Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)


I don't know what song that is but I promise Ayu did it better xx
The first one was Introduction to the second session that was turned into Get It On and then it was INTRODUCTION from Black Cherry that was turned into Black Cherry, ahaha. We also have a full live version of INTRODUCTION TO TRICK, but it's a bit of a mess.

I'm actually shook that Love song managed a Top2 placement and I would be even more shooketh if it wins.

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This is my favourite top 2 in a rate since the Sophie Ellix-Bextor rate (If You Go vs. Bittersweet).

I think Sparkle will win, but I want Love song to win.
Both are absolutely worthy though.
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95 songs, 1 legendary artist. The best song of the second half of her discography rate as decided by you is...










11 @BEST FICTION @otenkiame 10 @One Stop Candy Shop @evilsin @mi|kshake @vague @yuuurei @digitalkaiser @Cutlery @ohnostalgia @junglefish @vikeyeol @TABOO @soratami @aaronhansome @Weslicious @eliminathan @send photo
8 @ThisIsRogue 8.5 @RUNAWAY

Raven finally gets her moment to shine! What a comeuppance. In the Singles Rate, Sparkle made it all the way to #2 before falling to fairyland at the final hurdle. It's not hard to see why this monster is so highly-regarded by her fandom: it's hands-down her boppiest bop. Never has an Ayumi bop bopped as much as Sparkle bops. The production blazes in fury as guitars clash and drums erupt. Ayumi's delivery is the most sinister and seductive she's ever sounded. Lyrically it's basically Oprah running on coals.gif, as Ayu urges the listener to let inhibitions go and just be confident, and confident is just how I strut when I put this on. And the PV, she did that. It opens with Ayumi paying homage to Seiko as Sparkle opens to #1, before quickly going to the complete opposite spectrum of Ayu dancing around in various catsuits in a rougher, more industrial setting. And that hairflip... my favourite moment out of her videography honestly. It was my avatar here back when we could use gifs. She's never quite matched this level of sinister bop again, which only makes us treasure it all the more; a well-deserved winner.

eliminathan busts out his BDSM chest, "I can't believe Ayumi invented latex. This song was always one of my favourites so of course it gets a 10." And evilsin is slithering over to join him, "Utter perfection. I certainly didn't expect any of the sort at this point in her career. Fucking explosion of synths and bass right into my face to make me wet and firm. And the fucking looks she's serving in the video, my god, BDSM queen!" One Stop Candy Shop keeps it subdued, "So uplifting," while digitalkaiser can't control ha gay screeching, "THIS VIDEO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!"

vague is finding the dark side alluring, "another track that grew on me exponentially while doing this rate. probably my favorite from the album now. love how... almost sinister? it sounds at parts." Like many of us, Cutlery considers this a fave of theirs, "Like the title suggests, this track shines with bold electric guitars, beats and synths. The confidence and guidance that Hamasaki expresses through the lyrics, telling the listener to gather the courage to overcome their insecurities and fears, lead by music, is definitely outstanding and makes this an instant fave," while TABOO even uses the p word, "Perfect. Alongside Rule, it was one of the first songs I had heard from Ayu, and little did I know how it would change my life. Sparkle is full of such life and energy. I repeat, perfect."

Only one of you granted this an 11 and commented, so otenkiame has the honour of final word on the winner, "I live for this song. I live for this video. So much attitude and sexiness. Those bombastic choruses leading up to that irresistible "no, no, no" part...I just kii every bloody time. Trance and Ayu are a match made in heaven."

So that leaves Love song as-

Oh, what's this?...




Love song



11 @junglefish @One Stop Candy Shop @soratami 10 @RUNAWAY @digitalkaiser @otenkiame @vikeyeol @TABOO @aaronhansome @Animalia @Weslicious @BEST FICTION @eliminathan @mi|kshake @send photo
8.5 @evilsin

IT'S A TIE!!! This part of her discography is just too damn strong to settle on one winner, as Love song persevered and managed to tie Sparkle in the final hour. To break it down a bit, Moments was winning until that 8 brought it to #3, securing Love song as #2 while Sparkle was the winner. Then... I noticed that spreadsheet error with vague, and when I deleted their second ballot, Love song rose to tie with Sparkle, resulting in this tie. This gave me the sweats, let me tell you. But at the end of the day, I just couldn't bring myself to decide a winner between the two, as Love song is just as fitting a winner.

Ayumi loves to love, and that is perhaps most evident in Love song. The song structurally plays out as if Ayumi is climbing a mountain; she's working her way through the elements, driven by hope. Ayumi refuses to accept a life without love, and is willing to fight through the loss and heartbreak to achieve it. Each beat of the drum is another step up that mountain. Love song is a song of strength and determination. Like Sparkle, it's not hard to see why this song resonates with her fans, albeit in a different manner. It's Ayumi going back to everything that makes her love songs so quintessentially her: heartbreaking lyrics, romantic, almost bittersweet production, and a vocal delivery tinged with sadness. For an album like Love songs, Love song serves as the perfect album introduction, as well as the perfect rate winner.

