Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

MY STORY having one song left is frankly homophobic.
This is probably the biggest injustice in this rate 4 me. Poor my 2nd highest album average

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10 @BEST FICTION @evilsin @otenkiame @vikeyeol @TABOO @EachSmallStep @soratami @aaronhansome @eliminathan
7 @ThisIsRogue @ohnostalgia @yuuurei 7.5 @digitalkaiser @vague

Well we're in the top 20, and the cuts are ruthless as there's only room for one lethally aggressive bop with Sparkle prevailing over Rule. Seriously, this single is such a gem; Ayu heard y'all falling asleep after GUILTY and decided that your wigs needed to be taught a lesson that she's still got it. So wake up, Pearls, Ayu's here to fuck shit up. The song's basically about doing whatever the fuck she wants because she doesn't need no damn rules because she is what? The top selling solo artist in Japan and own[ed] avex. The PV is fire too, with her even doing a touch of choreography. Wig @ everything about this.

evilsin namedrops his fave again, "Ah, yes, the genius is back. Having worked on is this Love? and a lot of the best Kumi tracks, I can't describe how I appreciate Watanabe Miki for creating this effervescent out of this world bombastic slice of brilliance." And Rule's reputation precedes eliminathan, "Another song I recognise. The building intensity of the music throughout the verse that dissipates when the delicate pre-chorus comes around makes for a great contrast. Even in the bizarre video the Ayumi with gloves interrupts the strange ninja narrative for those parts specifically and then never appears again." Rule also has TABOO looking back, "I have very fond memories of Rule, as I had just discovered Ayumi around the time it was released. It hasn’t aged at all for me, and still has that certain something that made me fall in love with it in the first place. Additionally, those vocal runs at the end of the track continue to give me life."

ThisIsRogue likes how Rule mixes it up a bit, "It's quite a heavy rock song, but has some interesting elements. The relatively "calm" pre-choruses and middle-8 add a nice contrast to the hardness of the rest of the song." And EachSmallStep is begging for Ayu to step off his neck for just a moment, "Grips and doesn’t let up, you get a breath of air in the pre-chorus and it hits with the hard beats. Deserved more promo than Dragonball Evolution." vague's wig is firmly glued down, however, "chorus really lets this down for me, 'cause i like everything else about it. i've listened to the instrumental way more than the actual song, tbh." The mess works for Cutlery anyway, "A bit of an all-over-the-place song, but its chaotic qualities only make Hamasaki’s role as a rebel more credible and in tune with the atmosphere she creates here" and vikeyeol stans a little mess, "Contender for her most badass song, and that middle 8 is amazing." And otenkiame puts this on to hype themself up before we go Bonnie & Clyde some banks, "Yessssss. Fierce and in-your-face. I love this track to death. Ayu is here to sl*y and taking no prisoners. I can just feel the attitude through her singing, and THAT is what I live to hear from her."