Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

This strategy will come to bite eliminathan in the ass later on, "An ethereal sounding bop. This damn album is making me worried I'm being too generous because the scores are all so high so I brought this down 0.5 because I'm doubting myself,"


I'm never using decimals again.
a complete spectacle of misery
Good way to describe both that song and my life. Don't look back is amazing though, definitely one of the best tracks on RnRC. The video's imagery is so haunting.
Were the low scorers overcompensating to prevent a repeat win?
I had no idea this song won that rate until long after I sent in my scores for this one. (I actually didn't even notice there was a singles rate until like, a day or two ago.) Also I love that giving a song an 8 can be considered giving it a low score in this Ayu worshipping rate, lmao. I gave 8s to songs I thought were very good! But fairyland just isn't a fave of mine, there's nothing wrong with it but I don't feel anything when I listen to it. I'm glad so many of y'all do though.

I'm down to only 2 songs that I scored below a 9. One of them, I should have just given it half a point more and I'm not sure why I didn't; the other, I'm just really amused that it's still in. Idk why you gays like it THAT much, but all right. Everything else still in this is a masterpiece.

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Are we Australian? Because Summer's over...




10 @One Stop Candy Shop @RUNAWAY @vague @junglefish @ohnostalgia @digitalkaiser @Cutlery @Animalia @Weslicious @send photo
7 @vikeyeol (this is his last 7 I promise) 7.5 @EachSmallStep @eliminathan

As voted by us, BLUE BIRD is the highest-rated summer single of this part, although it didn't even manage a place in the top 10. This song is so cute and happy y'all; I'd probably name it as my favourite summer single of this part as well. It reminds me of Harvest Moon, aka my favourite game series, because you propose with blue feathers (I may have also just bought a shirt with it ddd). Secret has some of her happiest, most joyously upbeat songs and that's perhaps most-evident through BLUE BIRD. The lyrics are pretty on the nose, where she's flying with a loved one over the world. The PV is essentially @Slice of Life's life in a nutshell, with Ayu spending the day at the beach. It's such a gorgeous, colourful video, I love it as much as the song.

eliminathan starts us off slow, "A nice feel-good song." evilsin thinks she's cute, but next to gorgeous... "FUN! Obviously this is no July 1st, but it is a great summer track." I'm still pissed she didn't make a PV for that and I'd like to speak to the manager. TABOO is no doubt burnt from fairyland dropping, but still turns up to bop, "Ayumi knows how to write an impeccable Summer anthem, and this is just one example. There is just so much to love from the catchy chorus, to the cheerfully adorable lyrics." vague doesn't care though, they'll bop either way, "i know this is basically fairyland ~episode II~ but it's soo good! this just radiates happiness to me and always puts me in a good mood. i love it so much. and she looks so gorgeous on the single cover, too - it's one of my favorite images of her."

Cutlery thinks she was flying to the future with this one, "The keyboards and chorus make this single quite cheerful and cute, plus the bridge sounds lowkey futuristic with only her vocals in the background and all the production highlights at the front," and ThisIsRogue is feeling motivated, "There's a wonderfully joyous energy about this song. The chorus is so uplifting." otenkiame bops, but inside where it's air conditioned, "Love this summer song. It has a slow build-up, but those chorus melodies are just to die for! It just makes me happy and wishing I could enjoy summer like she does in the music video." Same sis, I fucking hate summer. And ddd RUNAWAY sorry sis, "ABSOLUTELY YES, I have always loved this song, and if it gets robbed of a top 10 placing, I don’t know what I’ll do." I guess we're about to find out!


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sending mail


10 @RUNAWAY @BEST FICTION @eliminathan @digitalkaiser @junglefish @aaronhansome @ThisIsRogue @Animalia @send photo
7 @Weslicious @soratami 7.5 @yuuurei

This is a complete and utter masterpiece and I will hear nothing to to the contrary. The production is an absolute spectacle of thunderous theatricals, I can't even pick out a single thing I like most about it. The detailed intricacies remind me of Utada's traveling, which is hands-down one of the most masterfully crafted tracks I've ever heard. Production aside, Ayumi refuses to let us breathe as she delivers her fast-paced lines cloaked in a glorious set of melodies. Emotively, she's both longing and aggressive, with a touch of desperation, summing up almost every interaction I've had with a man. Everything about this song packages itself up into a masterpiece, and I can still recall the first time I heard it. Perfection. Time to change my username to @sending mail

vague struggles to put their words together, so they borrowed Ayu's, "'I hesitate, sigh / Delete it, retype from the first / But I can't press the send button in the end' = me writing my basic af commentary, scream!! okay, this is great, tho; very catchy." Hey Mr. One Stop Postman Shop, "Postman's anthem." Poor evilsin can't afford the postage, "Millennial bop! Relatable, although I don't have anyone in my life who I would send nightly mails to. Well, apart form @send photo, of course."

The rest of y'all did the absolute most, as you should, and I'm at a loss of what to say to prop your comments up, so I'll let them stand on their own:

eliminathan: A spectacular song, one of her absolute best. The chorus getting more and more grandiose each time it comes around until it halts for the violin at the very end it supoib.

TABOO: Frantic, indecisive, desperate. The repetition within the chorus so clearly represents the mindset of our narrator who is in such a relatable circumstance. I commend sending mail as a very strong addition to Ayu’s repertoire.

otenkiame: Completely taken off guard by that switch from pre-chorus to chorus. That fierce percussion and her voice! This track has got all the experimental sounds I love about Ayu's work.

ThisIsRogue: Excellent uptempo song. The song takes a couple of twists and turns without ever feeling forced or disjointed. It just works.

Cutlery: Interesting choice of a few electronic sounds mixed in with the beautiful and dramatic strings, which at this point seem to be the standard for the album. The repeated choruses help convey Ms. Hamasaki’s feelings and I like how she seems to be a frustrated and extra WhatsApp user in the lyrics

vikeyeol: AMAZING. The arrangement is flawless and it has one of her best choruses ever.