Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


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I hope you get taste.
Us watching them get torn apart for their villain gig in the Charli rate

Bold & Delicious
STEP you
is this LOVE?
talkin' 2 myself
Love song
Last angel
Mirrorcle World
an arguably realistic top 15 CONCEPT

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10 @RUNAWAY @eliminathan @TABOO @vague @send photo
7 @vikeyeol @ohnostalgia @Cutlery 7.5 @mi|kshake

Okay... we're getting into the nitty gritty and I'm okay with this leaving. Like blossom, MOON sticks out like a sore thumb within Love songs but it's a solid-gold 10 in its own right. She paint an entire novel through the lyrics, and they're as heartwrenching as you'd expect from Ayu by now. The PV essentially has Ayu drowning in sludge with bittersweet memories of her dog thrown in, a metaphor for my life really. Anyway I'm done, please don't bill me for the full hour.

It goes a touch downhill after the start for otenkiame, "Give me more of that solemn opening. The rock arrangement the song ends up taking is still nice, especially with the strings. Very dramatic, yet Ayu doesn't go overboard." Thankfully evilsin corrects his history, "I remember I didn't really like this at the time of the release. I also remember that other MOON song Ayu sang before her debut, I believe. Well, times change and I forgot about the pre-debut song and I enjoy this one a whole lot better." My fellow Love songs stan RUNAWAY gushes, "Aishiteru? This song has such a poignant message to me contrasted with the hard rock of the instrumental. This is what I love about Ayu’s music. The contrast between the lyrics and the music of some songs is just so brilliant. She’s a musical genius, a poet, an ICON."

eliminathan, I feel... attacked, "Going through her discography like this is pretty upsetting seeing how much she really wants to get married and find love but keeps failing. Sis you'll find the right guy one day." vague is all up in their emotions, "she sounds so fuckin' good on this, and the backing track is so beautiful; love how rocky it gets at points - wasn't expecting that. the lyrics are really cute and sweet, too." And to close, TABOO was moved all the way to the dark side of the moon, "It was so hard not to choose this phenomenon song as my 11. It ultimately ended as my personal runner-up, but I want to stress just how much this one means to me. The forlorn and bittersweet nature. The imagery within the lyrics; love, loneliness, loss. Her vocals carry MOON so well. No one but Ayumi could write something quite as beautiful as this song."

I know the PV is up but let's use this throwback just for shits and giggles
eliminathan, I feel... attacked, "Going through her discography like this is pretty upsetting seeing how much she really wants to get married and find love but keeps failing. Sis you'll find the right guy one day."
Sis when @BEST FICTION was giving me a sampler of the songs almost every video he showed me had her wearing a wedding dress. I actually kept a tally of it while rating the songs but it got so convoluted with all the dresses that were teetering on the edge of being a wedding dress or a white formal dress etc. There was like ~20 dresses that could be considered a wedding dress.
eliminathan passes digitalkaiser by, "I'm good I don't want any candy little sis."

HAHA! That part of the PV is so weird. I think Walking Proud has some of my favourite Ayu lyrics. I also love the PV and her vocals at the end. Such a good Ayu ballad.

And I know I'm going a few pages back here but I'd never heard of Army of Lovers and Crucified before but WOW how did Geo get away with that?! One of my favourite parts of Pride is the "listen" part which actually took me a good few years to notice!

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10 @vague @yuuurei @digitalkaiser @junglefish @EachSmallStep @Weslicious @send photo
7 @soratami @ThisIsRogue

Holy fuck, this song goes hard. This could honestly wrestle it out with Moments to be my favourite song on MY STORY, and very well could've wrestled for my 11. Just an absolute surge of energy straight out of the gate; put me in a fighting mood queen. She serves avex exactly what they deserve, which is a complete and utter scalping for the way they treated her for years. It's great to see artists get to the point where they can blatantly dig into their labels without repercussion, and Ayu essentially owned avex back in her heyday. That's why I love MY STORY so much; because it's a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the music industry that Ayu had to navigate for so many years, and GAME is her unleashing a firestorm of anger at full throttle.

otenkiame gets whiplash but isn't complaining, "Nostalgic track. Ayumi doing this heavier/darker rock image is the Ayumi I live for. And I especially like the juxtaposition of the soft opening and the rest of the song." It seems I stole evilsin's shine, "The sprinkles of electronica here and there make this a standout. I remember people going apeshit about this when it was released and I do love this, although the shine did come off a little, hence the score." More for me and TABOO, "Magnificent! The delivery of the last verse always get me feeling some kind of way."

Cutlery feels the energy, "The glitchy electronic work and the vocal filter team up in this track to work out quite well, and it’s definitely a passionate number lyrically," while eliminathan is feeling something else, "Little miss dildo fingers is feeling his fantasy. There's a lot of times in the song where it's just instrumental and the instrumental is painful during those parts especially. No complaints in terms of her singing though." It builds quite nicely for EachSmallStep, "Love that it starts off as if it may be an emotional ballad. Ends up being brash rock-pop that builds to an amazing melody change."

We've got some 10s to take us down memory lane and first up is vague, "oh, gosh, BOUNCEBACK wrote+produced so many of the bops that really got me into jpop back in the mid-'00s, and this might be my absolute fave thing they've ever done. that twinkly fake-out opening dissolving into that amazing rocky interlude is such a moment! man, i love this." Taking us to the end of the lane is digitalkaiser, "This was one of the first few Ayumi songs I had heard back in the day, I was instantly entranced by her star power in the video. This bring back a lot of beautiful memories. I had to work backwards and forwards from the middle for Ayu. Love the glitchy rock opera realness."