Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

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Like a doll


10 @RUNAWAY @One Stop Candy Shop @ohnostalgia @junglefish @send photo
7 @TABOO @Animalia 7.5 @digitalkaiser @otenkiame @EachSmallStep

Just because we're down to the nitty gritty doesn't make these Love songs eliminations any easier. At this point in the rate, the lowest scores for songs remaining are three 6s and three 6.5s with the rest being 7s, so those 7s are what make or break what's left. Like a doll though, bop!! Like a re-up of Dolls but more attacking me. I'm basically an emotionless slate who bottles everything up so Ayu left my scalp burning with the lyrics on this one. I just find the chorus to be really sublime and euphoric. When I first got into this album, this was a standout to me and for that it'll always have an extra special corner in my heart.

Cutlery likes a doll, "The various scattered repetitions of the song title in the background give a very specific atmosphere that I can’t exactly pinpoint..." but eliminathan does not like a doll, "The "like a doll" overlapping the entire song detracts from the best parts." Neither does evilsin, "I'm not sure what, but something prevents me from giving this a full score. It's a pretty uncommon Komuro production, which I love and Ayu certainly delivers, but in the end it underperforms just a tinniest taddiest bit." You'd know a lot about that wouldn't you sis? And otenkiame lets us know that Ayumi is skinny, "A killer piano melody and electronics to make an electricpop-orchestra hybrid. Ayu actually sounds really thin this time, which is a shame. It took me a few listens, but the chorus really grew on me."

One Stop Candy Shop speaks for us all, "She needs to perform this." She should just like, perform a special Love songs concert where she performs the whole thing start to finish teebs. "love that little instrumental bit just before the chorus," sighs vague and a eulogy from RUNAWAY to close us out, "The lyrics and their conviction truly shine on this track. Revisiting the album, I found I’ve grown fond of this track."

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Anyway, I agree with Like a doll just not quite being enough and the repeated "like a doll" line taking away from the rest of the song. There are parts of it I love, though. Ayu sure does like using doll imagery ... Dolls is one of my favorite songs of hers ever. I just went to see where it placed in the first part of the rate and you all need to acquire some taste.

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Ladies Night


11 @Weslicious 10 @evilsin @otenkiame @vikeyeol @BEST FICTION @soratami
6 @ThisIsRogue 7 @One Stop Candy Shop

Slumber Party found rotting. This song is just incredible, to put it lightly. There's just so much coming together, from the twinkles in the production to Ayu's "aaaaAAAAAAHHH"s to grant it that unique flair to help it stand out just a little more. Lyrically, it's like a more quirky, alternative version of the Golden Girls theme. And with Ladies Night's exit, Bold & Delicious is the last Sweetbox track left. Where this entry really shines though has to be the PV. Trolling through hotel corridors; ah, those were the days. The look she's serving for it too. It's properly creepy too, with evilsin hovering over my corpse for the jump scare at the end.

evilsin isn't done hovering, as he hovers over this elimination and whispers sweet nothings into its ear, "I love how odd this is, not to mention the bonkers music video. Songs and music videos like this truly show what an amazing artist Ayu is. sakebu youni utatte Ladies niiii~iiiii~iiii~iiight!" Nothing but respect from TABOO, "I respect the risk she took with utilising these Sweetbox compositions, because Ladies Night is definitely a unique song within her discography. Additionally, that PV is truly something, huh?" But ThisIsRogue was less appreciative, "I appreciate that she was doing something different here, but it's not one of her best." The track was a bit too versatile for Cutlery to be fully enganged, "The verses are super quick and way too short compared to, say, the lengthy bridge, which brings this track down for me a bit. Nonetheless, the song manages to be quite unique in the album and a very appreciated boppable dance-tinged addition."

"what a fun lil '80s-inspired bop. i wish the chorus was just a lil bit bigger, tho, 'cause everything else is so ace, especially that spoken word bit that starts at 2:25 or so and then repeats at the end. so good! the backing track is really, really nice, too; i'd kill for an instrumental track," vague states longingly. Try hitting up Sweetbox's DMs. eliminathan describes us, "Living for the audience of people snatched bald by this song."And perhaps the most scalped of us otenkiame closes with a beautiful note for their 10, "Mysterious and slightly haunting, this is one hell of a track. That house-vibe is to die for. Seriously, I'd take an entire album full of tracks like this from her."