Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Scorpio 1000000%

EDIT: Oop, there goes Ladies Night.
It's properly creepy too, with evilsin hovering over my corpse for the jump scare at the end.
At least I'm cleaner than that guy in the PV.
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Thanks, you’re not too bad for a Scorpio x
How about the fact that I just skipped through AHS and found a couple of threads about this... and I found the lyrics!

Sweetbox version, from the booklet to their album.
"Leave him, lose him, cut, replace him
Hate him, then erase him
You don't ever [need to] think you can't leave him [need to]"

Ayu's version. People say they hear even so part.
"Leave him, lose him, cut, replace him
Hate him, YET EVEN SO
You don't ever [need to] think you can't leave him [need to]"

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10 @RUNAWAY @yuuurei @junglefish @EachSmallStep @soratami @send photo
7 @vikeyeol 7.5 @TABOO @Cutlery @evilsin


I remember scream-singing this chorus because it's absolute fire, pun intended. crossroad is so beautifully crafted it leaves me in awe a lot of the time. The strings, her delivery, the various other arrangements. Lyrically I think we can all relate: what if? Everything about this song captures that feeling perfectly; it feels foggy, like a dream-like longing for what could've been. I always feel an urge to cry when listening to this because its beauty is so overwhelming. @Slice of Life in song form. I can't wait until he catches up, notice me senpai ♥

I'm just going to leave evilsin's typo in there because I'm bitter like that, "Ooh, that pre-chorus is so intense. Too bad it is followed by a repeated melody that looses a bit of it's shine each time it's used." You're gonna loose me if you keep this Love songs slander up!! eliminathan loves the aesthetics, "Sis looked gorgeous in ha red gown and beat mug. Shame about the whole being burned alive thing." I'll be joining her if any more Love songs tracks fall anytime soon. vague picks the only thing that should be hated about this, "i think the chorus melody kinda has an old school ayu vibe to it, so i love it. HATE the single covers, tho, yuck!!" And crossroad has TABOO looking back, "This track works well as a retrospective look at her career prior to the release of L."

otenkiame describes what makes this album so perfect, "Strings and acoustic guitar make it flow well from "Love song". I dig how the composition is really dramatic, yet Ayu keeps her vocals reigned in." ThisIsRogue agrees with us, "Ayu's vocal, the melody, music production all work together so well." Cutlery may have landed a spot in the lowest scorers but he turned it out with a word to say, "The intro is simply breathtaking, too short imo! The small key change before the chorus adds liveliness to an already emotionally-packed song. The differing roads metaphors used by Ayumi to talk about her decisions as well as change are remarkable" and RUNAWAY pls hold me this is hard ciara crying with other woman in her arms.gif, "the orchestra, the lyrics, the vocals, EVERYTHING in this song is just perfection."

crossroad is more of a 9 now to me, the orchestra strings are excellent like in pretty much all of the album and it's overall a very calming track like she's telling you "it's okay to dream about having taken better decisions in the past sometimes" Tanisha-wow.gif
So um Ladies Night is amazing and absolutely is one of her best. That's not up for discussion.

What I do want to discuss is why the f*ck crossroad is only 23rd?! It shouldn't have gotten a single score below 9, this is unacceptable. I'm about to burn down this whole damn rate and then myself.