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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. AX_WAT_516 SMZ-ATS_arr#2 sounds nice enough but it's also very dime in a dozen Ayu to me (except with a cheap casio instead of her voice). So weird that it got put up on Spotify and still hasn't been taken down. It surely must've been a mistake? (Or maybe just a weird way of promo.)

    Anyway, I hope her new album will sound a bit a lot more adventurous than this demo.
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  2. What the fuck is going in here on this day?
  3. We forgot celebrating July 1st.

  4. Man Ayu, you are killing me with these album teases. I need an announcement already!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It’s real. She added it to a summer playlist on her artist page. I’m LIVING and so excited for the new album whenever it comes.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Also, sorry to double post, but Empress Ayu is looking INCREDIBLE.
  7. So she put out 2 other working versions of the new song on Spotify and iTunes. This kinda cute in terms of something new. The song itlself doesn't sound like anything new, still nice though.
  8. The new album TROUBLE will be out on August 15th. She just announced it at the final date of the POWER of MUSIC 20th Anniversary.
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  9. YES! Oh my god, so soon. Gotta jump ahead that Kumi album, right?
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  10. Apparently there are only 5 songs on the “album” and We Are The Queens and Words are two of them.
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  11. That's... saddening.
  12. Exciting but I was hoping for a full length album but we still could get a new album this year? Maybe? I'll settle for a remix album?

    I'm more disappointed that we aren't getting a Just The Beginning boxset and that instead the concerts are being released with Trouble only through Mu-mo. I look forward to seeing the covers which I hope aren't like that Sixxxxxx off-shoot looking photo she has as her icon on Twitter and Instagram.

    I kinda like that we're getting to hear the new song go through all the stages on Spotify even if it does sound generic. It sounds cute enough though so reckon I'll enjoy it. Also I could do with a CD quality version of We Are The Queens - the original doesn't sound great on my mp3 player.
  13. If it's just 5 songs I really hope WORDS and We Are The Queens are nowhere to be seen in this.
    That random snipped we got on Spotify sounded boring af to me, so that's just 4 songs I can look forward to.

    Someone on AHS posted:

    1. Intro
    2. We are the QUEENS
    3. Interlude
    4. Words

    Why do I believe this could be it?


    I find weird that she is already preparing her next tour for this album and it just being 5 songs.
    Maybe she'll release another one at a later date? Double Trouble? Trouble Again? Trouble Trouble?
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  14. This is funny, because there were releases in the past that looked a lot like this...
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  15. And according to CDJapan, those two songs are included.

    So... just two songs to look forward to.
    After two years.

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    @send photo THIS is what we’ve been waiting for?!?
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  17. Honestly, such a letdown. And I hope I'm mistaken, and the 3 other songs are stellar, still... the chance is minuscule.
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  18. I could also see it being a 'LOVE again' thing with another "album" coming out in a few months and the whole deal as a real album at the beginning of 2019 with maybe an instrumental and 1 or 2 extra songs.

    I'll wait for a bit before buying this.

    A new tour this quickly is also exhausting, especially since she won't have a lot of new material to back it up.

    I wonder if she's really happy the way she's celebrating her 20th anniversary. Is this really what she wanted to do or is it just weird Avex?
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