Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Two great songs but just not top faves of mine. 9 is not a low score so I refuse to feel bad about it!
Really rooting for the runner-up for my 11 to take this thing now but yeah, I won't be devastated about any of the remaining songs winning.

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Damn it's I WILL all over again




11 @mi|kshake 10 @vague @yuuurei @ohnostalgia @aaronhansome @digitalkaiser @eliminathan @send photo

The little PV-less song that could! HEAVEN is a hard song to hold your own to, but Will did that alongside it on the single and even managed to place two places above it in this rate! Not only is it the highest-rated song without a PV, it's also the highest rated album of (miss)understood, and really, who can complain? It truly is the dark horse of the competition. Ayumi, as always, delivers a top-notch vocal performance alongside the gorgeous production that makes your heart ache. For some reason, everyone and their damn mother uses Memoirs of a Geisha in place of a PV. Was it even on the soundtrack? I googled a bit and couldn't find anything about it, soo... anyway.

evilsin Will remember this song, "Such a distinctive track, you can't mistake it for any other." And for good reason, as TABOO explains, "Unfortunately one of the last times that CREA has worked on the composition of a song. Will is gorgeous and delicate; I especially like the flow of the pre-chorus." vague wishes she did more, "masterpiece!! i'm so sad that this was the last song she composed, 'cause it's just perfect in every way. she obviously released some pretty fucking great songs after this, but i don't think she ever reached this quality again. this came so close to being my 11."

digitalkaiser stans this alongside his 11, "Another song where Ayumi shows what she can do with her voice, and instant favorite just for being so unique for her, yet very at home. The Heaven/Will was such an iconic release oh my god." And the unique sound didn't go unnoticed by otenkiame, "I really like that Ayumi is employing some enka techniques in this slightly old-fashioned sounding ballad. It's got some stellar melodies." And Cutlery spills a lot of tea, "This ballad is a highlight both for its gorgeous instrumentation, which includes deep strings that appear in the short bridge and other elements that add plenty of emotion to the track, and its excellent lyricism; for instance, the multiple SFX that reference sparkling, dizziness or the wavering of a candle, work really well in building the nostalgic images and comparisons that Hamasaki draws in both chorus variants," and eliminathan closes for his 10, "One of the best songs on the album." It's the best, as voted by us!

Lowkey I use to do re-castings with our J-Pop queens: Ayu as Sayuri, Namie as Mother, Utada as Mameha, and Kuu as Pumpkin. Seiko as Hatsumomo maybe because Ayu's coming for her records

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One last kiss of these lips, make it last!



91. Beautiful Day (6.772)
66. criminal (7.681)
62. (miss)understood (7.772)
53. Pride (8.045)
44. In the Corner (8.227)
36. rainy day (8.477)
24. Ladies Night (8.750)
19. Bold & Delicious (8.909)
18. is this LOVE? (8.931)
17. alterna (8.954)
15. fairyland (9.000)
12. STEP you (9.159)
7. HEAVEN (9.272)
5. Will (9.318)

Ddd not miss vague coming for aaronhansome's crown

1. @vague 9.285
2. @aaronhansome 9.250
3. @eliminathan 8.821
4. @RUNAWAY & @otenkiame & @send photo 8.821

1. @soratami 7.642
2. @Weslicious 7.857
3. @TABOO 7.964
4. @ThisIsRogue 8.071
5. @One Stop Candy Shop 8.142


Ayu/Sweetbox just should not work but somehow it’s a perfect match. I really wish she had worked with Geo again but it just wasn’t meant to be. In the Corner, Ladies Night, rainy day, HEAVEN, and Bold & Delicious are the clear standouts. Fairyland can fucking suck it. Her absolute worst summer single after the utter disaster that is You & Me.

We are gonna FIGHT in part 3 I'm telling you now

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Dddd. I present to you this rate's biggest upset...




