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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Oh god, that was such a mental struggle! I had 21 10s and all of them were potential 11.
  2. WONDERLAND is a creepy interlude
    IT teas
  3. insomnia and Marionette -prelude- also freak me out when they show up on shuffle.
    Some of my fav interludes this part are The Judgement Day, tasking, and the perfect Mirror.
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  4. Yeah, Ayu loves a creepy interlude. I remember shitting myself hearing WONDERLAND for the first time.
  5. I feel like such a flop. How many days do I have left @send photo? I’ve been working nothing but 12 hour shifts this entire week so I haven’t been able to score nearly anything.
  6. Gaga found covering poker face
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  7. Geez, it's really still more than a week before this arrives.
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  8. Ok me because I haven't listened to MY STORY in full yet, nor Love songs and GUILTY (and the extras dd)
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  9. Acknowledged! Spring break comes thru and so will my scores
  10. They will be in darling, I've been chipping away at them~!
  11. Should've made July 1st the deadline.
  12. I’ve already finished, but now I’m just touching up on my needlessly long and extra commentary.
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  13. Okay I have My Story and the extras done. Using my day off to finish this whole thing. My scores will be with you TODAY @send photo.
  14. Haha I almost changed it to a Next Level photo but I had to honor her best album. Also, did we know that there's another version of teens? I was trying to find it on spotify and there's another more upbeat version of Ayu's cover on a trf album.
  15. It's on TRF's album, not really upbeat though.
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  16. Update: I am finished through Secret and whew....it was a lot better than I remember it being. 4 MORE ALBUMS LEFT. My scores haven't dipped below a 7 either....for anything.
  17. My scores are in!
  18. After lurking PopJustice for years, the Ayumi and Kumi Rate truly swayed me to join. I’m currently working my way through the albums for the first time in a while, feeling so nostalgic!
  19. It's been 8 fucking hours but I've finally reached Love songs to give it a perfect 10 average and I've decided on my iconic 11. Thank you for the stern, no exceptions deadline @send photo. I've had a wonderful day revisiting this part of Ayu's discography. My scores and commentary should hit your inbox in about 1 hour after I finalize everything. Anticipate it!
  20. I've listened to everything a few times now so I think my scores are solid. Working through at least some coherent commentary. I'll likely have it in before the weekend! Love songs has my highest average and NEXT LEVEL was better than I remembered.
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