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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Okay I'm just gonna say it, I love Love song but if Sparkle doesn't win this thing now I'm going to riot.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Yas.

    Come through Love song win~
  3. Well, I know what I want to win. I'm PERCHED for this whole thing. 9.840 for Mirrorcle World?!? The winner must have a 10 average! Right?!?!
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  4. It works better than post-Adagio Sweetbox albums. Sweetbox have some great songs and I really enjoyed them for a while (still do enjoy part of their discography) but from After The Lights, to me, the songs started to sound a bit...basic? A bit demo-y, you knew where the song was going verse-chorus-verse-chorus and it almost had a feeling of "how fast can we get out of this song?". There were some great songs on After The Lights but they just weren't reaching their full potential.

    You can see with the (miss)understood tracks that the songs have been much improved. They feel...fuller, complete? They've been made longer with and there's some extra effects and sounds etc added here and there.

    I never would have thought Will would be the last track standing from (miss)understood and it just goes to show how good a track it is. I remember when it first clicked with me. There were so many amazing tracks to digest from (miss)understood this one didn't stand out at first. I was listening to the album (preparing tomorrow's lunch) and I think it was during the "kira kira kira" part before it kicks back into the final chorus and I was like "wow this is a great song too".

    (miss)understood has the best ballad run of all her albums (I Am coming second).

    And I'm glad you did!

    Tough Top 2 but I'll go for Love Song for the #1 spot as I've been obsessing over it recently. I was expecting a Moments & Sparkle Top 2.

  5. ddd i actually am stunned that i was the only 11 for this masterpiece??!? i thought for sure it had the win in the bag, but waow... i mean, i can't even really be mad at a top 5 placing with a 9.659(!!!) score against all these absolute classics, but oh man, this is such a special song to me.​

  6. ...Wow I didn't expect that top two! Who could have guessed Sparkle's dominating power?! BDSM queen!!
  7. Of course I send prayers and then “Moments” is immediately eliminated afterwards.

    But if “Love songs” beats “Sparkle”, riots will be happening.
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  8. Sparkle is the one.

  10. With averages this high, I wonder if it'll be the amount of 11s received that ends up deciding the winner...
  12. The first one was Introduction to the second session that was turned into Get It On and then it was INTRODUCTION from Black Cherry that was turned into Black Cherry, ahaha. We also have a full live version of INTRODUCTION TO TRICK, but it's a bit of a mess.

    I'm actually shook that Love song managed a Top2 placement and I would be even more shooketh if it wins.
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  13. There’s barely any overlap with the people who liked these posts. They each have the same number of likes (at the moment).

    They sound so different so it’s to be expected, but it makes it hard to pick who’s going to win.
  14. This is my favourite top 2 in a rate since the Sophie Ellix-Bextor rate (If You Go vs. Bittersweet).

    I think Sparkle will win, but I want Love song to win.
    Both are absolutely worthy though.
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    NO NO NO... NO NO NO
    NO NO NO... NO NO NO
    No No~

  16. @send photo hold me. I bought Love songs USB edition for $50 and then the seller cancelled it. I’m distraught.
  17. waiT at me actually having a #moment to Love song earlier today on my way to school while shuffling the top 10 of this rate
  18. I couldn't have predicted this result.


    I'm with the good sis on this one.

    A tragic mess when @BEST FICTION and I tried to sing this in a karaoke session but she had way more syllables than were written and we already don't know the language.
  19. [​IMG]
    My underscoring allowed a deserved tie for a winner between two legendary songs, not every rate has that x
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