the remaining songs could be in it and I'd be satisfied, really!
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  17. Two great songs but just not top faves of mine. 9 is not a low score so I refuse to feel bad about it!
    Really rooting for the runner-up for my 11 to take this thing now but yeah, I won't be devastated about any of the remaining songs winning.
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  19. False.


    They don't even have to line up.
  20. Will is so goddamn amazing in every way, very nice choice @mi|kshake! When I first heard it I was just in awe, it feels so magical and beautiful. Probably my #3 song in this part.
    I can see why people use it for Memoirs of a Geisha vids, the lyrics go well with the story I think.
    i don't have any gifs of Ayu clapping
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