I guess vague missed the L single, "waow, this is so good. amazing album opener. oh, man, i love that little piano bit right at the end. the whole instrumental track is flawless; wish this had been a single so i could just listen to that sometimes." eliminathan is hooked on phonics, "I absolutely adore this song and it is one of my favourites but I only just noticed now how often she splits her vowels in this song. It's almost every line she sings. "Sore demo yuzurenai omoi Ga nake rya tsuman nai imi nai" becomes "Sore demo-o yuzurenai omoi-ii Ga nake rya tsuman nai imi na-ai". It's a bit jarring hearing every line end with a vowel as its own syllable but I love the song all the same." evilsin is hooked on hooks, "Something about this creates such a warm feeling, it's probably the guitar. Overall I really like the phrasing and rhythm of this song." There's looks too, as TABOO is here for the aesthetics, "A prime title track. It’s earnest and inspirational, showcasing the best of what the album has to offer. Serve us Tina Turner in that PV too, Queen!"

I suspect Cutlery is thanking his lucky stars that he didn't give this a 10, pushing it to win over Sparkle, "A gorgeous and strings -both from electric guitars and violins- oriented opener were Hamasaki questions the listener about their loved one, as well as urges us to protect, cherish and embrace them before it’s too late. Her vocals sound quite different here, and I can appreciate that," but ThisIsRogue comes through to stan unconditionally, "When it's right, it's right. This song connects instantly and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Perfect album opener." otenkiame loves all the raw energy happening in this song, "Just all out powerful and so, so satisfying. Love how prominent the acoustic guitar riffs are. Ayu goes all in with her emotions, leading to a wonderful crescendo. And the ending too gives so much finality. Brilliant track." vikeyeol sings the praises of a worthy winner, "One of her all time best, flawless in every way."

It's been a long crossroad with fellow Love song stan RUNAWAY but we've reached the finish line, "the opening notes.....from the first moment I heard them I knew I was in for a treat. And I was right. This is her best title track she’s ever made, and nothing else compares except maybe Guilty. This song is a wonder in her discography and the video is PERFECTION." And as tradition goes, final final word to our other Love song stan and 11 giver One Stop Candy Shop, "This is timeless art!"

but wait,


Just because I don't trust leaving the White Nonsense Part 3 Rate to decide which song is better, I've got an unofficial tie-breaker to decide: PM me either Sparkle or Love song and this time tomorrow I'll quickly reveal which song is our ☆Super Ultra Deluxe Winner☆. Here's some statistics to help you decide:

Sparkle: 11s (x2), 10s (x16), 9.5 (x1), 9 (x1), <9 (x2)
Love song: 11s (x3), 10s (x12), 9.5 (x3), 9 (x3), <9 (x1)

As you can see, Power of 11s really doesn't work here seeing as Sparkle got more 10s, but Sparkle also had more sub-9 scores. So PM me your choice and let's settle this here and now! Or tomorrow when I close up shop, dd.
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85. Curtain call (7.159)
78. EnergizE (7.409)
61. rollin' (7.795)
60. identity (7.818)
54. Days (8.022)
49. LOVE 'n' HATE (8.136)
37. NEXT LEVEL (8.454)
20. Rule (8.886)
8. GREEN (9.250)
1. Sparkle (9.863)

1. @soratami & @EachSmallStep 8.900
3. @Animalia & @otenkiame 8.850
5. @One Stop Candy Shop 8.800

1. @ThisIsRogue & @vikeyeol 6.850
3. @mi|kshake & @Weslicious 7.800
5. @digitalkaiser 7.850


Love songs

83. Sweet Season (7.204)
81. Thank U (7.272)
64. SEVEN DAYS WAR (7.727)
50. blossom (8.113)
35. MOON (8.500)
31. Virgin Road (8.590)
26. November (8.704)
25. Like a doll (8.727)
23. crossroad (8.772)
13. sending mail (9.090)
11. do it again (9.181)
9. Last angel (9.227)
1. Love song (9.863)

Love songs is our highest rated album, with the highest overall average of all the albums. Talent always wins! In case y'all didn't notice, RUNAWAY and I gave every song a 10, with my added bonus of an 11. You need a 9.0+ average to hang with us xoxo

1. @send photo 10.070
2. @RUNAWAY 10.000
3. @One Stop Candy Shop 9.346
4. @junglefish 9.115
5. @eliminathan 9.076

1. @TABOO 7.153
2. @Cutlery 7.423
3. @yuuurei 7.615
4. @evilsin 7.730
5. @otenkiame & @vikeyeol 7.884


finally. My favorite Ayu album. Even just those opening notes of Love song are enough to have me hooked for the full hour and 20 minutes. I can play this album without skipping anything, and I can’t say that about any other album of hers. This album is absolutely perfect, as reflected by my scores. I really joined the fandom late…..literally I joined at the release of her 50th single. I already knew who she was, but I had never given her a chance, as I wasn’t into j-pop aside from Utada Hikaru. I was such a fool. I decided to buy Love songs on this new website I had just discovered at the time (yesasia) and when it finally got to my house I put it on and was hooked immediately. crossroad was my initial favorite, but then it was MOON, and then Virgin Road when I saw the PV, and honestly, I love them all equally now. That’s why I couldn’t give my 11 to any of them. It would just be too hard.
I couldn't have predicted this result.


With averages this high, I wonder if it'll be the amount of 11s received that ends up deciding the winner...

I'm with the good sis on this one.

eliminathan is hooked on phonics, "I absolutely adore this song and it is one of my favourites but I only just noticed now how often she splits her vowels in this song. It's almost every line she sings. "Sore demo yuzurenai omoi Ga nake rya tsuman nai imi nai" becomes "Sore demo-o yuzurenai omoi-ii Ga nake rya tsuman nai imi na-ai". It's a bit jarring hearing every line end with a vowel as its own syllable but I love the song all the same."

A tragic mess when @BEST FICTION and I tried to sing this in a karaoke session but she had way more syllables than were written and we already don't know the language.