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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    love this album
  2. This album is completely AMAZING.
    Bridge To The Sky, just takes my mind places, shes so great!
  3. I really do not like her rock tinged albums so i have not bought her stuff in ages. I LOVE her remix albums though. Is this album more on the eletronic/dance side? Or rock side?
  4. It's the least 'rock' album she's done is quite some time. It's total dance pop, with the requisite ballads and stuff. For whatever reason the album doesn't click with me despite my love for the dance pop genre (duh, I'm on Popjustice). But some seem to like it so I'd say give it a chance at least.
  5. I am loving the interludes now though they're not my favourite (my faves are Tasking, Not Yet & Everlasting Dream), but Load of the Shugyo and Pieces of Seven are cool. Though Pieces of Seven was a bit "odd" to me at first. Wasn't sure about the mix of ethereal music with rock and techno.

    I got the 2CD + DVD version of Next Level, so I'm enjoying the live disc. Especially Scar glad she did that tune and I love Yoshio's solos!

    My favourite album of hers is still (miss)understood! (It had her best rock and pop tunes and ballads and PVs - Alterna, Rainy Day, Fairyland). And it has 14 tracks which is all good!

  6. (miss)understood is a bit underrated - I think largely because the covers bring a whole new meaning to the word horrendous - but alterna is easily among her best songs and the long instrumental middle 8 of fairyland is a great moment too.
  7. Good to know. I wanted to check the itunes (US) store for some clips, but alas no Ayumi. All their good Jpop seems to be gone :-(
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    US iTunes pisses me off. I want to buy some Koda Kumi, Ayumi.....ugh.
  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Now I want Namie....
  10. Yeah, love that part!

    Got PCDL which I really enjoyed despite the miming. Also started to listen to her albums from start to finish. Getting more into ASFXX than I was before. Previously I only really liked the title track, but the performances of Powder Snow & For My Dear... at PCDL got my listening to those tracks again. It still sounds terribly dated - would have sounded dated back in 99 too - but it's fun. Loving the guitar riffs and the guitar solo on Powder Snow.

    I also actually liked the performance of Boys & Girls at PCDL, which I usually hate cause she shouts the chorus.

  11. I dont know if a topic like this is aloud so please say so if its not^^

    I just discovered her today infact and have only heard a few songs by her so far(Sparkle the most played song of hers so far.
    What are some other songs of hers I should listen to(preferably Sparkle esque), and what are some albums I should check out(I have heard about 4 songs from Guilty so far)?

    Any help would be appreciated^^
  12. Not like Sparkle, but you MUST buy I am..., RAINBOW, and Duty. NEXT LEVEL and GUILTY are regarded by many to be among her weakest efforts overall, so if you like them, you have many fantastic albums waiting for you to enjoy. Everything from LOVEppears to MY STORY is very dear to me, but all of her albums have great tracks on them.
  13. She doesn't really have any other songs like Sparkle - except maybe Rollin' - though she does have some other dancey tunes like Connected and And Then.

    If you want to check out other songs here's a few I like:


    Rainy Day


    Step You


    End of The World


    Free & Easy

    My favourite album is (miss)understood. I think it's a good one to start with as it has a good mix of pop, rock and ballads!

    Bit Ayumi obssessed right now so could give ya loads more if you want . I also really like her videos too which are now all on her Youtube channel - finally!

  14. For me, it's all about:

    1. Evolution
    2. Daybreak
    3. Startin'
    4. Boys & Girls
    5. Surreal

    Those songs are what hooked me to Ayu. I also really like Next Level from the recent album.
  15. I find her so overrated! She's just nowhere near the artist Namie is, or Utada. I will say though that Rule, Sparkle and Mirrorcle World are all pretty good. She's best when she's doing angry, rocky uptempo.
  16. The guy with the Ayumi Hamasaki avatar should probably participate in this...

    Ayumi may not have the moves of Namie or the songwriter cred of Utada, but back in the day she had THE best pop songs, hands down. I find most of her recent output (the last 3 albums or so) very disappointing, but that doesn't diminish the brilliance of songs like evolution, M, Surreal, alterna, everywhere nowhere, Boys & Girls, Naturally, I Am..., And Then, and a bunch more. She also has written some very moving lyrics that are closer to philosophical musings than pop lyrics.

    I'd suggest starting with A BEST, her first greatest hits album, but that only covers up to her fourth studio album and obviously is bound to omit some amazing album tracks. Still, don't want to overwhelm someone looking to be introduced to her. The RAINBOW album, the one immediately following the aforementioned greatest hits, may also be worth checking out. Her only mini-album, Memorial Address, is also a really solid 8 tracks. A number of singles after that album are high caliber pop tunes, but in general the quality of albums declines.

    It's a shame she's become boring to the point I don't even check out her singles anymore, but she used to be my absolute favorite J-pop artist. Some of the production of what I recommended may sound a little dated, but they really are great songs.
  17. Love Appears and Duty are classics in my opinion.

    I love her electronica stuff and the singles from that era is a DJ's dream.
  18. My favorite album is "I Am.." without a doubt. Has the most number of my favorite songs by her.

    Agreed on the "past her prime" comments. But her best moments are hard to beat.
  19. That's fantastic, I hadn't seen that.
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