11 @vague 10 @aaronhansome @RUNAWAY @yuuurei @ThisIsRogue @junglefish @digitalkaiser @Cutlery @otenkiame @One Stop Candy Shop @TABOO @Weslicious @send photo
8 @soratami

I just heard at least five of you gays audibly gasp. Moments was the winner until someone showed up with a scathing 8, dragging it all the way to #3. A few iffy 9s later and Moments sank to #4. I know I just gushed over HEAVEN, but Moments really was the most fitting winner and I was scrambling to edit my narrative after its tumble from the top. This song never lets up from the moment it begins. The chorus... the la la las. Moments is just oozing with hooks, laid over Ayumi's brilliant lyricism. The production gradually builds up, as her songs usually do, until the climax, which is only Ayumi and some strings, before returning to the memorable chorus until the end of the song. The PV has some breathtaking visuals, primarily centering around Ayu being a peeping Tom into other peoples' rooms. A little privacy would be nice sis.

Cutlery sent some fresh commentary this morning, "From the very start, this pop-rock masterpiece blows you the fuck out of the water with its layers and textures of melancholy and nostalgia paired with dreary La la la's, and then proceeds to incinerate you with Ms. Hamasaki's lyrics of gratitude and empathy, which are the most important and centermost aspect of this single, as they are equal parts poetic, introspective, universal and personal. A true staple in her immense discography that pours out nothing more than the purest love and dedication for her fans," and One Stop Candy Shop kept it brief, "Now that's a chorus." evilsin's ready to butter up, "Such a soothing and pleasant track. I like how spacious it sounds. The chorus is smooth as butter, the overall feeling of being enveloped by the song is strong with this one." Some of you even got emotional, like RUNAWAY, "these lyrics are some of the best she’s ever written. Seriously, this song means so much to me and has been one of my favorite Ayu songs ever since I heard it." ThisIsRogue will likely never forget the words, "It's amazing that even after 14 years, I can still (almost) sing this song word for word. It has a great melody and as usual, the mix of orchestral and rock elements is executed perfectly."

EachSmallStep waited a long while before hearing a song like this again, "One of the first mid-tempo ballads I liked from her earlier works. There’s a melancholy, tenderness here I love that doesn’t make a strong appearance again until Guilty." otenkiame simply gushes, "This track! So much nostalgia! A wonderful rock ballad with a powerful and beautiful message to it. I've loved this since I discovered it all those years ago. Those "lalala" bits are forever engraved in my mind." And digitalkaiser is similarly complimentary, "This is one of those unique songs much like “Will” where everything about the song just clicks for me, the alternative production, the vocals, it’s all very beautiful." Ayumi's stellar vocals left their mark on eliminathan, "I don't often hear head-voice in J-Pop so it's good to hear some in this. I don't understand how sis somehow got tarred and feathered in her own damn house that she's harboring little white kids in." I wonder if Ayhuman Traffisaki kept them in there until it was time to shoot Sweet Season.

It could've been TABOO's 11, "A contender for my 11. Ayu’s lyricism has always been her strong suit, the imagery and emotion presented to us in Moments is amongst her very best. Such a gentle and pure song." It actually was vague's though, so take it away sis! "everything about Moments is perfection: her vocals, the lyrics, the melody, the backing track, even the video. honestly, this blew me tf away the first time i heard it and turned me into a hardcore ayu stan. i don't think i can ever put into words how much this song means to me, tbh. as far as i'm concerned, this is the very best song she's ever released, and one of the best songs ever written, point-blank period."


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I originally had this album in part 1 since I felt aesthetically and sonically it belonged there, but it's nice to see that it held its own nicely here~



76. winding road & Replace (7.454)
75. Humming ⁷/₄ (7.477)
72. HONEY (7.545)
69. HOPE or PAIN (7.613)
59. Liar (7.840)
55. About You (8.000)
52. HAPPY ENDING (8.068)
40. my name's WOMEN (8.340)
39. CAROLS (8.363)
38. walking proud (8.431)
34. GAME (8.522)
29. INSPIRE (8.636)
4. Moments (9.659)

1. @vague 9.285
2. @RUNAWAY 9.035
3. @Weslicious 8.928
4. @ohnostalgia 8.642
5. @evilsin 8.571

1. @soratami 7.142
2. @EachSmallStep 7.428
3. @TABOO 7.571
4. @BEST FICTION 7.714
5. @mi|kshake & @ThisIsRogue 7.750