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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. That would be a tough find. Also I should clarify, I do have a few of her clapping but she's also laughing so they convey like a different mood.
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  2. Praying for "Godments" and "Sparksus" to take the top two spots like
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Nawt Heaven and Will already being out, I was hoping one would at least make the top 3!

    To you low scores;
  5. Weren’t you the low scorer for 50% of the songs?
  6. Hey I was mostly just a low scorer for Guilty! (ddd I think)I don't think I was too bad otherwise, save for a handful of random tracks.
  7. Clock ha.
  8. Me the minute Commandments takes her rightful crown
  9. You and your title changes. Not when Sparkle snatches it first.
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  10. TWINKle is also a worthy winner
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  11. [​IMG]


  12. [​IMG]

    What the FUCK??? I'm appalled. I don't even have words.

    nvm I found some. Moments is absolutely one of my top 5 favorite Ayu songs overall and I'm happy it got such high scores here. I think it absolutely deserved to win though, I like the three remaining songs a lot but they don't hold a candle to this afaic. But of course to each their own. btw @vague you have flawless taste.
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  13. Nooo this is just like in the Namie rate where I sent commentary for CROSS OVER and it was eliminated right afterwards
    Anyways I'm devastated it missed top 3, let me go jump off a building while cursing @soratami in hopes my ghost haunts him forever as long as he lives x
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  14. You know it’s quality when a 9 is a “questionable” score and an 8 “scathing.”

    I had to score my truth. I’m sorry I’m questionable.
  15. Plenty of the songs I adore got eliminated too early but I'm not mad at this top 3. Hoping Love Song and Mirrorcle world are the top 2 but either way it'll be good so props to ya mama.

    EDIT: Just read my commentary for the top 3 and I kind of went in on Love Song for some reason. A mess.

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  16. Moments was the first single she came out with after I'd become a fan and part of my first not bootleg (nn) Jpop purchase. A perfect song from her.
  17. The top 3 is so excellent though, who could honestly be mad? PHEW!
  18. The good thing is at least Commandments came with a 9.5+ average, I'm kinda satisfied

    Mirrorcle World vs Sparkle for top 2 now please!
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  19. Love song still in... mess, it's perfect but does NOT deserve to be above all these classics
    If Sparkle loses I'm gonna kermit
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